Thursday , December 2 2021
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Palm Beach waterfront mansion stretches more than 20,000 square feet

‘Mansion Global’ tours Manalapan’s $29 million Italian villa on the market. #FOXBusiness #MansionGlobal

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  2. It's too boring to stay home everyday. Playing tennis at home is boring. Prefer with friends at park or school or college.

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  4. I feel so much better now.

  5. We have Fox business preaching inflation and apocalyptic future and now this? So is this what our overloads live in. I guess I eat cake?

  6. So much for the rich being worried about climate change and rising sea levels living that close to the beach,follow the money…

  7. I would be lucky just to find affordable shelter. Winter will be here fast enough. It's hard for homeless women. No shelters for women in my area, only for men.

  8. How is this story anything to do with Business?!?

  9. How much space does 1 person need ? Who are you showing off for ? I am not impressed with your utility bill payments, I am not jealous of your tax base.

  10. Live near the Williams brothers? No thanks. If I won the lottery, would love to buy it, fill it full of stray cats and dogs. Begin hoarding garbage. 50 gallon drums all around the outside. Hire a bunch of ghetto graffiti “artists” to paint the inside and out. Call it urban art and call anyone who tries to stop me a racist and art critic. Maybe let Hunter and his crack girlfriends crash there. Really knock some of these liberal elites down to size

  11. Billy Joel? Tony Robbins? Couldn’t pay me to live near those clowns.

  12. So then you guys aren’t starving like a lot of us patriot Americans

  13. Ummm…you spent the whole video showing us the outdoor atrium….what about the inside?!??

  14. Does she come with the house?


  16. You'd think the demographic that supports a wealthy d-bag like Trump wouldn't be so triggered over nice homes.

  17. Yeah and who cares ? This isn’t news

  18. Only 29 mil? Place could easily be listed for an even 30.

  19. I think she striipps on the side to make ends meet

  20. I'm happy in my trailer park ☺

  21. South Florida is going to drown by global warming

  22. Let's pray for a hurricane to level it

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