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PAMPER WITH ME! | How I Prepare For Holidays | Fashion Mumblr AD

It’s the day before my holiday so in this vlog I’m sharing my pamper routine! From the gym, to my hair, & a pamper party with the girls!
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To win your own bespoke hair service at your local salon, just take the Energy Code quiz above, and let me know your energy code in the comments below, as well as an amazing hair experience within the past year!

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  1. Whoops! I forgot! I have embraced my natural hair color which is white and silvery and, I LOVE it!❤️

  2. Hi! I am H2 S1 R3. I feel like I am in the “Star Wars” movie; R 2 D 2! 🥰. I am a very mature admirer and follower of yours (68 years young!). You are an absolute delight and I look forward to your videos every week! Blessings to you!💐🥂❤️

  3. How fuuun and cute!!! We would be best friends!!! ❤️

  4. For the leg press, put your feet lower so you make a series of 90 degree angles with your hips and knees and feet

  5. My code is R1 + H3 + B4
    Thanks so so so much for the opportunity, you are very inspiring. Love you

  6. Hey I'm a new subscriber. I'm getting married in September so would love healthy hair. My codes are B1, H3 X5A xx

  7. absolutely gorgeous cocker spaniel x

  8. You are so pretty!
    Any small youtubers supporting each other?

  9. R1 V3 B4
    I broke my leg really badly in May 2016 and during my recovery my hair has been affected. The heeling process took so much out of me that my hair started to fall out 🙁
    I'm slowly on the mend but anything that could help my hair look like it use to would be amazing. It was once my pride and joy.
    Love your videos.

  10. C1+H3+B4 this year I decided to try and get to white blonde and got so close but couldn't go through any more bleach or toners so now my hair is dark brown I'm a very impulsive person 😂😂

  11. My code is V1 + B3 + B4. An amazing hair experience I had in the last year was donating my hair! I've had long hair all my life, and last summer, I cut off 12in to donate. It was the best hair experience I've ever had!
    Thanks so much for this!! xx

  12. I wish I could enter the giveaway I live in the US! I would love to try products that are specific to my hair, especially as I just got engaged a couple days ago and am planning a fall wedding!!! But that's ok I do have a good hair routine and even though it's bleached quite a lot it's in great condition. Loved the girls night it looked so fun!

  13. great competition, would have entered if I wasn't braving the shave for Macmillan. Love the videos. Happy Holidays 🌼

  14. SOL1 + V3 + L4 is my code! I've recently cut my hair short and would love to get the condition of it looking better! 🙂💇🏼

  15. My code is SOL1+B3+B4. I've just had a baby and my hair has changed so much! Thank you, Josie, for offering this to us! ❤️

  16. What a fab pamper night you had with the girls. I enjoyed it. You are awesome Josie. Check out #embraceambition

  17. Whats the name of the song at the beginning of the video? <3

  18. Looks like such a fun evening! And lol, Charlie at the end. 🙂

  19. JOSIEEE please do a video on how you plan for your videos?? (or maybe another Q&A about related topics?)

  20. Loved the video!

    My code is H1 + B3 + L4

    I'm going to Berlin in the summer, and would love to have fabulous hair xo

  21. Hi, loved the video.
    My code is: H1 + V3 + B4
    I'm getting married in a year!!! eeeek! So I'm desperately trying to get my hair in better condition for the big day. I've even decided to stop having highlights until then just get it a bit healthier and encourage it to grow a wee bit longer… fingers crossed! xx

  22. My code is S1+ B3 +B4
    Thankyou for the giveaway Josie
    I used to have such long hair which people seem to think is quite unusual for a black girl but it used to be very long, but then I wanted to relax my hair to make it straight and I relaxed my hair a lot of times meaning the chemicals burn my scalp and my hair began to brake off and now my the front of my hair doesn't even past my shoulder

  23. my code is S1 +V3 + B4 no big plans for the year but have stopped straightening my hair and learning to love my curls 🙂

  24. This is perfect timing, I'm going on a vacation in a month

  25. my code is p1+B3+H5
    Thanks for the giveaway Josie! by the way I didn't find my country in the listed countries! does that mean that I can't participate in this giveaway?

  26. H1+V3+B4 🙈
    I've always wanted mermaid hair. You know, hair long enough to cover your chest when it's down.
    I've been growing it out for several years now and it's maybe the longest it's ever been–down to my shoulders! 😩 been using tons of homemade masks (like blended banana and honey haha) but it's just growing so incredibly slowly no matter what!
    It's super fine and not shiny and really needs some extra love I think.
    The haircare you're using sounds fabulous! I love you hair by the way ❤️

  27. Your hair looks fantastic

  28. Very Cute! How did the Bliss mask feel? I'm having my eye on it big time!

  29. My code is R1 + H3 + B4

  30. My code is H1+S3+B4. Thank you for the opportunity. 😉

  31. Love love love your hair 😍😍😍

  32. Loved that video ❤ but sadly it reminded me How lonely I am right now 😥 i recently moved to another country and don't have any Friends around ☹️ i wish i had some girlfriends to make a girls night

  33. Mine is H1 + R3 + B4. I recently gave birth and currently suffer from dry, brittle, postpartum hair loss so it's not looking nice at the moment 🙁

  34. you didn't show us how you do gel nails at home!! was waiting for it!! xx

  35. my code was B1 + SOL2 + P5 i would like to have a brighter blonde look for the summer in Dubai . Love this vid, would love to see your gel nail routine and any tips and tricks

  36. You and Charlie (oh, and the lovely Dexter of course) are quite simply the best!!! What an awesome idea to have a mobile pamper sesh! Happy holidays you guys – hope you have a fab time, and get some great weather, and R&R. xxx

  37. R1 B3 H5 – last year my hair was badly burnt by a hairdresser when getting it bleached. it was down to my waist and a perfect blond shade, I had to cut it all off back to a bob and have gradually been repairing it and embracing my natural colour. All I want now is for it to be healthy and it is slowly getting that way so any help from would be greatly appreciated 🙂 xx
    p.s hope your enjoying your holidays i've been watching all of the insta stories 🙂 I love watching your videos 🙂 thanks josie

  38. love watching your channel babe <3

  39. All your friends look so adorable and looks like you had a lot of fun! Thanks for the vid!

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