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Paine pleased with Starc, openers in Derby

Skipper Tim Paine analyses Australia’s day one performance against Derbyshire as selectors look to make changes for the fourth Test against England in Manchester


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  1. Tim paine is worst cricketer ever

  2. Pain talking bout starc length but he can't even cross ten when his teams needs it….starc is the best bowler especially in england…look at his stats for the WC2019… pain need to give smith the captain position cause he can't do that job no hard feeling….. He need to focus on his self before he look at anyone else serious thing, he getting me vex amd I from the Caribbean

  3. Don't underestimate him Australia he's your Mike brearly.. do your research what I mean by that.

  4. I said it before the series even started – dont put Siddle in instead of Starc. Now they will throw Starc in in desperation but its far too late, he needs a test or two to warm up. Khawaja is useless unless a test is not a crucial one, and he has proven me right being rubbish when we had such a talent as Carey sitting wasted.

  5. I would like to see mitchell starc in 4th ashes from a Bangladeshi fan🇧🇩🇧🇩😍😍

  6. I don't know why Tim Paine is caption of Australia .He is worst batsman .His last hundred came was infinite time ago.

  7. Starc Anderson back in 4th test

  8. I reckon he is the best person to lead them now. He owns up others faults and supports Lyon. His batting may not have yielded runs, but he alwys looked confident and got out to good balls.

  9. Steve Smith captain and paine out for team and captaincy

  10. Tim Paine out sweet..smith with captain.

  11. Like for micchel starc 💖💖💖



  14. Who watching Stave smith taking pictures with fans, instead of listening tim interview 🙌😅😍

  15. Paine don't deserve to be in the squad…..

  16. Paine is happy with others performance but when he gonna perform. ..!??😂😂😅

  17. How can England break the partnership between smith and labuschagne

  18. Who are all watching Steve Smith for the first 1.15 mins..??

  19. Who is pleased with Paine first of all

  20. Paine shouldn't have rested himself. He should have played and batted in the top 4. He needs a hit, and runs, under his belt. He needs to justify his position.

  21. I think Starc should play instead of Tim Paine .. because he is good batter then Tim..

  22. Well well well. If it isn’t the most useless member of the Australian cricket team

  23. AUS XI v England in 4th Test
    6.Wade/ Mitchell Marsh
    7.Useless Paine (c & wk)

  24. Why isnt paine playing? Needs some runs

  25. He isnt captain anymore so …

  26. Starc deserve to play next test

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