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Penn State suspends fraternity following off-campus death

High school senior John Schoenig was visiting a house allegedly occupied by Chi Phi fraternity when police were called and he was pronounced dead on the scene.



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  1. I'm surprised Penn State hasn't lost their accreditation. Their is bad news, after bad news, after bad news. And we aren't just talking about minor occurrences of time and events. These are major, very serious misconduct and crimes that are taking place at this university.

  2. Hazing death lol . More like drunk teenagers . Always trying to pin the blame on others . Stupid fucking country

  3. Considering it was a frat party, my guess is cocaine + alcohol. Not a good combo

  4. Something surely is sketchy. But frats will still carry on as usual.

  5. I hate to say it but nothing will probably happen to these kids/Young adults!!! Its white privilege with money!!!!

  6. So sad! My condolences to the family! I hope they found his killers.

  7. May sound harsh, but this is national news why?

  8. Fraternities are dens of illicit drug activity and are a cancer in each and every campus.

  9. American culture….go figure.

  10. We r Jerry Sandusky
    I mean Penn State 👀

  11. Colleges shouldn't even allow these frat/sorority bullshit. You guys are paying 5-7 digits to go to these school. Focus on the studying ffs

  12. Drinking and drugs will kill you.

  13. Guilty until proven innocent or is it media coverage over rights?

  14. Attempting to fit in with a group of people who try to kill you. Some " brothership" . I don't get it.

  15. I always see fraternities and sorrorities as cults. What's their purpose really?

  16. This is what happens when someone tries to "belong".

  17. So he had a heart attack and it's the frats fault? Lmao. K

  18. Only losers who need to pay for friends would join a fraternity

  19. Very easy to guess why this boy was dying.

  20. So, they just killed the child.

  21. how do we know if any of that's true you're nothing but a fake news corrupt network of communist socialist garbage America knows you're nothing but fake trash so we have no idea if that's true or not nor do we care if it comes out of your mouth we just know it's lies

  22. While any young death is unfortunate, i don’t get what the big controversy is here. Teens and young adults die from alcohol and drugs all over the country but it doesn’t make national news coverage. What is different at all about this case? His family had money or something? Apparently someone called for help/paramedics.

  23. Whoa! Lost all privileges! That'll learn 'em!

  24. Shallow breathing seems to be an overdose?? If there wasn't any blood I think that he might of used some sort of drug. They did say it was a party

  25. First Boys got raped in Penn St
    Now Boys getting killed

  26. It seems that the school's reputation & credibility are ruined by a series of scandals, especially surrounding the football program's sexual abuse & coach Joe Paterno's passing. Will the academic institute be able to handle the ongoing hazing incidents (unknown for this one)?

  27. So now they're killing people who isn't even plegeding.

  28. Why don't you make this shit illegal to!.? Why do Frat Boys get the party and Hayes each other and do whatever kind of weird sexual homoerotic shit they do? It's absolutely stupid and juvenile!. This is what you send your kids off and you think is higher learning? Idiots.

  29. BRO! Fucking sue the IFA, as well with the university, QUESTION EVERY MOTHERFUCKER AND HOLD THE FRAT RESPONSIBLE. Idgaf

  30. Boys are becoming more pu$$y , thats why they're all becoming fudge packers.

  31. Fraternities and Sororities are not necessary to receive a good education.

  32. At least his parents get to keep that college fund now😁

  33. They likely sacrificed the boy to Satan…that is what these pieces of chicken shit Elite's cockroach children love.
    The Devil.

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