Thursday , November 26 2020
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Penguins chase bubbles around zoo enclosure

The African penguins popped bubbles with their beaks at the Toledo Zoo.

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  1. Now give them some coke, and booze! Penguin Party!

  2. I'm a massive fan of penguins. There African Penguins and I know that because my friend owns a little zoo and he let me go and feed them for a day.

  3. I really needed this after Evil Trump's announcement today.
    Thank you.

  4. This is why penguins are my favourite animal

  5. I'm just taking break😅..before watching more fox fake news😖😤.

  6. Thank you! I needed a cute video of penguins chasing bubbles in my life.

  7. Well? You can't let those pesky bubble just do whatever they want!

  8. Beautiful creatures I love penguins 😍🐧 like if u also love penguins

  9. Wow. How about some real news you fucking pussies. like how we planned to nuke the shit out of china. get some fucking penguins to chase after this video cunts.

  10. This is the video of the day. Maybe Week.

  11. HAHAHAHA I would like to join in the action.


  13. Next post:
    penguins have diarrhea all over zoo enclosure

  14. Animals are very curious; people don;t give them enough credit….

  15. This sounds like something somebody posted to Facebook not the news lol slow news day I see

  16. had no idea that penguin would be so crazy about bubbles💛💛

  17. You guys really have nothing to report

  18. all bubbles are evil and must be popped and destroyed, they are much too distracting to my ADD

  19. A bit like Democrats chasing impeachment running around Washington ….and just before the big one, it bursts and is gone !… ain’t going to happen! No matter how many rules, laws, customs and practices the demic hit squad flout !?

  20. If you read the peguins thought bubbles very closely ….. you can read ….
    FUKKK t-rump … chemicaltrailz..
    Impeach ..guilty .. ..
    StopTheCrime.Net. orageinz….

    Peguins have alot to say …
    Thatnks for the breaking news.
    Thanks to t-Rump they too will also be suicided in 1 year to the date but it will be labeled extinctions .

  21. Yep, Trump is after them all!!

  22. If you do not want to participate in this challenge, do not look on my channel!

  23. Then they all died from soap.

  24. Only killer whales and polar bears would thumbs down this

  25. As a penguin, I approve of this video! :3

  26. I glanced at the thumbnail and thought it was Taliban lured out of a cave with bubbles.

  27. Wow abc news used to be respected news outlet now it penguin , pet fashion shows and a girl allergic to the sun. What a joke a laughing stock among laughing stocks

  28. What a bunch of little cuties!!

  29. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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