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Parents of teens held in Rome for murder speak out l ABC News

The mother of Finnegan Elder, 19, claims her son is a “thoughtful boy” as he and friend Gabriel Natale, 18, remain in jail accused of murdering an Italian officer.



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  1. People can't carry a 7" fixed blade knife in California unless it's carried open and visible. and as that KaBar is really a sword 12" total length it would be hard not to notice it. He obviously carried it concealed in Italy which is illegal. You can only carry a knife in Italy whose blade length is the same as the width of your four fingers. And more importantly you cannot use a knife in self defense in Italy unless the other person has one, too. Their 'thoughtful' son doesn't have a leg to stand on, and the mother only sees him as an angel.

  2. The explanation is simple: his son is a drug addicted that was arrested at 16 y/o to have beaten up another guy provoking him a serious brain damage. He was under drugs and alcohol also when he stabbed 11 times a cop i bet…and it wasn't self defence, cause if it was he will have stabbed him one, at max two times and then he would have run.

  3. You do the time. Singapore is a death sentence.

  4. Amanda knoxx got away with murder hope these 2 dont

  5. I'm getting the vibe that these teens are from pretty affluent families.

  6. These privileged white folks make me sick. Why is this being approached like they aren't drug addict murderers? There are no real mysteries here but people want to make excuses for white kids no matter what they do. #whiteprivilege

  7. Sounds she didn’t know her son very well.

  8. parents are indirectly responsible for this horrible act of violence. who lets teens go on vacation unchaperoned. teens will pay the price for their actions. the parents' lives are also changed forever.

  9. They are gonna get away with the murder.

    Horrible parents raised horrible children .

    Just like Amanda knox didn’t kill her friend in Italy, she was a nice girl too. 👎👎👎👎👎

  10. He is a white American. These savages have it wrong….I don't know anything but he must have a reason rendering him innocent….Smalltown USA!

  11. Sure there’s an explanation — drugs.

    Claiming a knife like that is a normal thing to carry is just ridiculous.

  12. Well unfortunately drugs can have very bad effects on you and cause you to do very bad things. Stay away from drugs kids!

  13. Why must parents insist upon foisting their denial upon the news outlets? EVERY young murdering punk is actually "just a good, nice boy, and everyone just loved him"! THEY raised him, THEY sent him out into the world like a ticking time-bomb, and then swear that there must be "some reason" for his actions.

  14. Angels yeahh right. Parents in absolute denial, who was the nanny, the TV?

  15. I understand the parents want answers but be real. Your kid murdered a cop. Hes not a sweet boy. Hes a killer

  16. What about the victims parents thoughts, 2 spoiled brats deserve what they get.

  17. I guess they forgot to take a Black man along to take the fall like Knott's did! She is a criminal who got off and returned to the crime scene this year, however I believe these two are TOAST!

  18. The asswipe who shot up the Poway
    synagogue's parents said they would NOT spend money on a defense for their son & expressed horror over what he had done. Sadly, most people go into denial about "their baby" even when their sonny boy is caught red handed. I hope these two punks get life….

  19. Had to be a shitty MTech knife. Rip to the officer.

  20. Why his eyes look like that did they give him something?

  21. Parents defending their kids is normal, isn't it?

  22. the boys need to be banged up, don't mean shit they are American

  23. You do the crime, you do the time

  24. People go to other countries to murder all the time.

  25. Thumbs down: "THANKS for checking out the abd news utube channel"

    one above and one right here 👎


  26. 11 stabs…and 2 right in the hearth!! The police man was married just from 30 days and from 2 days he come back from he's Honey Moon… they really need to spend all the life in prison !!

  27. Lol since when people in America do carry 7 inch blade for protection? Unless you are involved into criminal gangs obviously.

  28. Leah Elder, the mother of Finnegan Elder is a dumb cunt who thinks her son can do no wrong and sure there has to be some explanation why this little bastard ambushed this peace officer by stabbing him 11 times right after participating in a drug deal gone wrong. Does this sound like a kid of good merit and conduct? These kids will at least spend the next 26 years of their life inside an Italian prison. They won’t get out until their mid-40s.. that will give them plenty of time to contemplate about what miserable fuckups they are and to learn Italian.

  29. Excuses, excuses, excuses…

  30. average age of whites in usa 58, average age Hispanics 11

  31. Kids tried trafficking drugs, cop stops them almost resulting in prison, kids kill cop, other cops arrest them. Boom done.

  32. No one carries a knife like that for protection in California. Protection from what? Humans? That’s a deer hunters skinning knife.
    Maybe because these teens lived near the forest but no one takes a deer hunting knife to vacation in Italy. We’re they planing to kill a PIG, sheep, or goat ?

  33. Hope they have the death penalty for killing cops over there

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