Saturday , August 8 2020
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Pamela Karlan was ‘totally biased, completely unhinged’: Rep. Zeldin

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) joins FOX Business and gives his take on Wednesday’s impeachment hearing and on Stanford professor and Democratic academic witness Pamela Karlan’s comments on Barron Trump.

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  1. My family is sick and tired of all the news covering the FAKE impeachment. We are voting for Trump in 2020.

  2. Stanford must be so proud her.

  3. Time for republicans to grow some balls and go after traitor Trump 🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃🔒🎃

  4. I wouldn't let my kids listen to this old crazy hag. Go to trade school not college.

  5. Pamela, you are an emotional out of control educated fool. Your hatred for conservatives and the President does not reflect the conduct of a so called educator.

  6. TREASON .Call in the MILITARY and put this COUP down.

  7. Cowboy Bob brought in his old school marm .

  8. Democrats in 2020 . LMAO

  9. Pamela Karlan is mentally deranged. "She" has no children, thank goodness.

  10. Pamela ended her own life. From the minute she mocked Barron Trump, she turned herself to a zombie

  11. This witch is book smart with no common sense

  12. Karlan is as evil as they come. She needs to go back to hell from which she came. Leave our children alone you evil minded university teachers of hatred.

  13. She may be educated but she is a very hateful woman

  14. Why do liberals look so frumpy? That prof is disGusting


  16. Is she single? Asking for a friend with extremely low expectations……

  17. TDS is real. This example shows how professors don’t
    Obey the law she has spent a lifetime studying and teaching.
    Shame she brings to herself,and

  18. Karlan has been seen before: in Hitler’s regime. She is a lesbo hater, like most lesbos; she has no place as an educator!

  19. Who said she 's a professor? She shouldn't be training dogs let alone Americans who will one-day be in charge of this nations future. smh Biden should be in congressional hearings for what he di as VP under Obama right now. Not POTUS being framed by Biden's gang of traitors.

  20. Let's interview their past students scary this woman is teaching our kids and the other 2 too

  21. This is why american degrees are now becoming worthless and i only see collage Kids going to work and protest their job and cause troubles

  22. Totallly shameless lying.

  23. Why was this professor allowed to even SPEAK? What a MORON!!!!!

  24. now THAT – to use the words of Samantha Bee – is a C UN T

  25. Just as she said Barron would or could not be one. Pamela rote memory to law does not make a scholar.
    YOU LADY ARE NO PROFESSOR or any type of intelligent voice or witness to qualify as being knowledgeable to this matter. Let alone bash innocent children.

  26. Somebody should buy her some fresh batteries for her vibrator.

  27. I didn't expect anything less from that SWAMP RAT Pamela Karlan .

  28. She thought she was being clever; she ended up looking bitter and angry. It's scary that these people think Trump thinks he's a king lmao. Their hatred and fear has caused insanity.

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