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Pelosi announces Trump impeachment inquiry l ABC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described “the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office” in announcing the formal impeachment inquiry.

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  1. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when hunter and joes theft of 1.8 billion of tax dollars comes out in their attempt to take out trump….

    ……….for the love of god TRUMP 2020………..

  2. Anyone got 2 bitches and a palm tree?

  3. Pelosi is such a Drug Addict!
    So Obvious!
    Pain Pill Nancy!

  4. God Bless our President Donald Trump.

  5. The former press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got out just in time…didnt she? Boy, I would have love to see her "spin" this one.

  6. $ReedmoneyTeam cash app us a $1.50 for impeachment or 1.00 he will get way with it

  7. this country is ruined not only by the Dumdocrats but also by all you liberal jackass faggots that voted for them

  8. dems are fucking desperate. i will NEVER be a dem ever again.

  9. This was expected…. we the people hired an outsider… poor politicians well never learn and I'm not just saying democrats or republicans….. TRUMP 2020…:-)

  10. SOOOOO, you all realize this a movie youre watching..

  11. The democrats have been monitoring and digging into every piece of shit that President Trump dropped. They are ended up with sniping the stink themselves.

  12. What have they been doing for the last 3 years, a dry run?

  13. Demorats know they cant beat trump at the polls..

  14. Can my comment have some likes plz

  15. Put those Parties in the U.S. Congress as CHARGED in committing Conspiracy to Topple the Duly Elected President of the United States of America. America s under the State of National Emergency and they must be charged with violation of Treason, Sedition, Mutiny, Gross and Wanton Disrespect against the duly elected President, Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, Libel and Slander, Making False and Official Accusations, Failure to pay homage and Allegiance to the HIghly Respected Office of the Presidency, Cupable Violation of the Constitution,Obstruction of Justice, Creating Hatred and Discontent amongst Americans and America, Bittterness and Non Chalant in Conspiring to Topple the Head of State. Defrauding the U.S. Government for using GOvernment Paid and salaried facilities in defauding the Americans and the Taxpayers…Violation of the Standard of Conduct for such mischievous acts …Undr the Law, their Misbehavior are reprehensibe and they must be placed under th General Court Martial and be punished by Death for such HIGH CRIMES against America, and the Duly Elected President of the U.S.A…the attorney general office, the JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF OF THE JOINT ARMED FORCES HAVE THE POWER AND JURIDICTION TO TRY AND PLACED ALL THESE CULPRITS AND CRIMINALS AND THEY MUST ALL BE ARRESTED AND GIVEN DUE PROCESS OF LAW…THE SECRETARY OF HOMELAND DEFENSE CAN ALSO LEVIED CHARGES ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR BEING THREATS TO NATIONAl SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA..SO HELP US GOD! BY: DOC REYES FOR U.S. SENATOR (R) HAWAII USA 2020!..

  16. If you want to know who is behind this recent "Russia Gate" debacle, is only takes three letters to determine precisely who. Can you spell, "C-I-A"?? What recent politician just said, "the CIA has more ways of taking you down than you have ever dreamt of"??

  17. I thought it was PEPSI who announced the impeachment!

  18. Impeachment? Wow Demon possession is becoming rampant!
    A bit too much to drink Nancy?

  19. Pelosi U Disgust Me..🖕🏻😬
    Sore Loooosers..!!!!
    What Next..? Anylize President Trumps Poo..💩..?.Its All Disgraceful .!! This Is Why A Female Will Never Be President Of
    The USA.Non Stop Made Up Drama.!.Now All Of A Sudden We
    Hear Some Peeps From Hillary (the Pear.).Its Like A Bunch Of Elderly Wealthy Vaginas Having
    A Last Hurrah.Shamelless..😏🖕🏻.
    President Trump Will Always Be
    The 45th President In History Books.These Worthless Sore Loser
    Females Will Be Like Farts In The
    Wind.🙄😟😁Smell Like Hell For A
    Short Time ,Than Forgotten. 💩

  20. The dogs in war .that's enough

  21. Fuck Trump and all the dumb ignorant fucks that support this piece of shit

  22. It's going to be fun to watch this blow up in the Democrats' faces, just like everything else.

  23. How many time corrupted DemocRats and Fake News tried to impeach the President.
    It will never happened . Trump to 2024 .

  24. Nothing is going to happen

  25. you want truth, i'll give you truth… it is…….trump makes money from being in office, members of congress, the senate, the house the president's cabinet used to be the ones to do that, but this president makes money as other presidents have done as well, but he is only doing whatever it takes to bring in cold cash. the vegas shootings brought in 65 million in put option money from trump knowing how properties that are failing can be good for immediate cash, the presidency itself?, it itself can bring in money, almost every president has done it lately, almost get impeached, get the impeachment hearings either almost there or even actively going…..meanwhile the party has raised money because of it as the republican party which has been reported to have pulled in 15 million from it. its the only sure bet, anyone on capitol hill into this jive way of money making on the American people and its the American people themselves who capitol hill has their main concern as to who really is the enemy…..the people we americans think cannot be thought of as the enemy, we ourselves. its obsolete, never can it be known, but it lives.

  26. Hearsay thats going nowhere! Keeping America Great 2020 Some peoples kids Joe

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