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Pennsylvania vote count approaches definitive | States of America

Election 2020 vote counting focus on Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
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In a special election results States of America, Susan Page talks with J.D. Prose, Pennsylvania politics reporter, about the vote count in his state.

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  1. Now Nancy and Mitt Romney are caught up in the laptop scandal. They are walking on egg shells right now.

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  3. 1, 2, 3, trash, trash, trash, trash.

  4. I cannot believe this is still going on. Thank Goodness this guy is on his toes and holding tight. So much of America is just waiting–
    Joe BIDEN has straight up WON the Presidential ELECTION. That's it. That is the TRUTH.
    DT certainly isn't paying any attention to getting that Stimulus Bill passed. That he PROMISED WOULD GO OUT AS SOON AS THE ELECTION. SO WHERE IS IT?
    DT is not even paying ANY attention to the HUGE Covid Outbreaks & Major Suffering our Americans are dealing with.😢😷😯
    This oblivious convenient amnesia behavior of DT completely ignoring the TRUE OUTCOME-is DT's standard MO:
    Pathological Lying.
    Doing Nothing to solve the problem.

    In the back of my mind, there is a darkening raincloud that DT is strategically planning to cause all out chaos from now until January and refuse to go and that he is going to use our US Troops. It is a real worry and I think a valid fear.
    It's as if our Country is being run amuk and literally being destroyed by a mad dictator 😈who fires anyone who disagrees with him and ploughs over every dissenting voice.
    Please Be Strong Elected Democrats and Government Officials. We VOTED and the MAJORITY VOTED:
    Hold-tight for BIDEN and HARRIS 🇺🇸💪💝 ~

  5. I hope trump wins if not we are screwed

  6. Approaches definitive? Why does the AP already say it’s definitive?

  7. World War II Veterans are crying as the Socialist Democrats, complicit with Socialist media celebrate a presidential victory before the votes are counted. America has fallen . The Chinese Communist People now control the United States of America.

  8. No one outside of the SENATE can declare the President elect. The main stream fake news does not have the authority to elect a president.Twelfth amendment: Picking the President. -“which lists they(state representative electors) shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United states, directed to the president of the SENATE. The president of the Senate shall, in presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and then be counted; The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President..” the fake news cannot crown anyone lawfully president, it say's so in our constitution. They are currently breaking the law. You should not be celebrating the complete ignoring of our countries laws and legal processes no matter how much u hate trump. we should prioritize the laws and constitutions that protect our God given rights .

  9. Report these live feeds falsely claiming Biden as president as terrorism and misleading, we demand factual news not this misleading garbage.

  10. I'm sorry but you do realize it is Biden and the democratic party that has divided this country. You all believe what the media says and just go on with it, without actually looking at the facts. Wake up America! If Biden wins guess what happens, a man that can't even remember what he is doing or his families names, has no idea who he running against. What will happen is the same thing that is happening everywhere else in the world. We will be like China, constant monitoring, rights taken completely, concentration camps, killing people who believe in God and different religions. I mean seriously people please wake up! Trump may have a vulgar mouth and no he wasn't a politician but that's what is wrong with our society, why should you be allowed to be in Congress for the rest of your life, why should they get paid so much. These are people who were born into politics, never worked a day in there lives, do not know what it is to be a hard working person., to struggle. They all have sliver spoons in the mouths from day one. Seriously when did we allow politicians to take over and take our rights away? Why do people hate a man who has done nothing but expose all the sick, perverted and disgusting, money hungry billionaires that get away with Murder and killing all these kids, where is your humanity people?? I'm scared for this country because everyone is asleep! Wake up!! Save our children that are being trafficked, killed and terrible horrible things done to them! You think it won't happen to you but do did that parent or loved one that is now searching for their lost love one. Trump has stood up and done things for this country than any other President before him. We all know that if Biden wins his own team will continue sabotaging him and Harris will become President and trust me that is no better. Please people I beg you to wake up!!! Before it is too late and we are a socialist and communist country with no rights, dying for our faith, dying to protect our children and our freedom. How can you not see through all this bullcrap that has been fed to you by lying corrupted news media, people in power and money. What are you all scared your skeletons might be exposed as well? Because best believe all this sick twisted corrupt, disgusting people in power and money, they are scared and that is why they have fought so hard and blamed everything on Trump, because he said he was going to expose them all. I hope they are scared. But you should be as well if you don't wake up and Americans don't stand up and say this is enough, you have already taken away half of our constitution and will continue to do so. And so much worse! God bless you all and I am praying for each and every person. I'm just worried about what is about to happen because people want to believe every lie thrown in your face, start researching, start asking questions about it all and stand up together to get America back to the people!!! Jesus, God and I love you all!! 🙏🙏

  11. A sleepy old man with 3 people voting for him wins election. Frauds.

  12. Yep this looks like the worlds biggest tiger pit

  13. How come only Bidens numbers increasing


  15. Voter fraud is done by an individual. This is stealing an election. Straight out right in front of us, in broad daylight with no shame .

  16. Yall are Super Salty because Biden is winning, let that man win in peace 🤣😭💖

  17. Can I get my ballot back to see that it wasn’t altered??

  18. Trump and his grifter family — safe, protected by a wall of secret service and enjoying the good life at Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere. Meanwhile, trump incites his own followers to violence on his behalf and couldn't care less if any of them get hurt, arrested, or killed.
    Think there might be a serious disconnect among trump's fanatical followers?

  19. The mailed ballots were passively exchanged during transportation. The barcodes were completely copied and Biden was selected. The voters voted for Trump, but the ballots were Biden. The problem is that voters did not know that their votes were exchanged. Mailed ballots had too many loopholes in the transportation process!!!!!!!

  20. Biden cannot get more than 1% legal votes. We all know this. Stop acting like people are stupid

  21. Are you even going to mention the 21,000 ballots that were already to be found cast by dead people in PA – OR – The fact that the SUPREME COURT just ruled today to separate ballots that arrived later than the 3rd??? – OR – That Biden supposedly won a state that he said he was going to kill 4 million jobs when elected?? HAcks.

  22. what is this, a game of call of duty?


  23. Communist Joe Biden is a TRAITOR

  24. MSM is always trying to gaslight Trump when he says there's a concern. They say it's not an issue & the it turns out Pres. Trump was.right all.along.

  25. Fraud will be exposed soon!. I just pray that the traitors will get whats.coming to them

  26. Trump 2020! You’re all fake news

  27. You can easily commit fraud with mail votes, ask to the hackers or tech companies or Snowden. With Technology it is possible to fabricate fake votes as simple as that.

  28. Most of the world is calling now Biden-president of US postal

  29. It's all starting to become very clear about Covid 19. Biden and the rest of the Democrats knew firsthand they could never beat Trump. With Biden's connections in China that are still very much alive helped manufacturing a disease and ship it to the USA by way of people. So that it would take down this Country along with Trump presidency. There are people inside the Democratic Party that have allowed this deadly disease to be pushed across the country by way of China travel. There's need to be a massive investigation into the deliberate attack of our Country and our democracy by the Liberal Democrats. All the while using the media networks as well as the FBI CIA and NSA to help push their agenda. This is just how dangerous liberal Democrats have become that they are willing to have people poisoned with a Virus on which they had been immune from. All in order to take down our democracy for profit by big tech wealthy individuals that have prospered massively under Trumps tax cuts. The Covid 19 is a tournament to murder of more than 200,000 people. By the very people in the China CCP and Liberal Democratic party that promoted it!!!

  30. Thank you hard-working ballot counters! You are true Patriots

  31. 🔵BIDEN🔵

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