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PAMPERING & CHRISTMAS CRAFTS // Vlogmas Day 12 // Fashion Mumblr

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The below links are affiliate links {ad}, and items may have been gifted from brands, scroll down for more information if you’d like to know more!

❆ FEATURED in this video ❆

What I’m Wearing:
Paloma Blue pyjamas – https://bit.ly/36EjWlI
Pearl huggies – https://bit.ly/3mGlZv3 [USE CODE JOSIE10 FOR 10% OFF] Frill cable knit – https://bit.ly/3ng4xgP
Pink cashmere bottoms – https://bit.ly/32FeI6H

The Cornish Bed Company – https://bit.ly/3nqdYeh
Lydia x Karen Millen edit – https://bit.ly/3gNNDUU
Lydia x Karen Millen apricot coat – https://bit.ly/381lCFr
Lydia x Karen Millen cream shirt dress – https://bit.ly/3mjkYbu
Lydia x Karen Millen cream belted coat – https://bit.ly/3gFOiYa
Gucci belt – https://bit.ly/3hOShAS
(US) Gucci belt – https://bit.ly/34JrouM
Tory Burch bag – https://bit.ly/39tZhTj
Chloé boots – https://bit.ly/34JTG77

Pixi Glow Tonic ornament – https://bit.ly/37diTJE
(US) Pixi Glow Tonic ornament – https://bit.ly/37e2WDc
Pixi Vitamin C Tonic ornament – https://bit.ly/2ILTT2S
Pixi Multi-Moisturizing Kit – https://bit.ly/3mgSRtg
(US) Pixi Multi-Moisturizing Kit – https://bit.ly/3gGnSpd
Pixi Eye & Cheek palette – https://bit.ly/2KlUtEF
(US) Pixi Eye & Cheek palette – https://bit.ly/3m6iGfC

Ruuby – https://bit.ly/358e3uZ [USE CODE LOVEJOSIE]


For the 12 days of Vlogmas, I have a wonderful range of goodies to giveaway as a huge THANK YOU for your support this year. To enter, please SHARE my videos with your friends and followers, our aim is to hit 500k! You must be subscribed to enter, I’ll be choosing a winner for each giveaway 48 hours after each vlog goes live. Leave me a comment to let me know how you’ve shared the videos and for bonus points, look out for Phinella the Pheasant! Share the moment you spot her on your IG stories with #FindingPhinella – open internationally! Good luck! xo

❅ My Camera Equipment Etc – https://amzn.to/3lfqo78
❅ Vlogmas Intro created by the Charnwood team
❅ Vlogmas Outro designed by @illustrationsbyher.co

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❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. Your Ruby therapist wasn’t keeping to UK Government PPE guidelines for all treatments. She should be wearing a IIR mask and a visor. They are compulsory. I know, as I’m a therapist who is having to wear the full PPE for all my clients. Makes me angry to see this.

  2. The length is perfect as is-very classy and ladylike. Very chic!

  3. phinella was enjoy Warmth of the 🔥 and shine of the moon 🌙.

  4. Superbe! Duchess Joséphine…😉

  5. I absolutely adore your Christmas vlogs (and your normal vlogs too!) I look forward to watching them every evening! With this one I made a hot chocolate and lit a woodwick candle 😊😊

  6. Just what I thought …Kate Middleton style…

  7. DARLING president Trump is delivering HIS Covid19 Vaccine to the world. It will be coming your way very soon!! THANK GOD for PRESIDENT TRUMP and how he worked so hard to HEAL the world 🌎 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🧂. PRESIDENT TRUMPs and AMERICAs CHRISTMAS gift to you all!!!!!

  8. I never thought i ll think a graveyard looks beautiful, thanks for takeing us with you

  9. I don't think I would personally clad the stone wall the red brick yes.

  10. Bonjour Josie, Tu as une magnifique maison ! J aime beaucoup l' 'angleterre ! Paris est la capitale de la mode mais tu es magnifique et tu as vraiment très bon goût toi et ton mari ! 🎄❄️⛄🎅 Valérie (France)

  11. Now that my uni classes are done I’m so excited to watch everyday and not have to catch up! Your vlogs are so cozy, festive, relaxing and just lovely. I always get a cup of tea and light a candle to watch. I’ve been sharing on my Instagram because I think more of my friends will honestly be de-stressed when watching your videos hahah! Sending love from Canada! Xx

  12. The dress with the coat and the boots look amazing. I haven't seen Phinella today…

  13. Waaaaau, I just love the cream coat on you! so classic and elegant! I personally would make the length of the dress a little bit shortter bit It's equally beautiful! I couldnt find phinella on this one 🙁

  14. I have heard the same thing about it not being great for your hair not to blow-dry it.. My hairdresser explained it to me like this: when you let a towel air-dry, it gets rather stiff and rough, where as if you put it in the tumble drier it gets nice and soft. Hope that makes sense haha. Lots of Love from Germany <3

  15. You’re making it harder and harder showing us clothes like that this close to Christmas. Between running out of time and mullah…lol
    Love the coats and dress. The length is perfect!

  16. The Lydia collection pieces look gorgeous on you! I especially love the cream coat!! And again, I've shared the video via WhatsApp 🙂

  17. Wow Josie your vlogs are so lovely that I literally was bummed when I saw that I was over halfway through with this one.

  18. Such gorgeous coats. Lydia has fantastic taste as well. Was your lady pheasant out by the wall when you left to get your eggs?

  19. Another fabulous vlogmas episode Josie! 🤩💕 you looked beautiful in your pieces from Lydia's edit xx

  20. I've shared your vlogmas with an IG story @t 😀
    I love your videos so much Josie, and your personality. You're so genuine, kind and funny! What a delight! <3
    That cream coat is absolutely gorgeous!!

  21. My brother has two chickens and they are happily laying lots of eggs! He has yet to name them though! I suggested Agnetha and Frida because we all love ABBA, but my dad thinks Gladys and Flossy!

  22. Best vlogmas to date, love your enthusiasm and gratitude for where you live, could tell you were sad about your loss of your ‘London chic’ work wear outfit opportunity’s.

  23. hi! Last year i bought 2 pairs of pointed boots. My purchase was inspired by you because you recommended them as more elegant and elongating (i m 1,62m). But now i see you only wear rounded toe boots …. 🙃

  24. Love the apricot coat. Beautiful color on you!

  25. It's sunday morning and my youngest son wanted to watch the video of the lady with the doggies with me. Both Dickens and Dexter are popular here. He saw the nutcracker and said that he know Where you got it. At the plantjeswinkel(our gardencentre). So you made a litle trip to the Netherlands 😁👍. Needless to say we enjoyed uur video and had a good start of the dat.

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