Parallel parking fear stalls many from obtaining a driver’s license

There is a sharp increase in people failing driving tests in Washington, D.C., due to a fear of parallel parking. The district removed parallel parking from their drivers test in 2009 but brought back the requirement in 2021.

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  1. My father taught me how to parallel park.

  2. If I came home late at night during high school and college summer breaks, and the car was NOT parked absolutely perfectly, my Dad would wake me up at 5 am and I had to repark it until it was right. You can't drive if you can't park.

  3. Parellel Parking is so easy! I do it with a 20' full size SUV.

  4. Thank god for Park Assist Pilot.

  5. So, kids today cannot operate a manual transmission, parallel park, boys think they are girls, two girls think they can get married,… what an ignorant, confused, depraved world we live in.

  6. Wanna flex on someone do this lol.

  7. Most people should not legally be allowed to drive. It should be really hard to get a drivers license

  8. NYC drivers be like hahaha you're cute 😅

  9. I failed the first time because of parallel parking. I get it but I also get drivers being able to control there vehicles as well as the ability to put in a parking space. It just takes practice really.

  10. Passed that drivers test in 1 shot. Left the curb and was back within 10 mins and on the receipt the man gave me it said P (PASS). Don't put yourself into the mindset that you are gonna fail. Because then ya will. Do the opposite. I promise it yields a better result. CONFIDENCE!

  11. not being sexist here, but most women I know dont know how to parallel parking, I dont know if its in the genes or some women are just too afraid of most things.

  12. Back Camera makes it easy. Needs nerf

  13. Eventually it's muscle memory, but if you break it down into separate steps and practice (line up mirrors, fully turn wheel to the right, straighten wheel, fully turn the wheel to the left), you'll be able to get into any spot your car can physically fit in. Angling your passenger mirror down to see your rear right wheel is also helpful

  14. GOOD, you should not drive if you can't do a simple maneuver like parallel parking…

  15. Back up cameras are stupid on cars . I only have sensors on my vehicle. Way better …

  16. I don’t want a sympathy card because if you don’t know how to park properly the hit and run cases will increase which don’t get solved most of the time.

  17. Literally a nightmare even with all the sensors and camera

  18. If you have driven on the roads in any major city recently, you know that a lot more people should have failed their driving test.

  19. You can literally just look up how to parallel park on YouTube some prove a just dum as fk

  20. And you wonder why America has 4 or 5 times the number of traffic deaths per capita than most European countries have, despite the much denser traffic situation and having many more bicyclists on European roads. Yeah, I'm sure lowering the requirements has helped a lot. What do you need an exam for anyway? To prove that you know where to sit in the car?

    No offense meant, but I'm happy for every American with their "special" driving skills staying away from our roads. Use public transport when you come visiting, it's great and also much safer.

  21. I’m thankful it’s not required in my state to know how! Even though I do know how to parallel park. I rather not!

  22. man, with that back camera newer cars have, is a piece of cake.

  23. I have said this before, car tech makes people less skilled. I drive stick and parallel park on my own my whole life.

    It is not that hard people.

  24. If I hadn't taken my wife out the day before her test she most likely would have failed. But she nailed it first try.

  25. its called practicing and getting better stop giving people handicaps for the people who never had to try for anything in there life and cry about anything of the slightest inconvenience

  26. Use auto pilot he he he….

  27. Didn’t get my drivers license till I was 23 hade to be seizure free for 6 months.

  28. Had to retake my test because my instructor didn't fully tell me the proper distance required. Turns out you can just search in the internet for the easy steps and tips to do it right in just a single day.

  29. Great, what's next? Abolish all parallel parking spots?

  30. If you can't parallel park your own car, you have no business driving on the road.

  31. Then stay off the road ‼️😎

  32. 61 years old and I still can't do it. My next car is going to be one of those that dos it for you.

  33. Driving test are not tough enough

  34. Good. Parallel parking is basic skill and should be required. There are so many many more challenges on the road for any driver. You are not going to die parking your car.

  35. Eff that! If you can't parallel park then leave your car at home!! YOU SCHMUCKS CAUSE MORE DAMAGE TO OTHER PARKED CARS!!