Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker calls news station with chilling message

David DePape, the man seen in the recently released body cam video showing the violent attack on Paul Pelosi, is publicly speaking out for the first time since his arrest. According to KTVU, DePape called their reporter, who had reached out to him months ago, from the San Francisco County Jail. NBC News’ Dana Griffin shares details of the bizarre phone call.

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  1. Man, I wish Nancy was there too. More DePapes needed.

  2. We are welcome? Well, in the jail his a*s will be welcomed. No matter what political stand this guy holds, he surely committed a crime.

  3. if that dude gets off our Judicial system is totally fuxed up!

  4. This all makes no sense…both holding a hammer while in underwear…

  5. Yeah that was a scheme just to get votes! Nobody is going to hit somebody with a hammer just chilling that calm

  6. He can only plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

  7. Why are they both smiling

  8. Cop: Hey man, what is going on right now!? While the victim tries to hold the aggressor's hand holding a hammer!. what if it was a black dude…. forget about it! whole different story! they would've shot and then ask questions later.

  9. They’re saying Paul couldn’t grip the hammer, it was greasy

  10. NOT GUILTY…….Its about time these elitists experience what the average citizens go through on a daily basis.

    So now the democrats are for holding a perp without bail ? Is it because, the perp is white, because he attacked a white guy or just because the Pelosis and other politicans are valued more ???

  11. I wonder what the treatment would be if he was black I will tell you what would happen if he was black. Tyre Nichols thats what would happen if he was black

  12. Double standard when dealing with ANGLOS.
    If the intruder had been black most likely he’ll be 6ft underground.

  13. Just like Trump and his cult they project their own evil onto innocent defenseless others who don't have a weapon handy to defend themselves.

  14. Put him away forever. See how he likes that.

  15. Looks pathetically staged and fake like Congress is!

  16. Better acting than what comes out of Hollywood these days. Could be an Oscar nominee.

  17. DePappe sounds and looks like a legit psychopath

  18. Maybe get a freakin semi automatic pistol! 😅😮😊

  19. Full-time prison for as long as the Pelosi’s live.

  20. Bro.. drop the drink!!! Why not show more video also? Sketchhhhyyyyyy

  21. Honestly these politicians and judges kinda deserve this…I don't have much sympathy for them.

  22. Anyone with that kind of anger needs to be put down
    and yes I do not support Pelosi politically
    The justice system in north america all across this continent is useless
    Canada especially

  23. Thank you sir for your bravery

  24. Trump responded to the video, and still doesn't accept responsibility that his conspiracies and hatespeech are what caused it. Donald Trump and his supporters are to blame. Just says it's "Not Good" Trump needs to burn for this.

  25. Didn't NBC suspended their reporter for reporting the truth on the incident? You gonna talk about him at all?

  26. This is what the far right looks like…

  27. Why does the video begin with the Door already open? Why aren't they showing the complete Police video? Probably because Pelosi opened the door and if he felt he was in danger why didn't he just exit the home when he opened it?

  28. He assaulted Paul Pelosi, yes, we saw that and so did the defense attorney.

  29. Why aren’t the Democrats rioting and burning down the city? Those cops were very brutal with the burglar!

  30. This should be a commercial for San Francisco, “Come to San Francisco, the sanctuary State”

  31. Please warn viewers that you're going to loop violent video of the attack!

  32. Shoot the hand holding the hammer..

  33. Why didn't he get shot when he refused to drop the hammer??

  34. Oh, so the doj are Trumpers😳

  35. It's just you were caught in red-handed.