Wednesday , March 3 2021
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  1. I think a nice rose pink would go nice I the bedroom with green headboard. You can go pale rose or deep rose . Pink and green good colour combo 😀

  2. Charlie’s got such great taste in aesthetics. Totally agree with his comments about the chair in the loft room. Your house is looking stunning.

  3. Sunday’s are always complete with a Josie Vlog! By the way, the chair that Charlie purchased we had a dining room set with those chairs, so comfortable. The house looks incredible! Your conversations are a hoot with Charlie!

    xx ❤️🌸

  4. Okay, iI just had to quickly pause your video 10 minutes in to make a comment. I love you both but Charlie seems to be taking control over the decorating of the entire house. I feel like you should compromise. Josie, your bedrooms are BEAUTIFUL and they suit your personality and your style. Charlie, the gym, the study etc..are much more masculine English Library/Pub – and you've done a great job with them. While I agree (and no one asked me but I'm offering up my unsolicited opinion anyway) that the house suits a more old English masculine vibe, it is not like it does not suit Josie's more feminine softer vibe as well. The fun is to see both of you put your personal touches on different rooms of the house. That is what makes your vlogs so interesting and fun to watch. It would be boring if all the rooms looked the same. We can watch that on any old heritage-style decorating or historical home program. Again, love you both. Compromise is the key to happiness 🙂

  5. TFS! For the bedding I see a light cream background with a wildflower print that may include a soft pink. I'm sure you'll find the perfect set. Happy Sunday!!

  6. Hi Josie, I hope you’ll see this comment. Instead of selling that beautiful desk that you had in the office why don’t you put it downstairs in the post room or study. It would look beautiful there, you can put mail on top of it or in the drawers which would make it look a little neater but the biggest perk is that you wouldn’t have to sell it for cheaper and lose money instead you can just keep it and still utilize it well.

  7. For the attic (?) bedroom you could paint the chest of drawers a dark brown or a moss green and change out the knobs to an older style that fits in better. I think cream coloured bedsheets or in the wheat shade, nature colour range would be lovely.

  8. A vlog is just what I needed today. Always look forward to your vlogs.

  9. Don't feel pressured to do fashion, I am perfectly content watching your house transformation.

  10. Will you be creating an area filled with books in your study/office space? Love the look of an old study with lots of books on old bookshelves

  11. It appears Josie, that Charlie is often surprising you with his decorating or purchases without consulting you. Oh my. You are so patient darlin’❣️

  12. New air spray fragrance developed by Charlie … eau de oldpub LOL.

  13. Love antiques!
    The house is coming along beautifully~

    Do you & Charlie have plans for your wedding day 💒 now Boris is announcing his “roadmap” out of lockdown tomorrow, for the next 2 months. 🥳

  14. Champagne gold for the bed sheets?

  15. Love the new office desk. Looks amazing. Definitely works better in that space

  16. What about a pale lemony yellow satin bed linen with perhaps a floral/ natural design to bring some light into that cosy room? Really lovely relaxing vibe to this vlog by the way, great for a Sunday afternoon!!

  17. such a feel good, wholesome video. thank you Josie and Charlie!

  18. Keep the bed linen in a shade of white. Wheat colored, linen and raw cotton would all be lovely. Having white bed linen is a sure way to get a good night's rest.

  19. The Ebrington Arms is one of our favourite pubs..

  20. Haven half day you princess roses 🌹 United the sea lord love ❤️ love ❤️ und you

  21. No wonder Lydia wants to change her kitchen floors… yours are stunning!

  22. Charlie, that small bathroom mirror is not big enough for a lady to do her hair. A bigger mirror is much better 🙂

  23. Eeekkkk a cold Sunday evening filled with 45 minutes of wholesome vlog, can’t wait!!! (Ps it’s clear you’re much happier in your content now which makes us as your viewers even happier🥰) To anyone else reading this, I hope youre having an amazing weekend?? Stay safe whilst seeing your family and friends!! Remember to keep smiling, lots of love a small time YouTuber trying to spread positivity❤️❤️

  24. ❤️ Yeyy, Josie has a new vlog, time to relax and enjoy it! 🤗

  25. Yay!! So happy to be watching a vlog! I’m happy that you are just doing what you want to do and not pressuring yourself to make content you aren’t feeling! Excited to watch!

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