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Parents fight for custody after stopping son's chemotherapy l ABC News

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball turned to alternative treatments including CBD oil and medical marijuana for their 4-year-old son Noah.


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  1. weather its right or wrong. As a American you are allowed to do as you want with your kids and your self. When the government can force you to ingest medicens and take treatments you do not want is wrong.I may have given the kid chemo treatment. But them as the parents have the right to do as they see fit for there kid. Many people refuse treatment and that is fine. No entity should be able to dictate what you should have to endure or do. I fell like they should sue the state and government for over steeping. Only time the government or state can have a say is if the child was dead or hurt. Then they can see if neglect or foul play was about. Until them keep your laws and bullshit outa my family and life. I dont know this is weird tho. But still i think the parents have the right to see or treet there kid how they want. There are millions of people that do not receive treatment cuz of there beliefs and not once do we care. but they do it and its news?.

  2. So why is the government interfering? When you go to any hospital or doctor you have to sign a consent to receive treatment… stupid system when there's a real red flag on children neglect they don't act until a child dies on the hands of parents… when a mother is worry about the child's safety on the hands of the other parent and let the family court know about it they don't do anything and the end it's always deadly!!!

  3. More like a 10% success rate for chimo,if that. One of the most toxic substances known to man and they want to inject that into a child. Total BS
    Yea they don't mind giving your child synthetic heroin and radiation along with chemo but not that evil marijuana.

  4. Third leading cause of death in this country is going to see your doctor.

  5. You know why the state took him because thay get money for STEALING kids from people

  6. Long haired Noah and two stoner-parents

  7. I knew a young lady who had leukemia and went through ALL the chemo & radiation known to man……. she died in 2011. Leaving behind babies.

  8. This is why Americans are forced to flee the country. Natzi Germany is the new America. Chemotherapy is the most utter and disgusting option…that's how people end up dying. The FDA hasn't even approved it so wtf??????

  9. Why is this news? It's not like they took the kid home and prayed over him asking God to heal him. Or abused the kid. They just decided chemo was to much for their kid and wanted to less his pain and try something more natural. I'm sure if the kid got worse they would probably put him back on chemo

  10. Josh is a sovereign citizen yet he had used the justice system for law suits and his son is on state medical 🤔

  11. That's a tough situation and I get where the parents are coming from. I try to use natural medicine when I can but I also know when that is not going to cut it for me. cannabis alone is not going to help get rid of his cancer. It would help with a lot of the side effects from the chemo but again would not get rid of his cancer. A lot of people do turn to the person therapy after being on chemo or while they are on it and eventually switch over. I do think chemo is an important part of treatment but also that we sort give it to much credit.

  12. This breaks my heart. If your son desprately needs chemotherapy, why would you stop his treatment? I am having uneasy feelings if they should regain custody of their son. My prayers go out to their son for a speedy recovery. 🙏💗

  13. What in the healing beads and doTerra oils is this?! Are these people DENSE???? Leukemia is a cancer on the molecular level! 90% success survival rate..omg..more and more misinformed idiots are born everyday… His hair fell out after the first treatment. Well yeah, that can happen after two weeks. My moms did after two weeks and she said just shave it…so I did. Cancer doesn't automatically mean death. Smh

  14. The news just lied about this report. You people are sick. He was cancer free and they wished to stop the treatments because radiation destroys the body. Bunch of liars.

  15. The fuck thats not news thats a private family matter you immoral fucktards

  16. The doctor wanted to continue three additional years of chemotherapy after he was already cancer-free and the parents went for a second opinion. That's it.

  17. Reporter at the end like “this opens the door to so many questions: why did the state feel it needed to intervene”- lady you just TOLD US they intervened because the parents denied their critically ill child life-saving treatment. Asked and answered. There’s no gray area. Stop pandering to the radical anti-vaxxer community.

  18. A child's right to live is bigger than a parent's right to parent. Of course they should take the kid away, and if her ever gets better, I think it's best he stays with people who are not so stupid that they think that Marijuana can treat cancer. It can't. Marijuana has never cured anyone of cancer and never will. It can help people who are ill, but it cannot cure cancer. These parents are so stupid they would cause the death of their child.

  19. Anyone can go in and kill their baby. But parents have no say… on how they want to approach saving THEIR CHILD ?
    God with you little guy.

  20. I could sell snake oil to this couple

  21. I’m so sick of governments dictating what we should be doing with our children it’s the parents choice to get a second opinion and to go holistic! Chemo should not be expected or demanded by any government

  22. Every kid should thrive not survive.. with chemo at this young age will he thrive or just survive? If there is a alternative way where you don’t have to go through radiation and chemical poisoning that would be a better choice.. I sympathize with their parents, unfortunately government owns your kids!! How many kids die of malnutrition and insufficient health care.. I don’t think government cares for basic needs!! this is nothing but a publicity stunt by the media to set an example!!

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