‘OUTRAGEOUS’: Yellen grilled over IRS visiting Taibbi’s home

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss Democrats’ alleged weaponization of the IRS, detailing the ‘intimidating’ practices they used against Matt Taibbi. #foxbusiness

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  1. Yellen is doing the masters bidding,Intimidate political photos that’s with the IRS was created for don’t believe it was here for anything else besides being the economic hall monitor and shakedown artist for the left no thanks to Woodrow Wilson.

  2. DEFUND THE IRS…start with that. Then remove it but before that, jail some of those who violated federal law.

  3. The house needs to pull some funding out of the green new deal and back to fossil fuels until renewables can carry the load.


  5. "What about Obama! What about Hillary! It's a witch hunt! They don't like me!" is not a good defense in an American court of law. Too bad for Diaper Don. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. This is Obama’s, doing’ his hag finishing what they’ll didn’t get to do; in their 8 years.

  7. Terrorism comes in all forms and places,the worst type is from WITHIN as with this example .keep up the good work.The World is watching and Quivering.

  8. The East German Stasi would be proud.

  9. All institutions are weaponized (politicized

  10. Nobody is going to own up to this. I wonder if it could've been a rogue agent trying to flex muscle? I doubt that though.

  11. The lockdown had been affecting many activities as I was very low on cash and couldn’t afford to lose my apartment I contacted Maskoffaid teams and they ended up adding $14,000 into my PayPal balance

  12. Is Yellen aware of where she is? 🤪

  13. Can someone please tell Kevin O'Leary we all know who he is at this point, that he can stop it with the "branding" of dressing like he's attending a funeral every time he's on television?

  14. Full circle.. no wonder that one Democrat on the committee asked if he is making $ or benefitting from covering the twitter files.. So obvious..

  15. The Entire Bureaucratic Storm Trooper Thug Apparatus needs to Be Completely Dismantled , Useless Agencies that only Hinder and Harass every aspect of Life, in other words Democrats

  16. The IRS needs to be shut down, they have to much power, and not enough bi partisan oversight

  17. If there is an oversight, the irs sends you a letter in the mail. And your tax preparer and you settle the $ amount!

  18. This government is out of control, this is like the old mob, shut up our we are coming after you