Saturday , February 27 2021
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Pence calls VP-elect Harris to congratulate her, offer assistance: Report

Axos reporter Hans Nichols and GOP pollster Lee Carter talk to FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto about the transition of power and the future of the Republican Party. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Pence just proved what a total loser he is!

  2. Jesus the amount of delusional people in this comment section makes me sad. They are the snowflakes and just to prove it watch the replies I'm about to get

  3. When you spread out your hands in prayer,
        I hide my eyes from you;
    even when you offer many prayers,
        I am not listening.

    Your hands are full of blood!

    Wash and make yourselves clean.
        Take your evil deeds out of my sight;
        stop doing wrong.
    Learn to do right; seek justice.
        Defend the oppressed.
    Take up the cause of the fatherless;
        plead the case of the widow.

    “Come now, let us settle the matter,”
        says the Lord.

  4. *Joe Baidu-en has been 'installed' as Supreme Leader of the People's Republic of America, by the Democratic National Communist Committee. Australian-style 'gun confiscation' shall now commence. Any 'patriotic resistance' will be dealt with decisively and swiftly, as the Democratic Administration did with the Japanese-Americans and German-Americans, during World War 2. "Republican Patriots" shall be contained. Welcome to the New World Disorder.

  5. *The most crippling present-Danger to our representative Republic, is an entrenched and intransigent Standing Bureaucracy, led by a corrupt and non-representative legislative Idiotocracy, both enabling an everlasting Cleptocracy. The American Judiciary is Blind, Deaf, and Mute, rubberstamping any and all Legislative and Bureaucratic laws, rules and regulations. All that is left, is for the Standing Army (National Guard included) to round up the "Patriots" for deprogramming (or worse) at various Gulags, perhaps located in the "Flyover Hinterlands" or the Amerikan Siberia (Alaska). With apologies to the Founding Fathers (sorry, Dr. Ben Franklin), the Republic is lost; we could not "keep it". Good Luck to all Patriots; we've been marked for "containment".

  6. Pence calls himself a Christian…. You don't compromise with EVIL,….

  7. Democrat they’re communist and so dirty. Joe hidden president no way

  8. Who said this bull !!!!!!! Pence can’t stand her, but Lindsay Graham on the other hand. I think he fisted 🤜 her ?

  9. Pence you’re disgusting, pathetic and a traitor😡you’re a weak man. You don’t have the guts to take a stand. Guess like the rest, greed and ambition is your priority . So sad. How can you keep your head up now that you’ve shown you’re true color. Shameful.

  10. wow Pence is such a traitor

  11. Have always thought very highly of Mike pence… I'm sure his political days are over…. And after talking with Kamala and trying to keep his calm in front of that lying hate filled b** I'm sure he went in the bathroom and threw up!!!

  12. Pence is a disgusting traitor

  13. Swamp Creatures speak the same Language. It has bubbles and weird pitches that actual People don't understand.

  14. why is it a shame, my God ,who has to be worried about where the president goes , he has his houses every where, someone trying to make news, president trump is a happy person, he left his business to take care of this country, is that his thanks, many years ago we had no fb and Twitter

  15. I didn't know what I had on. Then I saw the big blonde hair and I knew.


  17. Just F*cking thrilling… you communist narcissistic pie hole.

  18. I wish they'd remove you from fox

  19. Very disappointing about Pence just like Judas betrayed JESUS

  20. I can't help but wonder what was in the envelopes that a lot of Democrats and Pence got at that funeral. Things that make You Go Hmmm???

  21. Donot be sure of that !!! Kamael hasnot reaign yet from senate !!!!!!! Smooth transition is not about transition to joe biden …president trump never said that ans he never conceded …he said the fight has just begun !

  22. Repeat Performance of Joe Biden and VP Harris of the past failed policy that doesn't work for American, High Taxes more restrictive on Business weak Security on defense also Impeachment on President Trump a other mastake

  23. Video isnt real fake background.

  24. “Words of peace, but no treaty, are a sign of a plot.” -Sun Tzu

  25. You can't congratulate someone who didn't deserve their victory.

  26. You've got to be kidding me!!! We who love Trump will not go away silently.

  27. President Trump he is the best leader honest in America the fake media fake news they are sided to Democrats mr Biden president Trump 75 million they vote president Trump he wantef legal vote even the Twitter face book they blocked president Trump the antifia they did violence so that they well blame president Trump plenty traitor evil people behind back to president Trump the Democrats mr Biden they are sided to China communist president Trump he is the best honest leader in America he well never give up God bless president Trump God bless America

  28. Everyone is a traitor who says something other than trump? Your a sheep

  29. Good luck trying to put trump supporters in "camps" lady what drugs you been taking ! You people that support biden are clueless this country is going to go right down the crapper and quick it will be interesting to see how it plays out but I can assure you it will not be pleasant!

  30. trap set! yes take the cheese

  31. There were calls between pence and Paul Ryan that were released. He has been a dirty politician since long before the Trump era.

  32. Pence is a true American! Not like you fake patriots aka Trump supporters 🇺🇸

  33. And now the right wing nuts are gonna look for Mike Pence to attack him and his family for doing the right thing.

  34. How does this man sleep with the actions he has committed!! Kids must be real proud of him ! Whats next Mike,
    Penceee chinesee carry out ! $5 special

  35. Not over yet, god has his hand on what will happen next.

  36. trump lost because he is a bad person.

  37. If anyone thinks Beijing Biden win… should be no brain…please don’t insult your beautiful intelligent.

  38. Trump now a ceremony president.

  39. Pence a great patriot,GOD put you in a time like this,GOD ALMIGHTY truly love american.

  40. Pence , what a Benedict Arnold he turned out to be. He put on a false front to the President and the American voters as well. What a turn coat he turned out to be . He was supposed to supper his President. It just goes to show .

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