Parts of Pakistan without power as national grid suffers breakdown

Traffic lights and computer screens went dark in throughout most of Pakistan after the country was hit by a nationwide power cut due to a major breakdown in its national grid. Pakistan’s Energy Ministry said the breakdown started early Monday and work was underway to revive the system.

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  2. I heard the Pakistan Taliban is or wants to take over. Apparently, they are fighting against government corruption?
    Does anyone from Pakistan know what's going on for sure?

  3. Failed government and their decisions to involve the country like China for their development; but they fooled them and let them to suffer in debt and economic breakdown.

  4. 220 million people without power isn't a small portion. It is nearly the entire country.

  5. need more flex tape. its 30% off now. c'mon dudes

  6. The west actually wants the global south to remain this way – poor colored people, kept in poverty, misery, instability, hunger .. it was all by design – for decades Pakistan was controlled by West using proxies and puppet regimes to spread chaos in the region.

  7. Looks like Texas thanks to Abbott and his political donors

  8. The world must demand a nuclear weapons free Pakistan before giving a penny of aid.

  9. Didn't the same thing happen a couple years ago

  10. Aw, they will be Alright!. "When we repair our Relationship with Allah, He repairs Everything Else For Us" – Quran

  11. Welcome to the reset. Everyone is going to relate soon.

  12. Thank God that government had nuclear weapons.

  13. Just like texass 🤣
    Where's Abbott??

  14. Bhutto said they would rather eat grass. It is high time they put their grass where their mouths are.

  15. Pakistan and California have something in common.

  16. You'd think with all the billions USA gave Pakistan during 20 year war in Afghanistan that Pakistan could have spent the money on power grid maintenance and improvements. Who got all that money?
    Plus the money Osama bin laden was paying Pakistan government to live in Pakistan while American government was paying Pakistan for use of their territory to bring in war materials and to help find Osama bin laden.
    Pakistan was making money from both sides.

  17. need bigger coal plants