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Paine plays down on-field chat on day three at The Oval

Australia’s skipper Tim Paine discusses his decision to bowl first, the state of the fifth Test and the on-field chat on Saturday at The Oval


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  1. I already suggested that siddle should be rest n starc should be play. But I really don’t know y choose siddle before starc. Maybe they wanna lost the match. ,,,

  2. He sala koe kaam Ka Nahi hai n sale SE batting hote hai n sale SE captainse Hoti hai n sale SE keeping hote hai n sale sahi player kelata hai 5test Mai esne starc ko drop kar Diya . Itne acche bowler ko kilata Nahi hai . Starc ki batting acchi hai paine SE. Paine se Accha to hai ki 10 player kele to koe bi farak Nahi padega. Australia ne ashes retain ki hai Smith ki wajhe SE n ki Paine ki wajahe SE . 3rd test Hari hai Paine ki wajahe SE aur haregi 5test . 5test Mai be Paine sala 20, 15 run banake out ho Jayega . In the last Mai yahi kounga ki. Paine gives only paine to Australia useless

  3. If he is not the captain he doesnt deserve a place in the 11. Surely that decision to bowl first was ridiculous oval is considered the only batting pitch in england. It was not even raining recently there

  4. Worst Captain Ever Produced In Australia Cricket.

  5. I’d get Carey to captain the team quality batsman and keeper as well

  6. I think Steve Smith and Labuschagne should just open together as the openers are useless

  7. Tim Paine seriously needs to step up his batting! Other than that 50, he has been consistently poor.

  8. England win match ashes series 2-2 draw Australia retain ashes

  9. C,mon warner…its a opportunity for you in 2nd innings.. Just pin drop silence the English crowd …and win it for Aussies

  10. Very bad umpire kumar darmasena supporting England cheating

  11. Tim "The soundbyte Savage" Paine. Journalists who know more about the medium than the cricket they're reporting on.

  12. His sarcasm is so boring…

  13. The worst Australian Captain in past 50 years.

  14. He does look like Grant Gustin from “The Flash”.

  15. The sooner you lot learn to play cricket and shut your dumb mouths the better!!!
    As for Tim Paine….yeah go back and play for Tasmania mate, as a captain of out test team
    You just dont cut it!!!

  16. theirs always banter between teams whats the problem – political correctness gone mad can the left snowflakes stay out of cricket

  17. I like Tim Paine as a person and he’s shown he is a quality player but unfortunately he hasn’t proven himself as a captain. There has been multiple opportunities where Tim Paines capacity changed the game for Australia’s sake and it’s not good. Australia should have won in headingly and should be in a commanding lead in this test but we aren’t. We can’t blame Tim for everything I know but he has faltered to much this series. Just in the first innings of this test he dropped a catch and had some terrible DRS blunders. It’s obvious that as soon as smith is allowed to captain we will and he has been moving fielders. Australia need to make a tough decision and drop him. Pat Cummins can be captain and Steve smith can help him. Tim is not bringing anything to the team!

  18. Sack him and make Cummins captain.

  19. It’s the umps that need to take a fuckin course

  20. Soojao bhaiyyo… Kaal aapni match hai

  21. Aus will win this….Support from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  22. As much he needs to take that umpiring course so do the umpires!!

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