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Over My Dead Body l 20/20 l PART 5

Police arrest 2 men suspected in the killing of FSU professor Dan Markel: Part 5
Investigators say they were able to track down the getaway car and Luis Rivera and Sigfredo Garcia on tape going through an ATM in that Toyota Prius the day of Markel’s murder.

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  1. A man's life was cut short by violence and the ex-wife's witch friend is laughing and smiling when talking about her friend's cold comment about her "MURDERED!" ex-husband during a Podcast! Two stone-cold Vipers! Guys! Think with the other head for a change and run for the hills when these two smiling, heavy make-up'd, two-faced, heathen Vipers come your way looking for a date! Somewhere out there. A family mourns the loss of their loved one and these two Vipers laugh like it's a joke! War of the Roses, huh? "Oh well. I guess it looks like we won!" smh…

  2. Hey Fake News !!! Where is the rest of the parts you idiotic fools ??

  3. I would THINK a "silver-pine Tesla" would be a RARE car.
    Maybe Tallahassee has tons of them, but when i live – you rarely see a Tesla.
    I'd think that a murderer wouldn't want to drive a rare, stand-out car to a murder. 🤨
    That would ve like driving an orange Bugatti to commit a murder – there's only so many if those on the rd.

  4. Where’s the last part, wtf?

  5. The victim isn't at peace tbh. His parents have no connection with the two children anymore and the family hasn't been charged since there wasn't sufficient evidence proving involvement of the murder.

  6. Talk about stupid criminals! My god they left an easy trail right to them!

  7. Religion is a poison fed to babies.. take a look.

  8. Is this is the end of the story?
    How many parts are there? Part 5 out of what? So amateur …

  9. A mystery woman who has closed ties to a wealthy south Florida family and a growing bank account. The wife family

  10. Does anyone know where I can find part 6?

  11. When are you posting part 6?

  12. lol they posted this 2yrs ago its all over youtube

  13. these channel always leaves the conclusion chapter out, what a mediocre work!

  14. Why the family didn’t charged yet those criminals didn’t kill him for no reason

  15. This is part 5 . No wonder why I'm lost on the story 😬

  16. all 3 of you are lame. congrats on being the gold silver and bronze LAMERS.

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