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Over My Dead Body l 20/20 l PART 4

Dan Markel’s ex-wife talks to police after his murder: Part 4
The man whom Markel’s ex-wife Wendi Adelson dated after the divorce tells police how much the Adelson family hated Dan Markel.

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  1. This Markel guy deserves what he got! Good riddance! His killer doesn't belong in prison, he belongs where he is at!

  2. If it was an ex-husband that murdered the ex-wife. The police would've been all over the guy and his family endlessly! It just seems like they are giving this family a break. It's obvious that they all plotted to kill this poor guy over the kids! Where is the justice?! All of them should be behind bars for life plus 30! All men out there. Look at this case as an example. This can be you! If you divorce and try to fight for custody. Just remember these words! Hell hath no fury like a woman or the family of a woman scorned! If you think they won't kill you. You better think again!

  3. 📺  If TV put good programs on Sat. night I wouldn't be here

  4. @ABC NEWS Makes no sense for you to upload all the parts of the story EXCEPT for the ending! Just upload all the parts accordingly so people can actually watch and appreciate the entire production of the story instead of watching bits and pieces of it.

  5. Crazy family. Wendi really incriminated herself with her obvious planted comments to avert suspicion. You ain’t slick sis!!

  6. I don’t believe the emotional abuse story. I think Wendi was jealous of Dan’s success and just didn’t want to be with him anymore and didn’t want him to see the children. She mad his life miserable and he wouldn’t back down when it came to his children.

  7. Why are so many guys, WHITE KNIGHTS, just going on what a woman tells u, and u want to beat him up? Man white knights are cancer.

  8. So what happened exactly and who did it

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