Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Pelosi Delivers Remarks As House Debates Second Impeachment Of President Trump | NBC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened debate for the second impeachment of President Trump for inciting the Capitol riot, saying the president posed a “clear and present danger” to the country. She called those who stormed the Capitol “domestic terrorists” and urged the Congress to act.
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Pelosi Delivers Remarks As House Debates Second Impeachment Of President Trump | NBC News


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  1. She needs to swap her mask for a muzzle.

  2. Twisting scripture to fit your agenda….yeah you're not going to like what you have sown.

  3. Every parent needs to buy a board game and win to your child in a respectful positive experience of a way . Please!

  4. I don’t want a negative president.

  5. The democrat party still the election.
    .fake news…

  6. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The Government will one day be corrupt and
    filled with liars, and the people will flock to the one who tells the
    truth”. Is it amazing the Thomas Jefferson president of the United
    States would be talking about Donald J Trump someday.

  7. Thank you Nancy🌹 🙏

  8. Take out Mconnell and Pelosi I’m sick and tired of them. They should be in a nursing home.

  9. This lady is a monster 💀👹👿☠️

  10. Mask, clone, drunk AI ?? Swallowwell's expressions are priceless.

  11. The terrorists abide in this chamber voting consistently to fund an ever growing war machine – a war machine that drops a bomb in one of seven foreign countries each and every 20 minutes. The true terrorists are all dressed and made up and handed speeches to regurgitate and continue the power based narratives that are doomed to fail.

  12. Forget impeachment, forget the 25th amendment. A president who directs an angry mob to “ go down Pennsylvania ave, I’ll be with you, and fight harder” and storm the US Capitol building is guilty of TREASON. Every American should contact their rep in Congress and have this man charged, arrested and jailed.

  13. Don't you guys know? From the signs? This is a communist coup. Hitler and Stalin especially, took over the same way. They silenced his opponents . These guys , these elected officials where all born with silver spoons. They only care about saving themselves now. They're afraid. They don't know how to actually defend you, that guy is leaving office, our last hope. It's over. Now we will get what we deserve with Biden/Harris. True patriots are better off dead. Now you get to watch your rights slowly get chipped away except at a much faster rate than in the past. When covid hit New York 8 Mo. ago, they were putting non-covid patients in with covid patients at New York city hospitals and were paid $40,000 by the state for every covid case. Think maybe this was speed up and ensure the epidemic in the U.S. to generate the fear and to hopefully use it against Trump? Think Cuomo and De Blasio might to that as a means for an end if there was dirt to be found on prominent members of the Democratic Party? If you don't think so, you don't know the Democrats but pay close attention to news other than Trump, MSNBC and CNN won't give it to you. Just go outside those two and have faith in what I'm saying to you. I'm so sure of this that in 4 years you will wish trump would be back.

  14. “there will be blood in the streets” – Loretta Lynch
    “Who says protests have to be peaceful “ – Chris Cuomo
    “There needs to be unrest in the streets” – Ayanna Pressley
    “Protesters should not give up” – Kamala Harris
    “ I just don’t know why they aren’t uprising all over this country “ – Nancy Pelosi
    “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome “ Maxine W”
    “Go home with love and peace, remember this day forever “ – Donald J Trump

  15. I want to hear nothing but truth. But for some reason I feel your hiding something and you're scared . THAT'S THE REAL REASON FOR THE IMPEACHMENT!

  16. If you want to see Pelosi's vision for America look at its district in California: a destitute, 3rd-world dung heap.

  17. A court hearing for a speeding ticket has a greater look at and consideration of the facts, than impeachment of the president of the US now a days. There was a time where impeachment was a big deal and the facts were considered in depth.

  18. I hope you have the Trump card. Drain the swamp. Put those ,,,,, in prison. I don’t care if google tags me! Mr Trump had one agenda. Us

  19. God bless Trump. A true patriot that was attacked for 4 years. Mr President, I’m looking for a job! Working for you! So proud of you Boss. You are a true patriot

  20. Pelosi isn’t really that smart.

  21. Gov approval ratings is 18%. Trump 49% and will rise once Biden keeps screwing over the American ppl. Why would it cost $130 billion to open schools? Money in politicians pockets. Waste of money. Same crap. Different day

  22. Pelosi escorted out of Chambers afterwards by US Marshal.

  23. Trump is a threat not to America's democracy but to its security.

    He should be out of office as soon as possible for safety of US.

    He should be banned from participating in election of 2024.

    It is sifnificant that 10 Republicans voted in favour of impeachment. America's democracy is world's strongest democracy and it must be protected. The democratic institutions are capable to achieve it.

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    Amena Institute of Islamic Studies & Analysis
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  24. Where are her precious pronouns when speaking about herself and family?

  25. Shame on America to have such a moron in Congress.

  26. 🆘Don’t feel sorry for filthy rich $$ career democrat politician Nancy Pelosi. $120 to $140 estimated net worth. Liberal Democrat  Nancy Pelosi is the only woman in American history to serve as speaker until the election of Kamala Harris. She was the highest-ranked female elected official in United States history. As of 2020 democrat Nancy Pelosi networth estimated at about $120 to $140 million. Pelosi salary as Speaker is $223,500 yearly. My question is how do you accumulate a net worth of $120-$140 million as a career politician like Nancy Pelosi has been for most of her life. Politicians get in Washington DC and become filthy $rich$ like Pelosi turn my stomach. Remember President Trump donated his presidential salary every single year as President. I wonder if Pelosi would consider doing that her final year or two as speaker; because she will never get to be speaker again. There is a good chance she could die in office she’s 81 and she doesn’t look too be in the best of health. With all her money I don’t know why she doesn’t retire.

  27. @4;20 "Hey Nancy dumb dumb" then stand up for the "RIGHTS TO BEAR ARMS"

  28. I'm afraid that if she (wait, she said we can't use "she" anymore), comrade, doesn't change 180 degrees soon, there's a good chance the comrade will go to a place, where it will have no power, no money, no legacy and no love. Wonder who the comrade will blame for that?

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