Panel: Trump indictment is a ‘self-inflicted wound,’ shakes up GOP field

Ali Vitali, Darlene Superville, Faiz Shakir and Doug Heye join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable to discuss the latest in the indictment of former President Donald Trump and its impact on the Republican presidential primary.

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  1. People do not realize he is mentally ill and is a hoarder. He did this to himself, because he is mentally ill.

  2. It’s crazy, none of these republicans care that trump has been so reckless with classified documents.. they either literally have no spines and won’t say what’s right or they just don’t care either way none of them should be in office.

  3. Call me ancient. But I so miss the days when you would turn on news & INFORMATION shows and could count on just stating the FACTS in a way that is designed to EDUCATE & INFORM the viewers.

    Now it is about how one can pivot towards the winning way to SELL IDEAS to gullible and confused viewers even if they are a bunch of distortions & flat out LIES.

    So sad and heartbreaking to see, hear, witness & experience.

  4. As to why, Trump is mentally ill. He had a psychotic break after he lost the election and still hasn't returned to reality.

  5. This video focuses solely on domestic issues. What is not being mentioned are the foreign allies and their citizens.

  6. The trump predicts his own indictment via projection. What he wanted for Hillary Clinton did not happen for her… it ALL IS HAPPENING FOR HIM. His MO is PROJECTION.

  7. jerking the public around and PRETENDING "Judge Cannon" was just oh, randomly assigned to Trump's criminal case is a f*king insult to our intelligence… face it America, our government is corrupt to the core and broken beyond repair.

  8. What a bunch of GOP wimps. You are not going to get the Trump vote regardless of what happens. If one of them were in trouble, Trump would immediately start attacking. Try to win over the other 65%.

  9. No one is perfect they all got scandals of some kind

  10. Why he did not simply return the documents?….Because that Fake-President is a megalomaniac!!

  11. Every word come back to haunt you ,God bless Hillary Clinton ❤️🤗

  12. There's too much book banning around DeSantis.

  13. North Carolina remembers Charlottesville.
    The world is watching. 👁️👁️

  14. Pence is a two-faced coward.

  15. Gross and I am dumbfounded. I am truly dumbfounded at this discussion are the poll numbers going to go up for the espionage indicted criminal crook wow the arrogance of Donald Trump is mind blowing.

  16. Pence, artful? It was a lame both-sides word salad, if you watched heard everything he said. He's a spineless pos.

  17. Ankle bracelet my Azz, he can defend himself from jail!

  18. Donald Trump knew how to play the system that's why it's going to if lucky would pardon himself

  19. We Americans have the right to see the Court PROCEEDINGS!!