‘Parental rights’ is the latest fight in the education culture wars

ABC News spoke with parents and advocates from both sides of the “parental rights” debate.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. there we go, now its moving along as it should. ill keep an eye on the c19 for you. 3 and 6 were vicious this one is trying to survive.

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  3. Prepared for the real delusional world in which socialism actually works, and basic science and biology are ignored and shamed in place of a delusional fantasy based on feeling and belief. The news media just wants to ignore that this DEI curriculum is being pushed by our government through executive orders and bureaucrats, which is a clear violation of the powers granted to them by the people. They just want to ignore the billions of grant dollars being used to support the implementation of this Marxist propaganda across our country.

  4. Vote these school board members out of office.

  5. Parents had better fight for their rights now before the left enact laws that strip you of them, look at California blatantly interfering with the parental child relationship.

  6. Here we go all these crazy parents causing problems over simple stuff, no wonder your children test so low for their grade. With parents more worried about politics instead of education, ignoring their needs at home but expecting everyone else to do your job elsewhere.

  7. Republicans fault taking away ur freedoms like always vote donate to democrats gop sucks garbage trash

  8. Just imagine telling these schools NO, YOU MAY NOT EXPOSE MY CHILD TO PORN AND DEGENERACY, and they insist YOUR child be exposed to it! This is out of control! The state doesn’t own OUR KIDS!!! I won’t permit mine to use pronouns!

  9. They keep positioning this as a culture war (both sides). Where’s the line between political discussion and education.

  10. When I listen to these idiots I am ashamed to be a woman… then I believe that only 12.7% people are more intelligent than I am, maybe that is there problem and I should feel sorry for them.

  11. Schools are not teaching reading writing and math… if you don’t believe so, look at student scores.

  12. So glad I completed my school before all this nonsense started.

  13. They want to ban the truth because they’re pathetic and don’t want to be reminded of how disgusting they’re forefathers and foremothers were and obviously STILL ARE! Weak asses! That’s ok because a lot of Black Families are teaching their children the truth in spite of these racist white people!

  14. keep your children away from the woke communists

  15. Stop making extra problems for kids like questioning if they want to be trans or gay. That's something for them to think about and decide on their own

  16. "you don't get to make those choices for every other family."
    Just so I get this straight – just because the school deems it necessary to expose one child to sexually explicit material and to be quizzed about they's gender, the other parents have to allow the whole class to be exposed to the same mistreatment. Is that about right?

  17. If you don't like it get off your arse and teach your own kids

  18. Parents have rights over their children. The activist teachers need to teach what's in the curriculum, not what's on their activism agenda