Monday , January 25 2021


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What I’m Wearing:
Coin choker –
(US) Coin choker –
Dress –
(US) Dress –
Chain bracelet –
(US) Chain bracelet –
Simone Rocha slides –

Freddie’s Flowers –… [50% OFF WITH ‘JOSIE50] Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick –
(US) Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick –
Laura Mercier Honey Translucent Powder –
(US) Laura Mercier Honey Translucent Powder –
Rose gold metal hangers –
(US) Rose gold metal hangers –
Pink velvet hangers –
(US) Pink velvet hangers –
Chloe mules (similar) –
(US) Chloe mules (similar) –
Nicholas Kirkwood mules –
(US) Nicholas Kirkwood mules –
Stackers bag –
Reiss green tyne trousers –
(US) Reiss green tyne trousers –
Heist shapewear –

Topshop haul:
Shacket –
(US) Shacket –
Camel coat –
(US) Camel coat –
Jumper dress –
Jogging bottoms –
(US) Jogging bottoms –
Pink cropped jumper –
(US) Pink cropped jumper –
Peach shirred top –
(US) Peach shirred top –
Chunky pink knit –
(US) Chunky pink knit –
White cardigan knit dress –
(US) White cardigan knit dress –
Cardigan –
(US) Cardigan –
Leggings worn with –
Rollneck worn with –
(US) Rollneck worn with (similar) –

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  1. Real sheepskin/fur on the slippers…

  2. Your mom could get an entire generation to come onto YouTube with her charm if she were to have her own channel 🙂 So sweet!

  3. Oh Josie. I love the video of your mom! She is so sweet!❤❤

  4. Did not like this not watching you to see mum sorry not for me .

  5. What is that pasta called? I've never seen that noodle shape and it looks so tasty!

  6. I can’t. I just can’t lol… Momma furry, your dogs are sssoooo cute!!! 🐶🐶

  7. OMG Your Mum is a doll! She needs her own Youtube channel

  8. There must be something in the air because I had been having headaches too. It's so hard to do anything when you have a headache. This is a great reminder. I have to go through all my shoes in my closet and probably throw away, donate or sell some of them. I love all the pieces I see from Topshop! Great haul! Looks like your closet coming along really well!

  9. Love your mom she should have an YouTube channel 🙂

  10. Even though I have always loved you style, I also love to see how it's developing now you live in the cotswolds. And I feel like I'm going to be even more inspired because of it, keeping in mind where I live. ❤️

  11. Your Mum needs to make more floral arrangements. So sweet and pretty! Love how she's so comfortable vlogging. Please make a Mum & Me Garden-Flower series! xo

  12. Omg this is so cute 🌸🌸🌸💖💖

  13. Sad to have only seen the top half of most of these outfits. In fact your setup in Clapham was much better at showing hauls.

  14. What is that name you call you mum? Lila ? Would love the sweet story behind that. X

  15. Josie – You are the hardest working out of many of the "popular" You Tubers. You are so gracious and lovely, consistent barely taking time off thus missing uploads. Your content is varied and interesting and I just love all the home content you have been showing since the big move. You and Charlie have been so inspirational. You deserve way more subscribers. xo

  16. Your mum is a natural vlogger hahahaha, more of her please! xoxo

  17. It's soooo sweet of you to have a little space for your friends!

  18. Josie, I'm so sorry but this time my "like" is for your mum. She's lovely!!! 👍 both of you are great. Greetings from Germany !

  19. Totally need a regular flower arranging segment from your mum, she was such a natural and her voice is so soothing xx

  20. Hi Josie, Maybe roll up gloves and put in some of the sunglasses slots for winter.

  21. Hello Josie’s mum, what a natural 😉💕 great Vlog as always sweetie 🇬🇧💖xx p.s no to a new coat, but lovely ones from TopShop

  22. A word of warning ⚠️ be careful when you are lifting up your arms in the short jumper dress in front of your mirrored cupboards 😉

  23. top marks for the cutest, sweetest mum and I see where you get your selling skills from!

  24. I absolutely love this makeup look on you! So soft and pretty! Lovely haul – I must have both of the the pink jumpers as well as the joggers. So cute! I live in South Florida where it is almost always hot and humid but I still love my Ugg boots! I wear them mostly around the house in the mornings but sometimes will wear them out to walk the dog on a cooler day. Wow your shoes are wonderful and now you have plenty of room for more!

  25. Love the coats and the knits! I have sooooo many coats, I’m not going to buy one this year as I don’t think I’ll need it with working from home all the time and not really going out anywhere.

    Nice to see your mum! 🙃

    I eat pasta and starchy foods when I don’t feel great too… especially when headachy!

  26. Josie, I’ve been thinking of purchasing the Laura Mercier caviar sticks (cocoa and vanilla) but couldn’t really see your eye makeup. Although your skin looks gorgeous. Would you consider sometime showing us how you used the eye shadow and what you think? Thank you!

  27. Oh your mom is adorable! How fortunate for all to have her with you and Charlie to share in your beautiful new life in the Cotswolds!

  28. Agree, the first pink sweater looks nice on you. Both colors are pretty though.🌸🌼 Enjoyed your mom displaying the flowers, just lovely. Glad you added your boots to the lonely white boots. The Chloe bag is perfect. Everything is coming along nicely.👒👜👡👢👗
    Thanks Josie for showing all your progress and bringing us much information regarding the newest in makeup products!💄

  29. Josie, I am SO pleased you have a coaster for the island! It was stressing me out 😂😬💗 xx

  30. Oh my goodness your wonderful mummy how cute is that bless her! 😍

  31. Love your mum ❤️
    Your shoe drawers are amazing!!!

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