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Patient dies from severe respiratory illness, possibly from vaping

An Illinois patient died from a respiratory illness that could have been caused from using e-cigarettes and/or vaping.


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  1. I knew it long time worst than tobacco

  2. I went to a Vape store with my roommate because he Vaped… The air in the building was SO thick with smoke I couldn’t breathe properly and I had to leave….. Fucking DISGUSTING

  3. NEJM just dropped the research for those cases, it seems it was true.

  4. I have been vaping for about 9 months and just in the past week started having chest pain, shortness of breath and heart pulsating rapidly after taking a few hits. I use regular vape oil sold in a vape store. Male age 38.

  5. Correlation is not causation

  6. Fuckin got up today and now 5 people die get the fuck out of here they must be gettin fake dabs or dmt pens or have underline prob i seen the 70 year old (die from vapein) but used to smok and had lu g probs an i seen a young fat kid smokin a dab pen and bug out and say he cant breath but blame it on vapin not the mc d's ur fat ass jus eat at if u dont wanna take care of urself dont point fingers when ur sick iv bin vapein for years and bin fine i do make my own juice cant jus smok anything u find at the gas stations kids

  7. I don’t think people realize the fact that most people already know traditional cigarettes are bad for you. You guys are trying to excuse the fact that oh my god VAPING IS BAD FOR YOU. It’s literally just like a cigarette. Here’s my opinion we can agree to disagree: vaping should only be used for people who already smoke. It does help some people who already smoke, that does not mean it’s healthy. It’s an alternative. Stop trying to make it seem like anything better because it’s not.

  8. Whos vaping while watching?

  9. I bought some marijuana at a legal dispensary in California. I immediately fell ill after smoking a little. I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia symptoms caused by an unknown lung infection in July last year. I knew the weed did it because I felt it when I smoked it. It was high dollar, pre-packaged pot, but I think they added something to it like oil to make it stickier and possibly heavier. Maybe even to enhance the flavor. I missed a months work and thought I was going to die. I now have 14 months without pot. There's no telling what manufacturers use in these kinds of products.

  10. Nigga looks like he’d pay 45 for a wax cartridge makes sense

  11. OH CUT THE BULLSHIT!  You Bastards KNEW VAPING  {or whatever the hell it's Called} Was harmful!  {if really at all!}, there are Millions of Vapers {Without Symptoms} and till this day still no issues!  ..Therefore with all these youths "Experimenting" with sniffing GLUES, Paint thinners and other Toxins to get that good STONE!  {so to speak}, more likely have experimented with VAPING those chemicals as well!  So SKREW you with all your "Technicalities" Excuses and other protective-Scapegoats!

  12. In other news, 500k humans dying from smoking cigarettes and 2nd smoking and the chemicals in the air from automotive exhaust and factories all over the world we inhale can lead to an unhealthy…………

    ABC: CUT CUT CUT…No that’s not important… read the prompter just read the prompter Mr. Anchor…..

  13. 1 death in over a decade of Vaping products being consumed. Statistically this proves that this is the safest product on the market! Plastic Bags have claimed more victims. Besides they conveniently won't give any more details about all the other factors surrounding this person's illness.

  14. People putting dope and that e-cigarettes and smoking it that's what it is stop saying e-cigarettes regular e-cigarettes Doza dope cigarettes

  15. Interesting how they've got a whole video of him being so sick in the hospital, with fake coughing and all… I call it "an actor wanna be" 😉😂

  16. something is really fishy about his story, people have been vaping for years and years and are healthy, all of the sudden all these deaths "from vaping", than they also mention lot of these people have been vaping some marijuana substances or cannabis oil, and no one thinks of connecting it to that and possibly some bad batch, instead they attack vaping in general… just strange…

  17. Bullshit. What TYPE of lipoid pneumonia was it? What SPECIFIC juice was he using? This would have happened to so many people by now it's not even funny. This is a VERY RARE thing to occur. I want to know what type it was and no one has the answer for me.

  18. The smoke molecules from traditional combustible products is large and doesn't penetrate deep into the bronchioles. The vapor molecules are much much smaller and penetrate much deeper into the lungs. I know people who've smoked for decades have strong coughing fits when vaping simply because it is reaching areas in their lungs that smoke can't reach.

  19. Gotta love the beauty in natural selection 😂😂

  20. Is there any cases where these people are getting better?

  21. The big 5 media networks really aren't shit but corporate and military propaganda tools. Shaping American opinions to support corporate or military Agendas. We really truly cant trust them. They are always talking about the danger of e cigs and I cant help but wonder if the tobacco companies are using them to scare people away from the competition. They don't talk about the dangers of smoking regular cigs hardly ever and around 56 people die an hour from those. What's up with that?

  22. Tobacco company sponsored this clip…notice they said possibly died…more fake media

  23. You absorb 90% of nicotine in your mouth you dont have to inhale.

  24. So true tho . I was feeling like it kinda constricted my lungs .been vaping since the first generation vape stick. When it first came out in early 2000s. I feel alot.better now.since I.quit. it's not bad for u but. It does kinda constrict your lungs hence fucking up your breathing.

  25. 1 mensch stirbt an vaping Millionen an tabak

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