Saturday , May 15 2021
Home / News / Outrage After Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Yr-Old Adam Toledo | NBC Nightly News

Outrage After Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Yr-Old Adam Toledo | NBC Nightly News

Police are pointing to videos they say appear to show that Toledo was carrying a weapon before tossing it by a fence near where he was killed. A lawyer for the family says Toledo’s hands were empty when he was shot. The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on leave as the shooting is investigated.
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Outrage After Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Yr-Old Adam Toledo | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So as long as you throw your gun away after trying to rob people and evading the police, they should give you a candy bar?

  2. Yeah flashing guns at cops round 3 am? STFU!!!

  3. It starts with the parents before it's too late….it was too late.

  4. He had a gun no thirteen year old should have a gun

  5. Yeah, lady, easy to make an evaluation after the fact from a video. The video isn't likely to shoot back at you. Chicago at 2:30 in the morning in a dark alleyway; I would have shot too. The kid should not have been there and hanging out with a twenty one year old criminal.

  6. This young kid with the mullet also looks like a future deceased case. People need to wake up and see the facts about this incident. The kid was out at 230 am with a known gang member and overall took a gun when confronted by local authorities which ended on his demise. Who’s responsible? Mom, Dad, Thug that was with him? Are any of them being questioned or convicted?

  7. what is there to be confused about? he had a gun and the cop has a second to decide. hold the parents accountable if your upset at this lil gang banger getting shot. as for him having his whole life ahead of him, if at 13 he was doing this its probably a good thing.

  8. The 13 year old first ran away from the police, carrying a gun. He's not without fault.

  9. Whoah, the 889th comment. I don't want to ruin a perfect number. Okay, so me being in Trois-Rivières doesn't increase public security, it just continues, so I'll be heading back to Montreal.

  10. I would've done the same if I saw a weird 13 year old waving a gun around at night for no reason

  11. The crime isn't the cop shooting a boy the real crime here is the boys haircut

  12. Lol that friends mullet.

  13. Let’s not forget he was shooting at cars right before this and this was 2:30am! Why was this kid out with an illegal handgun at 2 in the morning?

  14. He had his whole life ahead of him to be a piece of s*** gang member

  15. Mommy and Daddy don't care before about there kid. But they care now and is because of the money.

  16. 1:11 his future was either dead or in jail that kids was up to no good carrying a firearm in the middle of the night shooting , now if it was a kid walking home from school who got shot then I would feel bad

  17. The 13-year-old had a gun and his Street gang name name was little homicide/little Diablo. Media pushing lies yet again.

  18. Im just wondering what did they shoot at before this happened?

  19. Pinche takuaches en Chicago estan feos ☠

  20. And the state of Illinois was saved untold thousands of dollars in future incarceration costs for this pos.

  21. They interviewed a gayng banger named edgar

  22. Only "confusing" to the MSM.

  23. These kids haircuts are getting em shot lol

  24. Murderous bloodthirsty pigs

  25. How is the gun sitting up so perfect ijs

  26. Police: "He had a gun when he was shot!". Video: "He had no gun when he was shot" Anyway, no charges filed against the police officer. Who in the world can buy this?

  27. "He had a whole life ahead of him, a whole future …" If, at 13, he had the "courage" to carry a gun, I don't think he had much of a future. Even so, the policeman should not have shot him since at that time his life was no longer being threatened.

  28. The Killing will continue if police departments does not reform.

  29. The parents of that young man needs changed. Because if it was my son out there then he wood have made a bad chose. Then that cop had all right to take him down. Sad but the truth

  30. 13 years old 2:30 at night running from police with a gun…. Had his parents been on their job maybe this wouldn't have happened 🤔

  31. Intelligence of Gang Member….."I'll just toss this gun behind the fence right here, the police will never find it and it don't have my fingerprints on it either, I should be good to go".

  32. Ppsshhhhh….. that's why the family deleted his FB page immediately. Don't want ppl seeing what his life was about. Will be nice to see a 2021 pic and not keep showing the face of him at 9 yrs old. SMH. I guess anything to try to make him appear innocent….

  33. Dead punk, nothing to see here people.

  34. Another white supremacist assassination of an innocent person of color. When will America let go of its racism?

  35. I was about to go in on that Spanish Mullet,🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  36. Between the 13 year old kid who has clearly made some stupid, stupid life choices, and a professional police officer, which one do you think was trained for the situation and should be expected to NOT act out of fear?

  37. 🧐🧐🧐 why does it seem like the protesters don't really care??? They don't seem genuine.

  38. Society failed this young boy. It is easier in the US to get a gun to shoot for entertaining yourself than it is to find enough money to buy entertainment such as movies or video game, find a youth group or youth center that provides socializing.

  39. this is bs …play stupid games win stupid prizes ….call it for what it is

  40. If the family and friends were so concerned then why didn't they stop this kid from being out late at night with another guy shooting at people in a vehicle? I guess they weren't that concerned.

  41. PoC have left the chat. NO looting for this one

  42. How he was face with life or death situation when he chasing the boy an i dont care what he thought he had in his hand when he gave the command an the lil boy did what he said with nothing in his hand but he shot him anyway thats murder ! Thats murder Caught on camera !

  43. Kid got what was coming to him. Stop Running you low bred animals

  44. "A whole life a future"

    As what ? Lackey for a gang then having 9 kids at 23 then dying by gunshot wounds ??

  45. 13 year old running away from the police at 2.30 am? Suspicious much?

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