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Pelosi talks next moves in impeachment process l ABC News

After resisting for months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi talked to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos about why she finally launched the inquiry into President Trump and her concerns over it backfiring.

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  1. Why is she allowing Schiff to manipulate her


  3. The facts are, you are crazy

  4. So where is the part where she LIED about Trump????

  5. Democrats do not support American democracy…big joke. Republicans are growing daily.. MAGA 2020

  6. everyone will be chanting "impeach nancy" at the next trump rally

  7. unkind, nasty woman and vindictive

  8. Trump is really crossing their way

    they can not push trough the green deal
    imagine if we could reduce the oil and gas production in USA

    then USA could buy oil and gas trough on nancys and bidens family

    nothing to see here,

  9. She's totally devoid of any sense of moral ascendancy. Save us the sad story nancy pelosi.

  10. What violation of the Constitution is she referring to? She also says in otther part of the interview this issue "isnt worthy of the constitution" as reason for not having an impeachment vote.

  11. she well die on old age before even get impeachment,

  12. Nancy who the fuck you kidding. U the dems make up your own constitution.

  13. Reading some of these comments makes me sad for the future of ‘Murica. The intelligence level is non-existent. That moron in the WH could murder someone in the middle of 5th Ave and his supporters would deny it. It literally sickens me.

  14. Hilarious, even though she violates the constitution, since she took her oath. Lol she's a complete joke

  15. Nancy needs to be locked away in a padded room where nobody can hear her crazy ridiculous agenda she is a nothing but a waste of space and a few French fries short of a happy meal

  16. Best Whistle Blower in Washington “Donald Trump” he is exposing the Corrupt Democrats and MSM, FBI, CIA, and Corruption at the highest level, in Obama’s government. Biden, Clinton, DNC. The Democrats are desperate to stop him running in the 2020 Election, they know they can’t beat him. Trump will win 2020 and finish off and expose the Democrats and the FBI, CIA.
    The bribery of the Biden’s and Hillary with Ukraine will all be exposed, Trump will drain and flush the Swamp.

  17. she should be removed from gov.

  18. Nancy is Batshit insane,….wake up Americans,…..what is wrong with you????????????????

  19. The re election of her will do far more damage to our republic than trump ever could

  20. George said “a party line impeachment.”
    He wanted to say
    “Party line vote.”
    But he can’t say what is not going to happen. LoL

  21. If you believe that she's sad for the country you need to be slapped in to reality. Even her face is corrupt. She doesn't even care about the people pissing, shitting, and dying all over the streets of her own district. Think about that! She's a disgusting and pathetic human being.

  22. Democratss in their current form are finished.
    Face it. The election of Donald Trump has destroyed this Party

    He has exposed them in their insufferable, insane Political Correctness….. and their inexorable shift to the far left. He has blown their cover, and stripped them naked in the full glare of the American people's court. He has exposed their covert….decades old Socialist plan for this great nation….. and it is corrupt and damning.

    That is why that strange….odd bunch are running and the DNC are glad to let them, just to keep up appearances. They are face savers. Space fillers. Time buyers. The real and most qualified Democrat candidates know it is in vain, at this juncture, so they stand back and let these Hari Kari / Kamikaze oddities fall on their swords.

    When Trump wins another four…. he will consolidate. This new breed of Democrats will be kept out of power for decades. Maybe forever in their current form. Until such times as they flush the weird Occasio Cortez/Omar type of Euro style Progressive Socialists, the Politically Correct lunatics, from their ranks, and turn back the clock to the days of sanity, back to the era of the Democratic Party of JFK, FDR, et al. The Democrats of yesteryear. The Democrats of normality. That……. or they will wander in a political wilderness and die on the vine there, unless and until they revert to being the traditional, sensible Democrats the people of this America respected. The Democrats even Republicans respected

  23. The democratic are the ones that have damage the United States!

  24. If Donald Trump is not held accountable for his many traidorist acts and deeds by Congress and the people then he says to America and the world that the FBI CIA Homeland Security to Pentagon America's democracy, our relationship with other allies , the honor and integrity of America is worthless and irrelevant and it is not. Get it done intelligence agencies get it done on behalf of America.

  25. ABC Show the part where she lies about presidents own words, Why do you only cherry pick what to post ? Pelosi is a liar along with the rest of the democrats , you are a arm of the democrats and its treason . Only thing we need to repair in america is democrats treason

  26. MSNBC says someone is doctoring her videos, to make it look like she’s drunk. What about the live shows??

  27. Hillary's campaign colluded with a Russian Spy to thwart the 2016. Obama whispered to a Russian Ambassador " tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the elections". So the Democrats don't get Investigated but Trump must be investigated because its Constitutional? Anyone see the hypocrisy here or is it just me?

  28. Thst's her "ceremonial office" and there is a couch blocking main double-doors.(?) (@2:002:05). Strange.

  29. She thinks Trump talks like a Scranton thug like Biden I guess. Does she really think Schiffs parody was an accurate representation of the call? Talk about living in a bubble.

  30. TRUMP WAS RIGHT THAT CALL WAS PERFECT, Investigate hunter biden, he is probably a pillhead by now, kicked out of the navy for being addicted to cocaine and most likely crack too. Alsoooo need to investigate crowdstike, and need to in vestigate all the phuckers that meddled in ukraine we need a multi national investigation, also need to arrest immediately clintons, bushs, cheney, john kerry, al gore, Rumsfeld, and thousands in the nsa, cia etc. Spying on american citizens selling drugs and guns all over the world and lining thier pockets wit cash, operation northwoods, cyclone, mocking bird etc. Pelosi u will b exposed haha. Ketamine cretins.

  31. Thank you, Pelosi! He's by far he most dangerous, vile, corrupt, and destructive President in American history.

  32. Could it be that with the investigation into corruption in Ukraine could involve her son that she wants it shut down?

  33. NERVOUS NANCY Prays for Trump? She better pray for BREADLINE BERNIE, he's the one with the heart attack. I bet he doesn't make it to the next debate.

  34. NERVOUS NANCY Failed to take a floor vote, the other shit bag members are scared to death to vote against Trump, they know they'll pay for the little ole wine drinkers temper tantrums, There is no impeachment inquiry without the floor vote, Trump will simply tell the drunk to "kiss my orange ass".

  35. The fact that omitted is the part where Nancy insists that Schiff's entirely fabricated "mis-reading" of the transcript was "actual" — speaks volumes, and is why fake news deservedly has no credibility. It is rather HUGE when a dinosaur politician is showing clear undeniable signs of dementia.

  36. Liberals are Marxist enemies of the Republic and it's people.

  37. I can’t stand this idiot !

  38. Which president did George Stephanopoulos work for

  39. A c sucks. Fake news. Down voted.

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