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Pat Cummins' masterclass: How to bowl the bouncer

Bouncers, bumpers, sniffs – call them what you like, Pat Cummins (and pace partner Mitchell Starc) know a thing or two about bowling them! A terrific insight into the delivery every quick must have in their armoury, courtesy of Direct Hit


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  1. Favourite bowler Cummins 😍😍

  2. What a eyes pat 😍😙😘🔥🙌🙏

  3. ask Jof how to bowl a real bouncer

  4. Jofra archar smiling with hand on his mouth..

  5. I think jofra archer watched this before bowling to smith and lambuschangne

  6. Just hope that other teams don’t watch this!?
    Cuz then they’ll be like
    “Ok Shikhar be careful cuz Cummins is going to bowl 79.4 as a bouncer and 79.5 as a wider and fuller ball”
    Meaning that they would get to know the frequencies of a bouncer through this video lol🤣

  7. For a master class they need to be a master get Jofra archers will show how it is done

  8. Should be interviewing Jofra Archer on how to bowl a perfect bouncer…

  9. Ye whi bacche h strc cum ..jinko kohli nd company ne whi jake pela tha in test

  10. Imagine Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and James Pattinson bowling in tandem in their respective primes. Would be a nightmare for batters all over the world

  11. Cummins is a great bowler but his student is much better

  12. How rich is the bowling …if even starc has to sit outside

  13. Anyone else see that on his right hand his middle finger is smaller than his ring finger

  14. Cummins is no doubt a good bowler but the interviewer is deadly legend….👏👏👏👏💞

  15. i Just Like the Australian Bouncer barrage 😋😋😋

  16. Why is starc asking how to ball a bouncer???

  17. He is much slower compared to what he was at the start of his intentional career I wonder if he still was bowling 145-150 consistently like he use to do at the start how bad conditions batsmen would be in that scenario!

  18. Pat Cummins Is The Hero 1st Asher 2019
    Are You Agree
    From Pakistan

  19. He is one of my favourite bowlers!

  20. Sterc is masterclass of yorker
    Cummins is masterclass of bouncer

  21. In India we have bowlers like I sharma , U Yadav but unfortunately they can’t deliver perfect bouncer like #pat & starc

  22. I would like to see these fast bowlers in all formats starc cummins hazlewood pattinson

  23. I think he had learned the bouncers from lillee

  24. Cummins looks like Italian gangster

  25. How to ball leg spin bowlling tips and tricks

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