Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Pelosi, House Dems unveil 'College Affordability Act'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Reps. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), Mark Takano (D-Calif.), Jahana Hayes (D-Conn.) and Susan Davis (D-Calif.) hold a news conference to unveil the “College Affordability Act”.

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  1. Brainwashing footed by the taxpayer…..the answer is NO!

  2. The witch will go down in history as a traitor with her demon friends and will regret what they are doing by destroying the U.S.👺👺

  3. Everyone with a college degree knows it isn't worth what it used to be and there's still miserable levels of competition even with that credential. The problem is there aren't enough good jobs left since the politicians and companies sold us out to China. And the employers keep changing the game whenever people get the unrealistic entry requirement they demand. Back when most people had experience but no degree, the employers claimed they needed university graduates. Then when a lot of people went to college, the employers said they valued experience more and required internships. And those who don't have the degree don't know this and are easily tricked into thinking college is all that separates them from success, but it isn't that easy. The Left just wants to push as many people as long as possible into its college indoctrination system. They're not teaching you what you need to know on the practical-level for a profession in college but instead they profess useless political, social, and academic propaganda to profiteer off the students, their human capital. Instead of wasting our time and money in political and social indoctrination busy-work programs in the school system, the politicians should be compelling employers to train people on the job for pay and to lower entry-level requirements to be reasonable. Nobody learned how to work a fork lift, assembly line, or cash register in a high school or college class, yet we got along fine before the tech boom when employers merely wanted high school grads without a criminal record and they would occasionally take a chance on someone with lower credentials than they wanted. So why can't they suck it up and do the same with the new tech and train on the job? You don't need to know how to code or repair a corrupted registry to practically work a computer, so surely operating this new tech does not require the endless education this racket claims it does. The employers, colleges, and politicians created the skills gap because they're profiteering off the endless crisis loop they've got common people under, deceiving and defrauding us. It should not be so difficult and convoluted to make a modest and secure living in this country of all countries, and we shouldn't have to keep reinventing ourselves and starting over again and again. We did our part. It's time the politicians, employers, and elites did theirs!

  4. Never happen just more promising more lies

  5. If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it. That is the democrat mentality.

  6. Drop the IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY or face CIVIL WAR 2! 🇺🇸😡🖕🗡🛡🏹⚔⚒

  7. Little late,who cares about nancy

  8. Never pass the Senate, or VETO! Democrats always find a way into everyone's pocket. Useless legislation just like a just society, the green new moron deal and equality act. Do some legislation that means something to the American taxpayers.

  9. Why is this insane woman killing the USMCA? Do your job👊💥💯

  10. Then why is every left leaning college raising tuition? For decades!

    Pelosi makes zero sense.

  11. Sure that won't fix anything

  12. She's a joke. Always been.

  13. The corruption democrats and pelosi have created should make us revise and very seriously verify what is behind whatever they are trying to do inside government.

  14. How about low income Asian Americans???

  15. Another Money Maker to pad her bank account

  16. Free educations for AMERICANS. For the people. and farmers, teachers, and first responders children

  17. Higher Education should be free, not "affordable". The $80 billion/year budget increase approved for the DoD would pay for that.

  18. Nothing to worry folks, billionaire Betsy Devos will not let this pass ! 👏
    Of course, who in their right minds would want college to be affordable, right ? 😂

  19. All sides of the debate can be heard…..she must not have been talking about the 3 committees holding impeachment inquiry testimony. So this bill hasn't even been marked up, just another propaganda session.

  20. I can’t even watch this hag anymore. She acts like citizens are morons. We all know that our children and grandchildren will eventually pay for it!!

  21. Someone give me a synopsis. How much are the lunatics going to try to steal from me for their snot nosed brat youth votes?

  22. The entire Democrat party must be jailed forever and then abolished and replaced with a new and better party

  23. Learn skills and stay away from propaganda based college!
    If you go to college pay for it yourself!!!

  24. How about they unveil their apology for being lying scumbags, instead?

  25. Sure, make it look like you’re actually doing something.. hahaha

    Just smoke and mirrors of course. Such a pathetic party, glad I found out quickly after graduating from my college indoctoring.

  26. Lol…the Dems want easier access to leftist brainwashing or just make it cheaper.

  27. I can’t stand the fakenessity of Pelosi and her crew.
    Vote them out, keep Trump in.

  28. Each day I get older my parents get wiser best advice ever but you dumb down adults you dumb down the next generation

  29. Where is the help for adults who guide our youth help get our youth ahead in better situations how about this better parents better kids

  30. OK, how much are our taxes going to raise so the little children can go to college and riot?

  31. I have went to school paid out of pocket I work pay for all I have done so how does this help me other than higher taxes so I can't at 41 improve my education who I am a big tax paying citizen because I have a good trade job

  32. Colleges are run by Dems and Socialists. Dems call schools too expensive and want to give more grant money. Why don’t Dems just lower tuition? They run it all. If it is not about cronyism or money redistribution from one set of Dems to another, then lower tuitions. The truth is they are creating programs to take money from earners to give to their supporters at Dem run colleges. And, conveniently all of this money is taxable. This furthers the student debt crisis.

  33. Oh she can still read? Maybe she should go back and read the transcript. Did the word Fairness come out of her mouth lol HYPOCRITE

  34. I am 41 dad died when I was 13 went to work save our farm built myself up so can I go to school free I have paid my taxes for decades paid for poor down troden and elders immigrants with every dollar I made so can I go to school free peel grant cause if when I was 13 when my dad died if I hadn't joined the work force my family farm our family lively hood would have died with my dads passing

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