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Parkland School shooter pleads guilty to all charges

In an emotional day in court for Parkland families, Nikolas Cruz pleaded guilty to all 34 charges in the deadly school shooting that killed 17 students and staff.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. "I have to live with this everyday.."? Who gives a fu*k..?!?
    At least U got to LIVE…those kids u mass murdered did NOT.
    Even in a free society, nobody should get to speak tgis BS…unless he/she's trying to defend him/herself..and pleading theor innocence..if there's no concrete evidence/proof for the crime.
    Otherwise..this prick should just be quiet and sentenced.

  2. U got the guy whom did it so move on .

  3. Stay in a communist country Canada and Australia. 2 Amendment for life

  4. I’m a very good observer with behavior, and the way he carry himself tell me he was bullied. I bullied someone before and was bullied by many others before so I know.., he was angry, he’s a kid with a mad trigger finger, I feel sorry for him and the victims

  5. I hope that he isn't sentenced to die, he should be locked in a slot for the rest of his existence to reflect on what he did. Let him live with the nightmares and indignation as his victims are.

  6. Nik I thought you said weed makes the demons go away

  7. I smoke weed I murdered 2 mcdoubles a large fry and a Coke

  8. Should be death sentence but sit I. Prison 6 months to think of it

  9. Now rot in prison, gun control now!

  10. Hard to watch for the first time. But I think your going to be ok. I'll miss you guys. But better luck to your trips and your followers.

  11. This BETCH just doomed use Floridians, with the little hope we had on marijuana becoming legal

  12. But very old republic party members says that GUNS ARE FUN and people are going to use GUNS, to kill White people to have fun, saying
    Jim Jordan
    Ted Cruz
    All believe that using GUNS on white people and cops are FUN

  13. Ummmm it was not the drugs! He is just an evil person attempting to manipulate the system. Not buying it AT ALL.

  14. Life without parole. He keeps saying he has to live with this everyday. What about the families? I hope his sleep is plagued with nightmares and his days are spent away from proper society!

  15. What he did was dead wrong …….A part of me feels sorry for him ….. there were many red flags with him …. Maybe things could have been different it he got help

  16. Not the damn guys, it the fucking person who holds the guy

  17. Weed?? I am 55 and been smoking since I was 16…I don't believe it made me do anything other than RAID my fridge! Take responsibility for your insanity!!!! I almost felt sorry for you until I heard you speak! You deserve what's coming, Bubba is waiting for your skinny little a$$

  18. Real sad trust me as a father of a young son wow

  19. Why did they even let this garbage speak? Bad decision. God bless all the deceased may they RIP

  20. Did Cruz really just blame marijuana for what he did? Kid, I've been high and let me tell you that smoking weed does NOT motivate you to commit mass murder. If you don't believe me, answer me this: You see two guys sitting in front of you at a baseball game being rowdy and looking like they're about to come to blows. Which is the first thought that pops into your head, that they are high or they are drunk? I'm gonna bet on the latter. What HAS been known to stimulate violent behavior are SSRI's, which are legal in ALL FIFTY states and are prescribed to treat certain mental disorders. To paint all potheads as violent criminals is not only outrageous and demonstrably false when you look at the statistics, but also deeply insulting to the many MILLIONS of Americans who use cannabis regularly and would never even consider doing what you (Cruz) just did. I'm sure as hell glad that your ignorant @ss is gonna be put away for a long time. That wasn't an apology.

  21. While weed can cause schizophrenic episodes in pre-disposed people, until I see his medical history (unless he's been subpoenaed this would be illegal, at least I think) I highly doubt weed had anything to do with it. Meth? Maybe, but that's still a reach

  22. This is why the DEATH PENALTY EXIST!

    NOT to kill black people that are products of an environment created by white supremacist and racist white politicians!

  23. Figures that this monster blames his actions on "smoking marijuana" instead of his own deranged behavior. Extremely easy access to firearms and a severe lack of healthcare are major factors in the greater American society's reasons for gun violence but this moron is completely irresponsible in his self assessment of his monstrous crime.

  24. There it is gun control at 4:56 Right on cue!

  25. he's a nut and should be in an asylum.

  26. Poor kid he should be set free straight away.

  27. Oh HELL NO. We are sick and tired of criminals pointing towards WEED? Other drugs? NO. YOU did this and YOU had a choice. NO help available.


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