Paul Whelan’s Sister Reacts To Brittney Griner’s Release From Russian Custody

While Brittney Griner returned to the U.S. after a prisoner swap with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, U.S. citizen Paul Whelan remains in a Russian prison having is been accused of spying for the U.S. Paul Whelan’s sister, Elizabeth Whelan, joins News NOW to share her reacting to Griner’s release and where negotiations for her brother’s release stand now. 

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  1. Don't go to Russia if u are famous… they will keep u for another trade

  2. NBC retracted, and their new story looks better for Biden…… they always do, toe the line NBC!

  3. Let's call a spade a spade. Biden made a terrible deal. Arms Dealer for Basket Ball Player

  4. 👑🙏🏽 Set them free in Jesus Christ name

  5. That Britney dude should be back where he was.. because of his skin color he got privilege. Exchange.. he looks like a dude talks like a dude it's a dude

  6. We have no Russians left to trade… we traded a cap gun for an ICBM

  7. Welcome home 🏠 There's a fat blunt waiting for her

  8. We’re any sanctions lifted that the people don’t know about..?

  9. Im laughing at the American administration it is a joke over there you guys bringing down a great country

  10. It’s almost like they (relevant people), will keep this going for the theatrical effect.. it’s obvious the negotiation was done by someone as smart as trump.. well done idiots.
    The world is laughing

  11. Hopefully the criminal to Russian basketball player donates .00001% of her income to Biden and his administration. Great job now good luck 2024 Biden and democrats, by taking a basketball player who has no respect for the US home

  12. Sorry, but spies should know the risk. He's also NOT a Marine–he was kicked out.

  13. Nothing less than a pathetic political stunt…follow the of the particular facts-background of each of these parties'll discover the real motive, their dubious agenda.

  14. What the president done was wrong this woman went over there and committed a crime she deserved to be in jail he's over there in jail because he's serving his country you leave him there to rot in jail and you bring home a basketball player who committed a crime drug trafficking this country and the president are full of s***

  15. lol paul isn't rich so his shot of getting out is 0%

  16. So sorry to the Whelan Family for not getting their son, brother, uncle, etc. back!!! It's so sad that we have the STUPIDEST PRESIDENT EVER in office that does nothing right but screws up EVERYTHING!!!

  17. This is setting a very bad precendece for the rest of the world to kidnap americans knowing were making bad deals like this one.

  18. Paul's criminal behavior was EXTENSIVELY greater than Brittney's. Do your research, I'm just not surprised.

  19. Can't wait for Brittany to return to Twitter. His comment section will be an absolute dumpster fire of comedy

  20. From the news reports in behind the scenes with Russian prisoner Paul Whelan – he was kicked out of the Marines and was writing fraudulent personal checks (did it 3 times) and he badmouthed the U.S. and he holds 3 different country citizenship, meaning it was likely he is shopping around for a place that would please him to live in. As far as the prisoner exchange being fair … it is a standard with the military that women and children are rescued first, and men last. So get over Fox Fake News and only an opinion show because you are too cheap to pay for an investigative reporting team to get the license to tell the news so you only pay for an opinion license which is far cheaper and you do not have to qualify your opinions. Unfortunately, you do not let your viewers know this, even during the Pandemic, that you are not qualified to tell anyone anything and that you are as useless as the next-door gossip who makes things up for a kick. You killed a lot of people who thought your opinion was qualified and they went out before the vaccine was developed and drank at their favorite bar and ate at their favorite restaurants with their family and friends, only to infect themselves and others and many died who were in the retirement age group of 62 to 70, thanks to Fox Fake News' disguising themselves as a news station instead of being only an opinion show with a cheap license to tell the world your opinions, which is worthless. Just like the left-wing talk show, "The View"you get only opinions and no qualified facts and no one believes anything they hear from the mouths of the host and her panel because we all know they are only allowed to give their opinions because they only have a license to tell opinions to the world. You must go to mainstream networks and newspapers to get the qualified news that investigative reporters working for them have verified as true, before they can give the news to their news hosts in the broadcast studios to then put on the air. If they do not, the network gets fined for telling false news and within days, the network can be closed.

    All of these people who are complaining about a woman saved over a thieving Marine that got dumped by the Marine command for passing fake checks need to get their facts straight and reevaluate who really was worthy of release. Also, in America, between woman hostages and men hostages, only woman are first for rescue, and the man waits for his chance that he will be next. However, if the man finds another woman becomes a hostage and needs rescue, the man will have to wait again. The only man that gets equal consideration for released when being a hostage is an elderly man to a younger woman, but in 9 times out of 10, it will be the woman that gets released first. Men are expendable because they can not carry a live birth which replaces a country's military personnel that die or pass from old age. Women now can conceive with a sperm bank donation and do not need a physical man to impregnant them but men can not conceive at all so therefore to the military a sperm is not valued over the life of a womb. And that is a FACT.

  21. They're absolutely is a sense of pride when an American is released from a foreign prison. I don't agree with Britney on much politically but I'm glad she went home. Having said that I have a question, why do they keep calling it wrongful detention? She broke the country's law, this is not her first time in Russia she knew the laws. She chose to break the law. How is it wrongful?

  22. Celebrity privilege. That's what this is all about. Brittany is a celebrity, Paul is not. Hang tough, Marine. Semper Fi. Shame on our so-called leaders.

  23. The trade wasn't about Paul Whelan, it was about Brittany Griner!!!

  24. 99.99% of America was again griner coming back to America, how on earth this crap deal transaction happened..

  25. I heard he got kicked out the military!!!

  26. All of these Americans going to Russia seeking their god (money) are aware of Russia's penchant to kidnap people for political gain that get caught up in these misadventures should seek another God. If you go to Russia you might not be able to leave without WW3.

  27. I think Paul and Brittany should have both been released but even if Brittany was not there , Russia wasn't giving up Paul for the arms dealer..