Thursday , August 11 2022

Overturning Roe Is ‘The End Of The Beginning’ For Anti-Abortion Rights Advocate

Carol Tobias, president, National Right to Life, talks about her organization’s campaign to enshrine fertilized embryos with rights.

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  1. imagine being a woman happy that other women have lost the right to choose what they do with their bodies.

  2. Prochoice on abortion -YES
    Pro choice on schools -NO???

  3. This is how abortion should be implemented there should be an exception to it. We should protect lives of the unborn and the mother as well.

  4. when medieval mindset fanatics who should be in psychiatric asylum or in a prison for criminal psychopaths, become judges, society is bound to regress to stoneage.

  5. Come November the voters will not be voting on abortion they will be voting on the high cost of living and the cost of living just keeps going higher the poor are getting poorer because of the Democrats

  6. What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?

    "From my mother’s womb, you have been my God."—Psalm 22:10.

  7. This is why mainstream media is partly to blame for where we are now, because the guest said it's a fact there's an "unborn child" at the moment of conception.

    That … is complete bullsh*t, and the host just completely let her get away with it.

    Mainstream media lets force-birthers get away with lying and pseudo-science over and over and over again.

  8. We're not anti-abortion, we're Pro-life. Just follow the science.

  9. This decision effects women, and that’s all it’s about

  10. If a woman delivered a baby in the hospital and didn't want to keep it the government provides options for that baby to be cared for by way of fostercare and orphanages. The mom will not be held responsible for caring for that child . She can give it up. That's ok. Well if the government says the fetus is a life then at that moment if the woman doesn't wanna carry the fetus she's not required to. So the governor needs to figure out what to do with the fetus. The woman can abort the baby. Now it's on the government, that wants to make sure that fetus survives , to provide options for it to live. Weather the woman pushes the baby out naturally and gives it up to the government to make sure it lives or if she has the fetus taken out on day 1. It is required by that same government to provide options for the fetus as well. Not on the woman to be forced to care for the baby after naturally delivering the baby. just like it's not on the woman to care for the baby as a fetus. So until the government can care for the fetus the second it's considered to be a life without the womans help and body being used then I say the government has no rights to speak on if the woman cares for the child or not. Plus the pregnant woman that gets the abortion is doing with wrong. She's getting the fetus removed. She's basically giving birth. The people that take the fetus after that is responsible for what happens to the fetus. If they throw it away that's on them. U can say they killed the fetus not the woman. She just had the fetus just like she just had the baby that gets taken to foster care. If the government instead choose to throw that baby in the trash them that's on them. Not the woman. So until the government can provide another option for the fetus to have a chance to live outside the woman's body like they have with foster care, then I say they don't have a right to speak in the subject of child carrying and providing and childcare. Maybe they should figure out how to make sure that fetus has a choice at life outside the woman's body and then once they figured that part out then they can speak on the subject. Because like I said. Nothing wrong with a crackhead woman giving up her baby because she knows she can't provide for the baby And give the baby what it needs and we all understand that. So nothing wrong with a woman aborting /giving up the fetus because she can't provide for it as well. We should all understand that . Only thing missing is what and how to provide for the fetus outside the woman's womb . So hurry up government and figure that out so we can all be happy about all this or at least understanding and respect that woman's decision whatever it is. Long as the fetus / baby gets a chance at life. And the woman gets to live her life like she wants to as well . Problem solved.

  11. Only Biden could be carried by the entire system. All media and big tech is on his side. Yet nothing but disaster after disaster. And at the end of the day, not only fail to take guns, but sees the expansion of gun access. The absolute most sacred of all liberal cows gets sacrificed on the alter of Trump.

  12. Just remember Democrats haven't been this outraged since Republicans freed their slaves

  13. My Country Feedback 🇺🇸♥

    They seem awfully "touchy" about this abortion issue, don't they? Over reacting", and overacting?
    Why all the "over reacting" and "overacting"‽

    What's up with that?

    This isn't the first law in our history to be repealed.


  14. Were they really going after contraception in a few states

  15. Lol women are about to see what it feels like to practically be forced to reproduce with a man that they don’t want to be with long term. Kinda like how men are forced to have children by women they never want to see again.

    Men are very use to this type of pressure. I Think it’s fair that women experience it to.

  16. Women fighting against roe is like slaves fighting against abolition. You are helping your master reign over you

  17. YESS . Abortion is illegal now. I hate abortion and the death of unborn kids. I’m so happy about this

  18. you babies are cowards and will allow either party to control you. so get use to it your are the spinless that had all your rights given to you. bo ho wheres my mommy!!

  19. All the hies mad good u shud go to jail

  20. The dilemma is that the religious extremists who are celebrating the courts decisions, think the cells that exist in the womb during those early weeks, constitute a baby. In fact, they are closer to a tadpole. If left unimpeded, they will eventually be a human baby, but they have no consciousness, no thought processes in those early weeks. But extremists react as though the cells are a formed baby. They are so misguided and ill informed. Shockingly, the religious extremists on the court are ignorant too and pushing their religious view on the country. I feel so devastated for women in states who not only have can't get abortions in their states, but will face arrest if they go to a state that does them.

  21. Happy Father's Day to all the soon to be dads in the red states who don't want kids. You think gas prices are high? Wait til 18 years of child support kicks in over a one night stand!

  22. No one should have the right to tell a woman what she should do with her body

  23. Some of those judges seem live in 1700’s!

  24. This is what a right wing court would do! It’s is very sad to see overturning a 50 year old tradition by a 5:4 vote!

  25. "We're not going to ask the mother to sacrifice her own life for the unborn child." Hypocrite!

  26. So protect the child for the first nine months, then once its born it become a liability for the state, as women abandon their unwanted children.
    Are the rich going to pay the single mother a living wage for the next 16 years?

  27. This is Bull 🐂 Sugar Honey Ice Tea and they know it .. So when one there family members whomever it is need to due what they just outlawed & passed let's make sure News 📰🗞️ Media is there to report it. This is .just my opinion keep a 👁️👀 eye out. Even the news media family members who agree with the decision. Just my opinion 🤔