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Pence travels to Turkey in hopes of cease-fire l ABC News

Vice President Mike Pence is hoping to broker a cease-fire in Turkey’s attack on Syria as Russia moves in to fill the void left by the U.S. withdrawal. READ MORE:

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  1. The Turks already told Pence, 'They not talking about NO Ceasefire!." Soo whatcha still going for?!? We not policing Syria but we can police Iran huh?!? There go them damn double standards! 👀🤦‍♀️

  2. Kentucky Declares War on Syria.

  3. Tayyip Erdogan – the very strange person in his idea to impress Kurds. Here necessary to remember the one an enough analogous model in the Kurds question… – Northern Ireland's question (Ireland's relationships with the NATO question, like the Kurds potential… still – do not lost potential..?). Do impress – Great Britain will attack Northern Ireland, as "the never NATO's space in somebody…" MORE STRANGE… THE FULLY NORMAL POSSITIONS TO ERDOGAN ARE SYRIA'S (with hers chemical weapons using), IRAN'S and so one. When such position's kind is the very simple – the bigger leading regional country's (the projects of "Natural Syria" an example), ex-empires (Iran Zamin, like the future's theory etc.) positions.. And – do not something more. Kurds – it is the regional cheap question and nothing more… So… it is a simple hers nationality's disapearing's projects… If dos fits to NATO… So… Then fits Sadam Hussain with his the same projects in the Kurds question, like Ankara's. If everything fits tis… then the any islamist will say – "see their the lie…" AND THEN..? People from Sadam's the habits, from his the times will do again an Islamic State.

  4. Trump handed that ABC scumbag "reporter" his lunch, and was spot-on in his assessment in a manner unprecedented among politicians in the past four decades.

  5. Why?
    … We aren't invite them, President and Ministers doesn't gave appointement to them , they welcomed by Youth and Sport Minister but that's it. They spend lot of money (…and Carbon waste) for this touristic trip ., just waste of time.

  6. It's sad that the POTUS hnows more about fox news journalist TV ratings then the state of the union ?

  7. Didn't trump give Turkey the go ahead by pulling out the troops? And then imposed sanctions on Turkey? Now they want to talk about the ceasefire after they said it had nothing to do with America? WTF is he thinking?

  8. Quick, send in the closet case.

  9. No. He is not. Ask her is doing is putting on a show so "some people" can say Trump tried to prevent the genocide he caused.

  10. Pence is going to give them tips from the Giddeon bable on how to love thou $$$$

  11. Yes send Mikey in. Turkey won’t talk with Mikey. Why should they, trump showed how spineless he is. The winner is “Putin”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin didn’t tell trump to do this.

  12. Sad sad sad Moscow trump gave them to Russia

  13. Trump doesn't want US troops policing? He claims he brought 1,000 US troops home, but they're actually in Saudi Arabia, along with an additional 1,000 troops he sent to guards the Saudi oil refinery.

  14. Trump is a fucking retard… now the Russians have expanded to Syria and our balls are in a knot with Turkey because we have strategic bases there. Fucking hell

  15. Many have already been killed. How many days does it take to send someone? The president trying to control what he did all the sudden because even his own Republican dogs don't agree

  16. So the vice president trying to clean up the president's screw up pathetic.

  17. Pence it is a trap, trump is sending you to turkey so you can not remove him from office.  Trump is out of control and a real danger to USA national security .  Unfit and out of control trump.  Hillary told us this over 3 years ago and also said trump would start a war

  18. But then send 2800 troops to Saudia Arabia? WTF?

  19. No reason anyone would listen to the traitors running this country. It takes a special kind of stupid.

  20. Maybe I'm wrong but didn't trump just say that whole thing has nothing to do with us?

  21. after we took down saddam we created isis thinking they where going to be this new military that will keep that part of the world stabled but it all went down south and now trump ordering our troops back has given the Russians the upper hand there in that part of the world. It will make things difficult for other allies like Israel and Kuwait. The only reason I think and I’m sure everyone else thinks he did it was to get major points for his re-election now that a shit storm has come down on him from Democrats! No one wins here, people on both sides including our soldiers have died in vain all for a old clown who thinks he knows better🤦🏽‍♂️. This creates a bigger chance for a world war III to become more of a reality.

  22. Trump is a complete and stupid moron. This was a bad move. And now the people are going to suffer

  23. Trump was too busy giving a different kind of power away to his kids– as he gained favor elsewhere.

  24. War crime. Abandoning allies. Bringing troops home? No, they're going to Saudi Arabia, land of the bone saws. All for money in Trump's pocket. Despicable.

  25. Stupid is as Stupid does! This was a Gift to Putin from Traitor Trump. Putin told him to get out of Syria in Hellsinki! He tried then but failed so he knows inpeachment around the Corner So he did this fast without Approval of Congress above the Law "Dictator "move without warning people left to die! Putin is Loving it! Land Grab & pipeline deal with Syrian Leader! Wake up!

  26. 26-28 ten 50 soldiers when the exact amount is 1,000–HE IS A LIAR

  27. As Pence tries to save his own a**, by saving Trump the SLUT's angry self.

  28. Too late for that shit now dumb ass. Your damn piece of a President set this s*** off don't come in here trying to do clean up now. Both of you need to fall off the planet.

  29. Good hopefully they keep his conversion therapy ignorant self

  30. America Started ALL OF THIS MESS ! Absolutely ALL OF IT ! I'm so elated to See the kurds seeing The U.S as they are , Liars, War Mongers, Thieves, and Murderers .The U.S Government is also the Enemy to The American People.The Kurds Needed to See This for themselves !

  31. I hear the US isn’t pulling out anymore.

  32. WE demand retaliation against Turkey. I will run for presidency in intent to retaliate a sweet revenge.

  33. The Turks don't even want pompous and pantywaste to come.
    dump handed putin a birthday gift.

  34. Just to say 'we did everything we could..' yeah right. roast in peace.

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