Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Pelosi, Schiff speak to press amid growing impeachment fight

Rep. Adam Schiff joins Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her weekly press briefing.

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  1. That times have found YOUALL GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON

  2. Hey Nancy you mean for what you want to do to the US people 🤯😱🤮🤧😷🤒

  3. Hey Nancy Oprah wants to know if you got your flu shot yet

  4. Pray to your God Moloch there Pickle brain Pelosi, Schiff For Brains, He wont be able to help you now.

  5. I'm here to laugh at the Trump loving hillbilly comments

  6. If somebody does not get these two TRAITORS out of our government right now we are going to enough is enough and that is it

  7. The face of American political corruption

  8. DUMMYCRATS are the epitome of what DEITRICH BONHOEFFER decribes as the STUPID PEOPLE

  9. Remember Satan can quote the Bible

  10. I would REALLY like to know:
    Both Pelosi & Stiff have "Weird Dope Eyes." Perhaps there needs to be MANDATORY DRUG TESTING FOR ALL POLITICIANS IN CONGRESS.

  11. She talked too much but no result no substance

  12. Wow they need a barking dogs to let them move

  13. If this were true about Trump asking Ukraine to dig into Biden in order to get "dirt" to help Trump's bid for re-election is no different than what Hillary and the DNC did in 2016 with FISA abuses but we never saw the Democrats get their panties in a knot when the shoe was on the other foot. Democrats think they are above the law, now Lady Liberty is shaking her head in shame. SAD DAYS IN AMERICA

  14. California use to be called the "Golden State". Now, thanks to crooks and liars like Schiff and Pelosi, we are discovering that it is just cheap imitation gold plating.

  15. Schiff need the boot, lier, lier he cannot be chairman of the commite he is on.

  16. POS good for nothing pincle neck shift and drunk nasty.

  17. Lock both these bitches up ,,,

  18. with a straight face, they lie and misrepresent, and will no doubt push forward, ignoring the truths that are before them. I used to wonder what will it take for the Americans to protest corrupt government as they did and do around the world. The left answered that call with antifa. I am not so sure the Right's way – which is in the belief that truth will prevail, will work. These son's and daughters of dogs must be tarred, feathered and rode out of town on a rail, much as they did in the days of the founders these two so love to invoke when it suits them…

  19. Nancy Pelosis'district=💩💊💉🧟⚰️😔

  20. Pelosi and schiff are so evil they are rotten and decaying before our eyes!

  21. Why does nobody ask about their dealings with weapons in Ukraine…?

  22. Listen to her twist scripture.

    TRUMP-PENCE 2020!

  24. Lying Pencil Neck Shifty and Batsh!t Crazy Pelosi still pushing their deceitful democrap, as usual… [sad spiteful losers]. Lock Them Up! Trump in 2020!!

  25. We the people would like to see a list of all the good things that the Dems have done for the American people sense 2016. I personal haven’t seen one good thing for our country from them zilch — 0. They talk down to us as human beings that we are stupid like we are from a forth world country. People from third world countries are more intelligent than these Demarcates.

  26. That reporter @15:41…he's already asked 2 other questions that Pelosi (obviously) wanted asked.
    This is a FAKE NEWS extravaganza lolol.

  27. they are a complete disgrace .

  28. Watch where you walk in San Francisco, you might step in a pile of steamy Schiff.

  29. Lies lies lies you're so full of s*** it's unbelievable You to Pelosi

  30. Another Sham and waste of tax payers dollars going to another disgraceful waste of time. We the people have had enough already. Think it is to late for you clowns to pretend your working for the people. How about we open investigations into your bank accounts and find out who your real master is?

  31. Is Pelosi trying to take credit for passing law to enact ideas that Trump campaigned on and pushed for?

  32. POTUS already has it in place for you DEMONS to vote on but you all decide to focus on what your masters want you to focus on instead of acting for your constituents. What a Shame.

  33. It is so hard to listen to the Fakery coming out of their openings. Time is coming around and the people will vote these clowns away!! What a disgrace to the American people.

  34. What about the great white of Babylon

  35. Pigloisi and shitf for brains LOL WHAT A JOKE , these people are so full of it,REALLY, all of a sudden they care about the USA,what hacks

  36. How dare she mention the constitution! while they commit treason!

  37. The President said NOTHING wrong! You two are again tryung to set him up and you will be held accountable! Your jail cells await!

  38. Pelosi is lying again the President has always been for reducing the cost on medication. All that he has said she is finally agreeing but not giving the President credit. Lying democrats.

  39. Pelosi is a disgrace to our Republic, is only stepping up because President Trump told the press about the dems not doing the work of the people. She and her little troll standing next to her are treasonous criminals and need to be removed.

  40. Nanncy we do not want your prayers to your god who is satan. you disgust me!

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