Sunday , January 24 2021
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Pence: It's remarkable to see the disarray in the Democrat party

Vice President Mike Pence discusses America’s economic success, the possibility of tax cuts, Speaker Pelosi’s antics at the State of the Union and coronavirus. #FoxBusiness

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  1. After Trump's second term we need to elect Pence in 2024!!

  2. I hope the democratic party completely disappears!

  3. I wonder what the future will be like after November??? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. God bless President Donald Trump and God bless Vice President Mike Pence.

  5. Democrat is just GARBAGE SH*T!

  6. VP Pence is going to be a good pres in 5 years..
    pelosi ripping up those federal documents violates "18 U.S. CODE 2071 mutilation of a federal document "

  7. my best VP, Mike Pence!!!!! Pence will be a president in the year of 2024 and 2028. Let's vote for Trump and Mike Pence

  8. This just shows you how much the Demonctrats were syphoning off the Tax payers, dirty thieving scum bags

  9. I'm sorry to say, but the truth is that it's a blessing to see disarray in the Democratic party with Satan in control more than ever

  10. TIT for tat? is this guy for real? Trump had to suck it up the whole time from one investigation to another and they were all fake they were manufactured just to impreach Trump… and Trump has to watch what he says about piglosi>??????? is fox eating the chicken?

  11. 4 pages? or just a bad uk language… loser dems

  12. There is no possible way, in the modern era, that this Corruption is possible….

    With all currency being digital, there is no way, for someone like Trump to continue to exist.. Having been enriched by smuggling cocaine and laundering drug money, racketeering… It simply is not possible… Nor is it possible, for him to not be arrested for what they talk about or Trump having committed Tax fraud, in multiple nations, etc… while everyone else, has to work for a living and has to account for every penny….

    While he destroys Gov and every Law in America… Committing international crimes violations and other criminal acts…racketeering, fake names, false identities, identity fraud, money laundering, criminal racketeering, corruption, etc… international high crimes….. Which has already been publicized by the press… Clearly he is guilty….

    I am tired of these people, the Wealthy, living with this 'funny money', all these counterfeit life styles….This is not even possible, in today's Global Economy…
    While they want to say that 'money talks'…… While every penny they have, is a debt, a criminal act, fraud, racketeering, etc…. it is all evidence….

    While they want to play a 'soul purchase game', regarding Jacob or some other 'God/Job scenario'.. When it is all a criminal act…. Evidence being the 'soul, the Job'… Yet they claim that 'evidence of corruption', gives them strength or power, over others……..? Nothing they do, makes any sense!

    So America and the World is supposed to 'do time' for their 'High crimes'?

    I don't think so…. I am not a Christian or Paul……

  13. God bless you, Mr. Pence…be prepared Pence you will be prez for 2 terms after Trump's 2 terms.

  14. The Dems dont even know what their left hand is doing from their right.

    Obummer threw a pie in Pelosi's face when even Obummer says the economy is good and tried to take credit for it.

    Obummer would have LOVED to say see I told you so…

  15. It's amazing how the Democrats were given a chance to prove themselves and how badly they blew it. Now they want to blame all of their failures on Trump, and try everything under the sun to discredit him, and take him out of office. What is the future of the Democratic party?? Will it cease to be a sizable enough force to go up against Republicans?? These are crazy and wonderful times, that will forever mark a point in history.

  16. Thank you Donald Trump! You so rock! Another 4 years …Now please protect us from the Chinese Corona Virus! What can we do about this! Lead us in to a protective way of handling this terrible epidemic…

  17. Thank you VP Pence . God bless you and your family

  18. Legal Latinos & Ricans4 Trump in 2020! ❤️

  19. That virus was released to control the protesters in China.

  20. Democrats are SCUMBAGS. Liberalism is literally a DISEASE!!!

  21. Pelosi might as well have shrieked, "Noooooo wiiiiiire haaaaaangers!" Chick's nutty as a fruitcake.

  22. America first! Trump 2020!

  23. How short memory is. The wanna be FASCIST party crows about the chaotic Democrat nomination process. Look back to the 2015 repu process, how many were on the stage? They were jumping all over one another before dufis45 out bullshitted the crowd.

  24. The roughneck Trump is only RUDE and ARROGANT. Trump should learn to be a GENTLEMAN. A POTUS is not a street gangster.

    The roughneck Trump is only RUDE and ARROGANT. Trump should learn to be a GENTLEMAN. A POTUS is not a street gangster.

    The roughneck Trump is only RUDE and ARROGANT. Trump should learn to be a GENTLEMAN. A POTUS is not a street gangster.

  25. The job of the vice president is to make the president look good. Pence does this better than anybody else I know

  26. Love love love President Trump and VP Pence they really care about the American people and don’t waste time spinning stories… they’re busy doing America’s business❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


  28. The Hollies – Amazing Grace ( A Capella ) Top Pop

  29. Almost got it wrong – lol Fox knows who the real president is

  30. A who wants to see TRUMP rallies broadcast on fox.

  31. No matter how much Americans fight with each other about government Oil runs a capitalist economy

  32. Mike Pence we appreciate ya.

  33. I’m a blue color worker my wife and I just took a trip to Texas I feel comfortable doing so for a change America is doing well under President Trump.

  34. Mike has been a great Vice President. Supportive and loyal. During the debates, he did a wonderful job expressing his views. A good man.

  35. California still in ruin. No jobs in California..high taxes, too many regulations.

  36. I'm sorry but I just have no respect for Pence..After watching his reaction in various settings including that contentious meeting in the oval with Pelosi and Schumer to the look on his face in other situations and for him to say he didn't see what Pelosi was doing is clearly cowardice. What…BS….He could see what she was doing from the corner of his eye…You Can Snow The Snowman But….

  37. How much longer do we have to put up with a traitor attorney general? Just like traitor Sessions, Barr has obviously been bought off by the Clintons.
    Otherwise, why no prosecution for Uranium One, Benghazi, missing server, 33,000 emails, etc?

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