Saturday , July 31 2021
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Part of the global financial mess is because of central bankers: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on the economic impact of central bank low-interest rate or negative interest rate policies.

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  1. Zionists own the federal reserve and trump prepare your children for ww3!!!

  2. The Anti-American media so badly hopes for failure and is trying to create it with fake pessimism and speculation.

  3. Capitalism used to be a good idea till they invented compounded interest!

  4. Get rid of the Central Banks!

  5. Think about buying Ethereum, the price is pretty cheap and it is about the upgrade in the next year. It is independent of government or corporate corruption. A new fair international financial system needs to rise from the ashes of the old decadent one.

  6. Right on Target, Stuart Varney !! Central Banking should be abolished here in the U.S. End the Fed !!

  7. Trump has golfed 229 times since being president. That's about 500 million dollars of your money. How is your piggy bank?

  8. Our central bank isn’t ours at all. They are anti-American globalist traitors.

  9. I didn't know there was a global financial mess 🤔

  10. Be careful….every President who tried to end the central bank was assassinated….every single one!

  11. The experience of the rest of the world in lowering central bank interest suggest maybe we shouldn't.

    They are in a deflationary spiral, we're not. Their economies are contacting, ours is growing, strongly.

    Imitating failing economies seems unwise.

  12. Invent fake money like bitcoin did and pay your bills with that. Thats how you pay for things with something with zero value.

  13. A bank should not have control of a countries economy they are a private business and should be detached from the government and the government be on control of its money and a bank should be like a mechanic ot doesnt build the car it just maintains then so should the bank should maintain the moneys not control.

  14. The Federal Reserve will be gon soon. Going good standard.

  15. Just another way for the demorats to get at our country to vote for them. Democrats are liars and thieves. They are manipulators and ruined our country for decades. It's time to vote them out and back into their rathole cities. Then the people of those cities can take care of business, and regain some integrity, get back to a Godly lifestyle and become prosperous again.

  16. Varney said it wrong. In a negative interest rate environment the lender has to pay the borrower to take his money, and that's precisely what the European central bank is forcing on Europe! At first it was only government bonds that went into negative territory, but now Nestle bonds have gone negative too.

  17. The entire system is pegged to a ponzie sxheme owned by a small group of families. The fed. Jfk knew it and wanted it gone.

  18. The TALMUD is the mother of all these "jewish" financial evils!+!

  19. Say it with me Varney : (((central banking system))).

  20. Yeah don’t blame the big bloated baby in the WH. Nothing is ever his fault.

  21. Central banks are THE problem……PERIOD!

  22. I think quantitative easing only works when markets are already working(ie. Not stagnant) and then it also does not work well with too high of an bond interest rate. Because where the cash would get spent getting the market to a higher level, it gets put into bonds…

  23. worldwide economic crisis is just on the horizon….

  24. The entire concept of central banking is corrupt.


  26. By the way, just how much money do you think Obama printed? All the big auto companies got off scot-free all the banks got got off scot-free and the middle class sucked up everything lost their homes and that's why people are on the street. For someone to say that everyone who is homeless is either crazy or a drug addict is simply incorrect. This situation was caused by politicians.

  27. Financial mess? 4 months you've been saying the economy is so strong in the markets are so strong what in the world are you talking about now? Are you simply running out of things to say? This is ridiculous no wonder everything such a yo-yo situation. You people have one thought today and a different thought tomorrow. My thought is very few of you ever been correct when it comes to markets and you should keep your thoughts to yourself they're worthless.

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