#Passenger opens #plane door during #flight

An airplane passenger opened an emergency exit door shortly before the plane landed in #SouthKorea, causing air to blast inside the cabin and slightly injure some on board, officials say.

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  1. I bet those two guys bonded quickly as that death wind rolls in and pushes on them.

  2. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. How did the person who opened it get back to their seat?😂

  4. Were flying up in the sky?? Hmm I wonder what this door is for.. let me just open this here vip section.

  5. Nah we throwing him off the island, and by the island I mean plane

  6. That is attempted murder x how many on flight and never released from custody I matter what. Not to mention the PTSD many will suffer for years..

  7. People Who eat by the exit sign on the plane should go through mental illness assessment.

  8. I bet that guy is Chinese. I lived in China and they are obsessed with getting fresh air. No window or door is safe. Something similar happened a while ago and that was a Chinese person too.

  9. If there was any reason for a genuine "a** kicking" this was it.

  10. Why tf would someone do this…

  11. Should have thrown him out! 😊

  12. People just aren’t thinking anymore…

  13. Someone should have gotten up and pushed him out that door !!

  14. Did someone get his pronouns wrong? 🤔

  15. That person should be banned for life in boarding any airplane. He is cra zy in endangering lives of many people including crews.

  16. I'm still wondering how someone open that door inflight when the cabin is pressurised.

  17. Unidentified??? Why??? Who is this bozo??

  18. This is y they shouldn't legalized weeds, marijuana & other shts for recreational use! This is the effect after legalizing it. Users of those are now psychos.

  19. Passenger behaviour after the Covid 19 lockdown

  20. Imagine the preson next to him not wearing his seat belts

  21. Lol thanks cuz I always wondered lol 😅jk jk

  22. Should of thrown him out 😅

  23. Ban for life in any air transportation. If he wants to travel let him take a ship so he can breath the entire ocean and he can jump anytime he wants.

  24. I wondered if someone would ever be stoopud enough to do that. Im just glad everyone is okay.

  25. Wow that is crazy

  26. Why on Earth would someone open that door during the flight????? 😮

  27. Hope the authorities were waiting for him Glad everyone was reasonably ol.😮🥰😎

  28. Once the plane, had landed and I caught up with my breath. I would've stomped the 💩 out of him…

  29. I thought the pressure made that impossible to open during flight

  30. Somebody wanted some fresh air mid-flight? 😂

  31. The worst thing about this is probably a dozen people watched the person walk over start pulling on the door and open it up and just sat there and didn’t do anything about it if somebody’s messed around on an airplane and you could die from it and you just sit in your seat, and like a sheep you Deserve what you get

  32. Worst nightmare came true

  33. I was once on a flight and an old 85+ year old woman went bay sh*** crazy and tried to open the plane ✈️ exit (she was having a horrible panic attack) but thank fully she just happened to be sitting next to an Indian doctor and the stewards and stewardesses had him use a needle to tranquilizer her 😅 poor old woman….

  34. I’d thrown the person out the door. Wish granted