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Pentagon asks for Navy secretary's resignation over SEAL war crimes case l ABC News

Secretary Richard V. Spencer was forced to resign over his handling of Eddie Gallagher, who was acquitted by a military court of major war crimes, but convicted of posing with the body of a teen ISIS fighter.

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  1. I can't wait to see this bitch cry again after the 2020 Trump win … her tears were my favorite 2016 election moment.

  2. Do people really think if your a special ops solider you dont enjoy killing the enemy enough to take a picture? Its like a fireman that wants to run into a burning building. You are trained to kill the enemy or be killed and thats your calling in life. Grow up its war if we had this bullshit in Ww1 ane Ww2 we would of never won .No wonder we havent won a war since. If you dont want this pull them out or allow them to kill the enemy the press and people need to grow the hell up or get out of these wars which is what i want.

  3. Well thi guy just act like MAFIA CARTEL KILLER'S.



  4. ………………………….10/14/19……."The president is attacking America!"
    ret. Admiral William McRaven—
    Navy SEAL, Commander SOCOM (killed bin laden), Commander JSOC.
    ………………………………………………………..on "PRIVATE BONE SPURS" on Backstabbing the KURDS.

  5. Bottom line President Trump has the last word….Case Closed! Next!

  6. This news station is fucking garbage the navy is not against the president all armed forces are proud of our commander and chief he is looking out for his troops while democrats give killers reduce sentences we can't do it for the people the are the true hero's of this country 🤣🤣🤣 thank God for trump

  7. Just for acting against the president what else did they expect. You can't go against the boss in any job in the world see what happens when you do. Right or wrong letting the world see our military disrespect the commander of the free world is childish and ignorant. The world just looks at us even worse now. Good job USA government. Not

  8. Gangsters are never be our warfighters.

  9. Obama fired more generals than all presidents before him combined. I never heard anyone complaining then.

  10. So, some Trump supporters have threatened violence if gun control measures are passed. Some have threatened a civil war if he is impeached. And now some are celebrating the execution of an unarmed child. It's getting really hard to distinguish Trump supporters from terrorists.

  11. Spencer was refusing to comply with the Commander in Chief's Order of a full pardon. I am a US Army vet and let me say clearly, you must follow the chain of commands orders. This is the Military and not a civilian do what you feel like organization. Obey the higher ups or your out. PS Trump did the right thing.

  12. This so wrong. He was wrong in taking pictures. Specially being a navy seal. So dissapointing. He needs to do the right thing. Have honor be the example.

  13. The Report (2019 film)…is described below, excerpted from Wikipedia…
    ”The Report (also known as The Torture Report) is a 2019 American drama film written and directed by Scott Z. Burns and starring Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Ted Levine, Michael C. Hall, Tim Blake Nelson, Corey Stoll, Maura Tierney and Jon Hamm. The plot follows staffer Daniel J. Jones and the Senate Intelligence Committee as they investigate the CIA's use of torture following the September 11 attacks. It covers more than a decade's worth of real-life political intrigue, exploring and compacting Jones's 6,700-page report.”

    The American military has always been depicted in a heroic light in every theatre of operation it has participated in, however, with human nature being what it is, there is a strong possibility there have been many My Lai type massacres that have been scrubbed from history books and official operational accounting, the above movie should be watched with an open mind and with a ‘hard to view’ of human realities in a war zone…

  14. Eddie Gallergher is a criminal!!! Who the fuck poses with a dead teenager's body after you just killed him!!!!

  15. Who's giving that fuck interviews?

  16. Good!! That seal is a hero!!! So he posed in a photo, good!! Hunters pose with their catch all the time, afterall they are animals!!! Trump,best ever!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. One more swamp monster is removed out of the swamp! Ya! Presidential promises are being keep!
    Thank you President Trump!

  18. ABC FAKE NEWS. He has been convicted of making a selfie with a dead ISIS fighter and he was not doing it alone. Just google here. 11 guys. He served 3 or 4 month in jail for that. Thats it. move on. let the man leave the navy with the pin and honour.

  19. He lost his honors when he murdered a wounded teenaged ISIS POW, a girl and an elderly male.

    He was turned in by 10+ honorable men; under his command.

    Trump has undermined the Naval Code of conduct and the honor of the 10 + men who testified that Gallagher is a war criminal by way of murder.

    Well done Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

  20. No matter how evil or bad the person you killed still doesn’t give anyone the right to take photos with the dead body. That’s way too low!

