Saturday , October 16 2021
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Patient In Elizabeth Holmes Case Testifies About Incorrect Blood Test

A patient of the now-shuttered Theranos testified that the company’s blood test incorrectly told her she had a miscarriage. NBC News’ Jacob Ward has the latest updates in the Elizabeth Holmes trial.

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  1. Pure absolute liar and criminal.

  2. Elizabeth Holmes holds a Guinness world record for woman with the deepest voice. Its been tested but the technology is iffy.

  3. Fraud but imagine someone believes in her again 😳

  4. She is a completely disgusting utter liar

  5. That fake voice of hers sounds so ridiculous and it is quite obvious it takes a bit of effort She’s nothing but a scammer

  6. She’s nothing but a scam artist.

  7. I hate her deep voice. She should stick with her normal voice.

  8. Elizabeth Holmes announced today that Theranos has developed a device called a Tricorder. It is a small device and can be used during intergalactic space travel to analyze environmental conditions on alien planets and administer climate change control measures as needed.
    She later confirmed that Walgreens has agreed to install Tricorders in all its pharmacies.

  9. “I feel devastated that the press caught and exposed this news faster than I could shut them up …..”

  10. The liberal media and NBC covered & supported this criminal year's ago and now they "shocked" that it was all a ruse…pfft

  11. First they think you're crazy, then they fight you, and then all of a sudden you go to jail.

  12. Being in an abusive relationship is no excuse for knowingly harming or putting other people in danger for profit.

  13. According to Beth, the buck stops with my lover Sunny. "I was his victim."

  14. just another psychopath nothing more

    the problem is the real psychopaths never catch them because they already have too much money


  16. they are clearly over looking how much military equipment has been left there. |

  17. Well, why’d people vote for senile Biden, their woke religion required it! |

  18. I wonder how holmes feels about ABORTION! The little girls that are aborted cannot grow up.

  19. ana arriola, the designer of the iPhone, quit Theranos bc elizabeth told her to ignore the fact that they were testing cancer patients with their faulty devices. if that isn't slam dunk evidence that holmes knew she was committing fraud, then idk what is.

  20. Liz: “I feel devastated that we did not catch and fix these issues faster.”

    Which issue was that Liz? The issue that you knew you never had any new technology, but told everyone you did so you could take their money? How would you go back and fix that issue?

  21. The people on the board of Theranos were old white men who were bureaucratic politicians with arts major degrees with name recognition. They were old men seduced by a young woman who stroked their egos, among other things.

  22. "Failure is not a crime" – but this is the US and the country always likes to point the finger and call people 'losers'
    It will be interesting to see how the actual legal arguments play out and what evidence of fraud is presented.
    But going early with witness testimony claims to have been harmed before establishing liability is odd.
    Those type of witnesses should come at the end or as part of sentencing or assessing damages.

    This could have ramifications for all future go-fund me products as at the moment there is little protection for investors of 'junk' technology that could never do what the people asking for money say it can who then disappear with the money and say it all got burned up in R&D.

  23. The American for profit medical industry is creating these fraud scams. Claiming I was a victim of an abusive man is just so typical and should be rejected outright.

  24. looks like someone already got the Jumanji board game out – waiting for covid accounts to add up

  25. Is it her natural voice? Sounds robotic.

  26. It’s amazing how greed can overcome common sense in people. A nineteen year old college dropout without prior medical experience comes up with a revolutionary blood testing unit that’s smaller than a suitcase to do testing that took a whole laboratory to do. It’s like a fraudster selling the “Brooklyn Bridge” to rich stupid people. She was the typical “Snake Oil Saleswomen”. The “Snake Oil” was sold as being able to cure every illness. The “Snake Oil” would taste terrible, but it contained a small amount of narcotic. The foul taste conformed to the buyer’s perception that medicine should taste bad, and the narcotic dulled his pain; so therefore it must be working. She assembled small units that had known blood testing devices installed that worked to a small degree, but they were not very accurate or were repeatable in their results. She used old white men with name recognition without any technical background to push her “Snake Oil” blood test units. She kept her technical staff isolated from each other, so no one could see the big picture; they just worked on small parts to assemble or program the device.

  27. Lmao. Bad hair day or what?

  28. is she still doing the deep voice thing

  29. …….😯. I did not expect that thirteen year old boys voice to come out of her mouth…..

  30. All these distractions from the fbi to distract that the fbi rapes kids

  31. Medicine in the USSR was free and effective. Of course, there are disadvantages. The level of modern medicine is much higher, but we also had talented doctors and everyone could get help in any village.

  32. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  33. George's Joke

    His name was Mr Robert Stroud. Most of New York City knew him as the reclusive Big Bird of Alcatraz Prison.

    He was called Big Bird because he kept carrier pigeons as a hobby in his prison cell.

    He had 30 pigeons in that cell so the Warden said he could make a cage out of the top bunk.

    30:1 ratio equals a Big Bird

    Sometimes the birds drank from a fountain in Central Park just near the grey stones of Park Avenue;)

    What the Warden didn't know was that he was like a male version of Mary Queen of Scots.

    He sent secret messages by carrier pigeons to a stock broker in the Empire State Building named Mr Milton Drysdale.

    One day the Big Bird had a bad feeling about the Empire State Building and sent Milton a secret message.

    'There's more than one Big Bird, Milton.' The Big Bird said.

    That day Milton heeded the warning and left the Empire State Building early.

    Milton was in a cafe down the road from the building that King Kong climbed in the movie of the same name starring Vivien Leigh. Suddenly, a B29 bomber slammed into the building.

    The pilot survived. His name was George:)

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