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Parent in ‘Varsity Blues’ scandal sentenced to 4 months prison | ABC News

Businessman Devin Sloane is the second parent, after Felicity Huffman, to be sentenced in the college admissions scandal.

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  1. If this dude paid a million dollars to get his son a full ride scholarship he's gotta be a dumb ass. Just pay the $200,000 tuition like what the hell you could have just saved 800k

  2. it seems IMO that the less the money spent on bribes the lesser the charge

  3. Good if your kids not smart enough tough shit life's hard you should not be able to pay your way to the top

  4. So there actually still ARE a few things that are not "for sale to the highest bidder"? I'm heartened to hear it. These 'special' peoples' arrests have made me feel a little better! Thanks!

  5. "Varsity Blues"? Did this scandal involve whip cream tops or football scholarships?

  6. These parents are pathetic! In addition to jail time they should have to pay the tuition of 10 kids who worked their butts off the honest way!

  7. Didn’t the other lady get 2 weeks?

  8. Or we all do what we should have years and years ago…………….gather up the rich and end them……………..all of them…………..and all of their worthless offspring…………..then use all the money they stole/inherited and rebuild the United States……………..nothing short of this can save us, America, and the planet……………….who is with me???????????????

  9. He admitted that he committed a crime. Lori Laughlin is looking at serious proud on time, if convicted. Very stupid decision on her part. Can't Universities ask for video evidence of applicants playing the sport they claim to play. Water Polo requires good upper body strength.

  10. Fuck this shit. I don’t ever want to hear “no one is above the law” ever again. White people are, certainly rich white people are a live the law. The rules don’t apply to them. That’s America.

  11. Imagine a normal person committed fraud of $250,000. Do you think they would get 4 months in jail? I think not lol when will people wake up and realize America has no justice system.

  12. Lindsey Davis, what's your forehead's zip code? I have a plastic surgeon's contact info I want to mail to you

  13. As a former waterpolo player. That’s sucks. He never experienced morning swim or hell week. I have girls on my past team who looked like they been playing since they came out of the whom. We having to take not only the high school class but required to take swim to stay conditioned and 2 club teams to maintain knowledge and perfect technique. We were the 2016 runner up for cif for Southern California. I do no longer play because it wasn’t a passion for me more of just a fun sport with my friends. However the girls who did take it seriously I’m disgusted for them.

  14. So they didn’t give him probation?

  15. Due to discriminatory admissions policies, California residents who are first-time freshmen, are being denied admission. First-Time Freshmen (California resident students who are in the top 12.5% (1/8th) of their high school graduating class). Especially those students that the UC considered to be "Privileged" (could afford to attend private school) and/or are White and/or American Indian are being denied admission and their seats are being sold to out-of-state and international students. And the UC is engaged in affirmative action by displacing first-time-freshmen with community college transfer students with much lower GPA's and test scores. The conduct of UC President Janet Napolitano is unconscionable- she has engaged in invidious discrimination against California resident students and has politicized the admissions process. That is the real cause of the Varsity Blues scandal and there should be a criminal investigation of her. SO glad she has resigned- now lock her up.

  16. How about the schools that took the bribes?? They going to prison too????

  17. Enough with that George segment at the end. FFS!

  18. So they bribing the courts now because no ! Money rules the fucking world smh

  19. But the movie star got 14 days ? Does that make sense at all ????? Shouldn't they all get the same sentence ?

  20. Does this mean these convicts can’t vote now?

  21. They also need to kick out the kids from the school with no credit given and make the parents pay for poor kids to go to the schools.

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