  21. Its a disgrace. Eddie Gallagher was found guilty (and he is) and saved by a President who doesn't know the USMJ from a hole in the ground. Now, that same president is trading a true patriot for a piece trash who is unworthy to wear the uniform. This is truly a disgraceful display of political abuse of the Armed Forces. We should all be appalled and afraid.

  22. Id have done the exact same thing.. this is nothing compared to the rest of the war crimes our military personnel has committed for decades… Posing for a pic os sick but forcing your troop to rape a child in a country your starting a war for women's right to vote is more sick… The man who posed for the pic has been busted … Now the "machine" that causes this behavior need to be stopped. That kind of courption only and always resides at the very tippy top! Good job Trump. My sister's husband a jerk but he confessed to me when he returned from being poisoned in iraq in 1992 by mustard gas that the first three hours they found a hut, and each guy was to rape a child and her mother.. Aaron didn't want to so they forced him at gun point.. when he came home crazy, poisoned, he found my sister fucking his best friend in the kitchen.. she didn't expect Aaron home for a year.. he flipped… So my sister & my mother made the Washington County police destroy Aarons life… He is an asshole but he was also tricked into the entire marriage by my Nazi parents.. they ruined his life.. this is the same for all military.. most are pussy bitches anyway which is why they joined the army but many would have never raped or abused and they were forced .. it's called corruption huh I wonder why Trump keeps saying he's exposing CORRUPTION and both parties don't like him .. hummmmm is it because they are all corrupt more so than Trump ever was… Is it possible that Trump made his money as legit as any American could have fucked off taxes but he never shipped containers of live humans for trafficking of slaves-sex-organs, or chemicals for drugs and biological weapons, nor black market items… Huh… This assholes is why I'm god damn proud to be hated.. it hurt cuz I loved my husband and wanted to be a good person but I'd rather be hated than be guilty in my soul for crimes against humanity.

  23. How ironic.Killing teenagers is their job. They are forbidden to relish it, PUBLICLY.

  24. Corruption to the highest point with this men!!!!trump using his "power" to defend criminals and killers😣😣

  25. It's Trump tactic to break down and divide our militarily, so when he loses in 2020, he can order the portion of military that is on his side to oppose the American public. He will then declare the election is wrecked and he would refuse to hand over the power peacefully.

  26. Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    It takes a monster to release war criminals.
    Abominable ungodly lawless administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  27. spencer was forced out by the squid admirals who were suffering hypertension and strokes serving under a marine junior officer. pappy boyington loved every minute of spencer's tenure as squid secretary!

  28. Please direct me to the page where Obama held torturers accountable.

  29. This is fucking nuts….granted I don't know anything about this case and even though it's the head of the Navy and he's a seal right? That doesn't mean this dude couldn't have gotten fucked over…but it appears the guy is a total douche and with Trump intervening well…

  30. A new low the president defending this!!

  31. The value of that pin is now down to the price of a bit of copper and a tiny layer of gold. It no longer stands for the honour of the Seals

  32. Very confusing. Seems Navy Secretary was willing to treat Gallagher leniently if Trump just didn't overturn Navy's ruling, but Trump insisted on playing to the FRACTION of his base that is America uber alles.

  33. So typical of Trumpturd. Don’t disagree, you’ll lose your job.

  34. Shameful behavior how dare they question our Commander in Chief . No justice in navy courts ! Shameful !!!

  35. The many of our soldiers do not committ murder. When my ly in Vietnam happened . The Americans that stopped the massacre. Turned the guns on there brothers and loaded the villagers on the helicopter risking their own lives to do the right thing. This is why I hate war.

  36. So just remember it's ok to murder people over oil just never take a photo.the military does not want any proof

  37. Its not easy to get a conviction of this type.I love our vets. But this guy had his on brothers testify against him for war crimes. Trump needs to stay out of it. He's not even a vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one of America's strengths is holding Americans accountable. All people lives matter. Its easy to become confused and emotional sick in war. We demonize others and anger and hate can turn us into criminals who stop valuing human beings.I admire my COUNTRY for holding those accountable. For the Vietnam. Atrocities that accured and happen in all wars. I'm sadden and ashamed by this presidents actions. But I don't think this president values all human life.

  38. the military men aren’t exactly sane people when they’re in war. I know that’s not a good excuse but look at how imprisoned men in America act… you can’t ask a sane man to go to an insane place and not become insane. But he protected our country… idk. I can’t decide. They saw lots of dead people. I don’t know why the photo happened. That’s certainly sick… to you and me. But if at war, you and me might be a bit desensitized

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