Palace staff say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II | ABC News

Buckingham Palace staff stood outside the gates, waving goodbye to the queen as the late monarch’s funeral procession passed. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: #ABCNews #QueenElizabeth #BuckinghamPalace

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I wish I could have known her!!! I just love a sense of humor but especially that British dry humor. Such a lovely sense of the ridiculous. 😎

  2. May she Rest In Peace, Queen- 🙏🙏🙏

  3. The measure of character is shown by how one treats those that serve you. HMQ obviously was a truly gracious,loving human being.Unlike her daughter in law MArkle who is renowned for her bulling of those she considers beneath her.


  5. The staff waiting for the queen was so sweet. I've been crying over her grace all day. Queen Elizabeth I love you. 🌹

  6. "SORROW" 2022 %%

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  7. WESTMINISTER ABBEY — President Joe Biden has flown across the Atlantic Ocean to pay his final respects to Queen Elizabeth the II and give her one last good sniff.

    According to sources, with hundreds of world leaders and dignitaries gathered around for the Queen's grand state funeral, President Joe Biden got up unannounced and made his way straight for the Queen's casket.

    "Goodbye, Queen Elizabeth. I'll never forget you or your royal scent," said President Joe Biden with a great, and powerful sniff while leaning down into the Queen's casket. "Ahhh, even better than ol' Joey remembered."

    The Royal Family was too shocked by what just occurred to speak up or intervene. The room observed another 2 minutes of silence as President Biden then fumbled his way back in an unsuccessful search for where he was seated. Sources say he sniffed 3 more women on his way back to his seat before aides grabbed him and ushered him out of the building.

    At publishing time, the entire Biden family was officially banned from ever setting foot into the United Kingdom after "The Sniff Heard Around The World".

  8. Love and blessings ❤️ for HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II ❤️s staff

  9. My grandma died too you know.

  10. “COME ON MAN!…THE BALLAD OF SLEEPY JOE”, brilliant Video
    that shows Demented JOE BIDEN’s dangerous disastrous policies!

  11. Some of the staff are looking beautiful 😍

  12. The leader is born, not made. See how only one will shine with own light among thousands, including those "much more" intelligent and prepared (insensible) brains; but really serve nothing, or now, for example, only to increase their endless institutional global bloody mess…………

  13. Be lucky one will have the honor of wiping Charles's ass

  14. Oh my gosh,,, bury the poor woman already 🤦🏻‍♀️🙏🏽

  15. God SHUT UP! We want to watch this not listen to you RAMBLE ! 😡

  16. Why don't Indigenous People get funerals like this?
    We are so much more important to the planet than a old white woman

  17. Magnificent funeral for a Magnificent Queen. R.I.P.

  18. Rest now Queen Elizabeth … you have worked all your life ! ❤🌸🌺

  19. Biden was at his best. He smiled and gave his hands to friends.

  20. Hi ♥️. Im Iranian girl 😍👸🌹♥️. Village life is relaxing and nice ☺️

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  22. A friend of my got raped by a migrant and this looney society is treating the migrant as the victim. I would rather live in a communist country if it means me and my family are safe. I can't believe it.