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Over My Dead Body l 20/20 l PART 2

Dan Markel’s divorce involves bitter custody battle over kids: Part 2
Markel’s wife Wendi Adelson wanted to relocate with the kids to South Florida to be closer to her family. The Adelsons were incensed when a judge denied that petition.

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  1. Religion poisons everything.

  2. If you are interested in the case, I made several videos about the trial. I will do one soon about how the death penalty works – on 10/15 Garcia's penalty phase trial begins.

  3. @ABC NEWS Makes no sense for you to upload all the parts of the story EXCEPT for the ending! Just upload all the parts accordingly so people can actually watch and appreciate the entire production of the story instead of watching bits and pieces of it.

  4. 3:31 – SMH. When he was married, and his wife and kids were home he stayed gone on business trips, or off lecturing and spending late nights at the office. Pretty much ignoring his wife and kids. But once the wife and kids were gone – THEN all he cared about was getting his kids home, spending time with his kids, wanting his "family back together". *Eye roll*
    No, he didn't care about his kids as much as he portrayed.
    He care about CONTROL.
    And he had lost control of his wife, amd kids.
    He no longer knew where they were at, what they were doing.
    I believe the ONLY thing he TRULY missed – was his control over them.

    5:25 – Wow. Wendy's mom was a psycho!! You can clearly see she obsessed over him, and hated him.
    Not the normal "hate" normal ppl have, but…a hate and obsession that can easily lead to harm.

    My heart actually hurts for Wendy. You can tell this woman has NEVER lived her OWN life. You can tell her mother controlled her up until the day she married him. Then he controlled her up until she finally got the nerve for a divorce. But THEN she just went back to being controlled by her mother!!

  5. A prime example of how attempts to control women can backfire, I can just imagine the horrors this poor woman went through.

  6. And now….the GUILTY verdicts start ROLLING in.

  7. I came for the piece on the Markel murder and stayed for the new Dr. Squatch commercial. Those things are so funny.

  8. 3:55 Look at the sharks swimming by the shore 😱

  9. the grandmother was a toxic meddling frightening monster: A pig of a woman.

  10. She practiced that line “who would do this?!”

  11. The most obvious fake cry ever

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