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Pam Bondi: Filibuster is last line of defense to protect against election laws

Former Florida attorney general discusses Democrats’ latest power grab in Washington on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusinesss #Kudlow

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  1. Many life long paying tax payers now stricken with multiple types of cancer ( I fear induced by government projects.) can't get treatment do to high cost even w insurance. Just one pill I take cost $15,365 every 21 days, my medicare cost 20% + $440-550 each MONTH for Dr. Visit+ labs $170, . aAmericans are dying because they can't keep up w all they owe but illegals get 100% paid w my life long tax dollars. Yes this country isvscreded

  2. Republicans politicians are creating one-sided voting laws that are making elections exclusive ..That's not democracy- everyone, regardless of political party, should reject this. We, as Americans, shouldn't let the creepy old men do whatever they want without consequence. Politicians work for us, not the other way around.

  3. What makes you believe that African Americans are a minority ? They are not a minority. Bill Clinton signed a Bill in 1996 that no longer gave Employers federal funds for hiring Black Americans. They were found not to be a minority then and for sure now. America is not perfect but I would rather be here than anywhere else.

  4. They already got rid of the filibuster we're f*** the voting law will get past and we will all be f*** never have another real president only the ones that the global power grab people want to be president biggest threat to our country is a domestic terrorist group called The Biden Administration and Democratic Party

  5. Democrats now backing away from their claims. Denying they have a problem with voter ID. They realise the racism angle isn't fooling anyone and is actually offensive to black Americans.

  6. Trump was right on packing the court

  7. The left has become so corrupt that they wish to legalize voter fraud

  8. Young justices I'd vote for Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro I think they both would make great supreme Court justices

  9. shame FOX got rid of Lou Dobbs,the democrats will go after the filibuster next

  10. The new laws states are adding is voter suppression. Supporting this voter suppression may be the last thing you get to vote for. The super-rich who fund Fox and the Republican party don't want you to vote. They don't want democracy because they are in the minority and democracy is bad for them. They want to make it harder to vote. Republicans block every attempt to ensure voting rights.

    This is all brought to the forefront because Trump won't accept he lost a fair election. There was no evidence fraud at all. However we have had plenty of evidence of voter suppression where people are thrown off voter rolls for no good reason.

    Many more Democratic voters voted by mail or absentee ballots because of the pandemic. Trump tried to tell people the pandemic was a hoax or nothing to worry about so less Republicans voted by mail or absentee ballot. Then guess what? States are now suddenly trying to make laws against voting by mail or absentee ballot. Gee, surprise, surprise. It's nothing to do with voter fraud. It's about trying to stop Democratic votes and stop voting altogether. Laws against giving water to someone waiting in line to vote? Lines that are only long because these restrictive laws are reducing the number of voting places in order to make it harder to vote. Laws that force you to vote during working hours so it's hard for average working people and especially poor people to leave work to vote.

    I live in California and have been voting by mail for years and it works great and is very convenient. IF YOU ARE NOT LEGALLY REGISTERED THEY DON"T SEND YOU A BALLOT! There's no evidence of fraud.

    The filibuster is NOT in the Constitution. It in unconstitutional. It allows the minority to rule over the majority. Remember that old movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington where a filibuster meant that you had to keep speaking to hold the floor of the Senate? Not any more. All a senator has to do now is make an objection. They don't even have to be there. One senator, in the minority, can block everything with no effort at all.
    The Senate is already undemocratic and unfair to begin with. California with a population of 40 million gets two senators while Wyoming with a population of only 700K also gets two senators. Republican senators currently represent only 43.5% of the population and haven't represented a majority since 1996. Because of this, the Democratic party will never have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. McConnell now blocks EVERY bill that is started by the Democratic party (and would help average working people) regardless of content. The Senate is broken.

    Gerrymandering obviously favors the Republican party. Republicans block any legislation that would redraw districts in a fair and unbiased way. Democrats would love to have gerrymandering stopped but Republicans want to keep it.

  11. What happened to the Student Loan Forgiveness Biden promised to gather votes. Our kids and grandkids got had. Not saying it was right or wrong. Just saying he lied to them.

  12. Yes I remember when well 2020 the voting I had to request mail in ballots cuz I thought they weren't going to let you go in person. That was the talk so I quickly downloaded mail in ballots for my family but then all of a sudden they let people in to vote in person so I just shredded them up. I never used them.

  13. Voter ID I'm glad you they that the Republicans voted down they will try to cheat steal however they feel fit to do. We cannot let them undo every state I remember showing my ID many years ago many any voting I had to show my ID and then all of a sudden it was gone I'm in New York so I don't understand why they haven't said No you don't need it anymore I'm like why doesn't make sense to me they were planning this a long time a long time

  14. Democrats have already crossed a bunch of last lines of defense. I wouldn’t doubt it they would cross over the one she mentioned at the end of the video. Nobody can stop democrats now.

  15. If you let them get away with it, your done, finished. time to stand up, folks really dont realise whats going on,you have to explain it to the folks ,please.

  16. Stop pretending that the H1 bill "makes no sense", or that forbidding voter ID "makes no sense". It makes perfect sense. It is the way to cheat even more than in 2020. That is the goal–the brass ring.

  17. The constitution was set up so the States have the power and they ceded some power to the Federal Govt. Why are the Dems trying to turn things upside down? Please make sure we vote these crazy Dems out of office so they don't ruin our great country.

  18. Love how they insist that election integrity = voter supression. Idiots (smh)

  19. voting with id is better, because you vote gets automatically registered and locked. if it went missing, while you checked in with your id and would be notified that the vote is lost. and the voting place should be on lock down and security should be in place camera footage has too be looked into and if someone tries anything to disrupt the process they will get 5 years of inprisonment and a fine of 500k

  20. Democrats want power no matter how

  21. Racism for showing I d it stops the stealing of votes its racists against criminals

  22. voting laws or no voting laws, republicans will never regain the presidency.. they are too stupid… we will just keep stealing the election… they cant figure out how we did it… we are so good at stealing the election, even we don't know how we did it

  23. 4 people for collecting votes. At houses.

  24. They must vote where they stay and fingerprint proof. With id.

  25. Make sure your next election is tair even if it takes 3 mounts. Pick real true pole workers with a heavy warning to fraud. Count every vote 3 times over to make sure its not duplicate or fiddeled with. Watch all Democrats.

  26. Warning: the fake Fox News/ the jerry springer show traffics in fear mongering and lies for ratings and money…. if you experience paranoia and reality detachment seek help immediately… call 1-800- help me

  27. Freadeal powers show control over voting

  28. If S1 passes you will instantly see guerrilla warfare in the USA.
    The life expectancy of a drop off ballot box will be measured in minutes, then with absolute control the democrats will disarm law abiding citizens while their own constituents will still carry illegal guns. If you thought the enabled minorities committed a lot of crimes before, well, you aint seen nothing yet.
    Basically it will be the end of this Republic.

  29. We could always vote 100 times each ourselves and really mess things up . I would like to see nobody vote and see who they jam in there.

  30. Biden’s administration is really trying hard to dismantle America and her constitutional rights. OMG

  31. The dems love a cheap thrill. They want to steal these elections for years to come.

  32. Are you continuing the rhetoric.

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