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Pelosi puts Trump on notice, California to cut power to fight fires, China presses NBA | ABC News

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  1. Don’t forget ABC to tell everyone about your Fake Syrian war video that you got busted trying to pass off as today’s news. More proof that you are FAKE NEWS yet again. We are fact checking you liars now! How’s that feel!

  2. Pelosi ain’t the president Trump Can declare a state of emergency and take over the power co. With the Army core of engineers! And we can search for all your missing FEMA money too! That ABC won’t report on!

  3. Jimmy Drake for California Governor local man, husband, brother, father, union steward, and constitutionalist. A small town man with small business at heart. I will continue to fight evil and fight for the people to bring back justice to the people. Please spread the word and share.

  4. Why Pelosi should be removed from office ASAP.
    “You need to vote for the Democrats otherwise the illegal aliens will lose their rights”! ~ Nancy Pelosi……2019. More proof she is insane or senile or both.

  5. Why I say Nancy Pelosi is poor excuse for a Catholic in her own sick words. "You don't need God anymore; you have us Democrats." ~ Nancy Pelosi (Quoted in 2006)

  6. Isn't pelosi dead yet ?… she needs to be put on NOTICE !

  7. Pelosi can't put herself on notice. Alcoholic idiot.

  8. 🇺🇸Trump2020🇺🇸 down with Nancy Pelosi & all who pick her side in power 🔊🎼🥁

  9. Fancy Pantsy Nancy Pimp Pelosi, building a railroad
    line. A one-way railroad line. So that she can railroad
    President Trump. Pimp Pelosi- with the impeachment,
    psyho babbling, train, trailing smoke- her arse on fire.

    Another train has found its way onto her railway line.
    Its coming straight at her … *The Ukraine Express.*

  10. California is the most disgusting state. All the wealthy people talking about how great Cali is are so far removed they haven't a clue because they never have to deal with it.

  11. I love how babies are born with disgusting diseases has rose 900% in cali. Cali is so gross now. Ick.

  12. One thing Pelosi has going for her is she is the perfect depiction of the Halloween witch. I am an adult, and she scares the hell out of me!

  13. ((((((((((((TRUMP 2Q2Q))))))))))))

  14. She needs to be locked away her own district is filthy full of feces needles homeless people she needs to be locked away she's crazy full of dementia and Alzheimer's

  15. Thank God for our President Trump and his integrity! We Americans need his leadership for this time.
    Trump 2020!

  16. Impeachment? Look in the mirror!

  17. Is there any truth to the rumor that Pelosi is considering opening an Italian Restaurant and calling it "Mama Scumbaggies"?

  18. Pelosi is drunk off her ass, 24/7 by the way she talks. Speaking from experience.

  19. I loved Captain Kangaroo…Gaitz just going by the old members memory of Captain K. Use your childhood heroes idiot.

  20. You are such a biased loser — Pelosi! I hope riots set fire on your family, beat up you and your family members, and separate your family members from you without any reasons. And people say "I support the people who did the bad things to you and your family because that's my freedom of speech." Please do not use hypocritical double standard! That's not freedom of speech! That is either dirty regime change lies, or lack of basic respect and common sense.

  21. Wait… So im not going to be able to drive my brand new 70k Tesla in California? I knew i should have bought a pickup truck.

  22. Trump is Winning and libturds are Whining!!

  23. Piglosi is an Idiot! DemoRATS are STUPID assholes!

  24. TRUMP 2020 by a LANDSLIDE WIN!!! Keeping America Great !!!!

  25. Pelosi can GO TO HELL, and California has Always been in the dark! No news here!

  26. lol California,you deserve everything you get.Being a Liberal is so great isnt it

  27. it's likely Joe Biden and his son are into trafficking prostitutes from Russia to the US so Biden can diddle them.

  28. So many DUMB TRUMPTARDS here … Whassa matter?? Faux News not carry your POTUS' tiny raisins n mushroom enough?? It's SO nice watching ALL of getting SCREWED by the Fat Orange POS coz you are so damned stupid n are BEGGING him to do it to u. America is going broke n ALL u dummies with it! ROFL.

  29. We need to take the Trump officials subpoenaed that don't show, into custody. The longer Trump defies Congressional requests and becomes bolder in his obstruction the more he can betray our allies. What he did to the Kurds is FUCKED Up! If Pelosi and Schiff you need to get a little more serious!

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