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Pantaleo fired, Trump mulls tax cut, Congresswomen speak out on Israel and more l ABC News

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  1. “most of the people I know that are successful really don’t take vacations.
    Gee, was he on vacation when these failures occurred?
    1) Trump Taj Mahal Casino
    2) Trump Castle Hotel & Casino
    3) Trump Plaza Casino
    4) Trump Plaza Hotel
    5) Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts
    6) Trump Entertainment Resorts.
    7) Trump Airlines
    8) Trump‘ The Game ( Renamed the Apprentice which failed too)
    9) Trump beverages ( bottled water)
    10) Trump casinos
    11) Trump magazine
    12) Trump Mortgage
    13) Trump Steaks
    14) Trump's travel site
    15) Trump's communications company
    16) Trump Tower Tampa
    17) Trump University
    18) Trump Vodka
    19) Trump Modeling Agency
    20) Donald Trump Vitamins….etc
    21) The New Jersey Generals football team
    22) The Tour De Trump bike race.

  2. would be nice to hear what was said!!!!

  3. Why don't they start making cell phones without cameras then you wouldn't have stupid people stopping in your way to take a selfie problem solved hey plus cops wouldn't have to worry about being recorded all the time too because then people wouldn't have a built-in phone camera

  4. They found a explosive device under the car that means that person was buying bomb stuff great that's all we need

  5. I'm Mexican and my hair is curly and I love using the same curly hair products for my hair and my current employer said my hair looks better straight. Ever since he made that comment I refuse to straighten my hair for work!!

  6. Israel occupied Palestine, isnt that enough Israel?
    Did I mention israel makes males to go to the army at the age 18 for 2 years 7 months?
    I’m Palestinian I think that honestly this conflict is pointless
    And if Israel stops they lose support from America…
    Donald trump needs to stop 🤦‍♀️

  7. Wow it only took 5 years to hole Eric Gardner killer accountable. What a joke five years that family waited for justice and by firing him it's not justice it's just a step. Now he should be charged with manslaughter are second degree murder or whatever comes to mine.

  8. Stupid tariffs from a stupid president. Trump making the world economy recess again.

  9. Tliab wasn't blocked, she was offered a humanitarian visa. They were blocked for their political bds agenda.

  10. OMG you both are CUTE, seriously GET A ROOM! <3

  11. BOYCOTT radiation leakage TOKYO OLYMPICS

  12. Just wonder how many Americans had listened intensely to how their president talked. He has TWO 👅👅tongues but one 👄 mouth!!, one 🐍 rattle snake.

  13. I'm in love with Trevor and I'm not ashamed to say it

  14. Fuckk y’all we on vacation bitchh we tourists


  16. israel is dead, nobody believe u

  17. NJ is great. Hundreds of things to.

  18. Al Sharpton is the one who should be fired.

  19. Lincoln and JFK were removed from office for Political reason, I'm still trying to figure out why Trump is still in the White House.

  20. How is Texas a “friendly”place, I see brawls there all the time!

    Those “voters” seem suspiciously republican! 👏😏

  21. 77-80 degrees. Home all the time. I am disabled. Winter is 64 -68 unless wind chill factor here. In NorCal we haven't had the triple digits so far this summer all the time. Wait til after in Sept through Oct., could be much hotter. Hmm.

  22. EVERY SINGLE ECONOMIC DROP OR CRASH EXCEPT FOR 1 since and including the "Great Depression" has happened with Republicans running this country. Clinton, Democrat, left the office with a booming economy, GW Bush, Republican, CRASHED IT! Obama, Democrat, inherited it, caught it, and turned it around. Trump, Republican, slashed taxes, Wall Street is back where it was a year ago and trembling, it IS going to crash, at least GW Bush waited till his 2nd term before he crashed a good economy left to him by a Democrat.

  23. A murderer gets fired. Crucify him.

  24. SHUT THOSE IDIOTS DOWN! They do NOT have the right to force future generations of Citizens of the United States of America to pay our bills. STOP spending more money on our military then the TOTAL of the amount spent by the next 6 countries. SHUT DOWN THE TARIFFS, THAT will give people more money to spend. DEFINITION – Tarrif: A TAX added to the cost of an item to reduce it's import or export. The importer pays it, it is ADDED to cost a distributer pays, it's included in the cost a retailer pays, and is including in the cost a consumer pays.

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