Thursday , January 21 2021
Home / News / Pelosi Slams McConnell's Proposal For Covid Relief As An Assault On American Workers | NBC News NOW

Pelosi Slams McConnell's Proposal For Covid Relief As An Assault On American Workers | NBC News NOW

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed progress being made for a bipartisan agreement on coronavirus relief, but criticized a proposal by Sen. Mitch McConnell as “an assault on American workers.”
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Pelosi Slams McConnell’s Proposal For Covid Relief As An Assault On American Workers | NBC News NOW


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  1. She don't want anybody to go near what he's presenting but she's produces since it s*** for the last eight months this lady should be X out of the situation she is nuttier than squirrel turds get this f**** crazy b** the f*** off the head of the committee for the stimulus package and then maybe we can go somewhere and get something all this b** had to do was accept the 1.8 now it's not even f**** a trillion dollars now what are you going to do stupid b** you way too long haha

  2. Since when does this Demon care about the American PEOPLE! A liar of liars who should be impeached and put in prison!


  4. The lords strong ghosts voices warning ⚠️ to democratic; message people will walking out of the job every day and died more every single day ( lords strong ghosts voices warning ⚠️)

  5. Wear that mask for the camera Nancy & muffle those lies

  6. Moscow Mitch is a son of a Mitch! This swine is completely disconnected from reality! There’s no business without customers!

  7. She will be squealing when the agents of Chaos assassinate her on live tv for sure. The sound of her gurgling on her own vomit and blood will be divine. Time is up for this type of evil we are coming for you and your entire bloodline.

  8. Moscow Mitch has never been for the people. Thank you Kentucky.😠

  9. Pelosi, Wake up!! Californians put in the position you now hold to push for justice. When Americans are going hungry or losing their shelter it's injustice putting Stimulus on the back burner is not helping anyone "NOW"

  10. Pelosi likes drama and feeling important – MORE important than single moms’ small business n small business workers! Preventing the votte 41x#s to #Spite #TrUMP!! Is sad! Unforgivable and jail!!

  11. All Republicans should sue #Electoral system or election polls with 100% corruption allowing #MichaelBloomberg to illegally pay $500/vote & pay for fines to use names in mail in votes! Nurses in an assisted living for helping all w/their vote by voting #biden against their wills!! Sick people in this world! Paid for couriers to take&change votes then deliver to pdoff #votefeeders to feed the blue votes 3&4times (of samevotes over n over for 3hrs by 6feeders!in 1votesite) #Trump legal team has iphone’ footage+ security cameras’ #100’s of 1000’s #swornaffidavits!! #vote2020 which is the most corrupt election in history!! And rogue #mobmedia #CNN/jzucker #rogueDemocrats #Propoganda/lies re corruption as NOTHING! Downplaying is #TREASON

  12. Fire McConnell we the people should fire him why are we putting up with his stalling money for the people that need it he doesn't need it .he is dead weight

  13. She is a disaster…80 years old and still in Congress sucking at the teat, and funneling federal money to the San Francisco sewer.

  14. Lol Pelosi rejected the first one and now it’s McConnell’s turn. You would have to be a fool to now know these corporate pigs are working together. Open your eyes idiots.

  15. Nancy Pelosi's words have no meaning nor assistance! She has no answer for Moscow Mitch's mojo! Not winning too many battles eh Nancy?

  16. Sibat na pelosi! wala ka kwenta kurakut!

  17. The leftist democrats are causing a recession to begin in January !!!!
    This Christmas season will be filled with homelessness , starving families, unemployment and no medical coverage for our children – thanks to Crazy Pelosi!!!!

  18. Pelosi is a fraud!!!
    What a leftist propaganda!!!!!!

  19. No one in Washington D.C. is missing a meal. They are all paying their bills and not in financial ruin.

  20. Can Mr McConnell plz explain to the public why he and the trump administration is trying to propose a bill that basically cuts the relief for ordinary citizens in half? Just so that when Biden gets office and proposes the last relief bill they say no? It’s like I know conservative voters are also affected by this as well. So why r y’all not calling him out?!

  21. The government is the reason I’m laid off from my job ,the government is to blame why I’m loosing everything!

  22. You don’t know it until you live it life is hard for everybody and I pray for all

  23. This is HEGALIAN DIALECT at it's pinnacle, folks.

  24. Who else sees that evil face/mask behind her in the thumbnail ha these demons ain't hidin no more

  25. In the year 3020, they will still be arguing over the stimulus package.

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