Pentagon launches new site allowing public to report UFO sightings #shorts

Congress required the Pentagon to launch the website under the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act. #foxbusiness

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  1. Just more distracting stuff to be fooled by , its like a magician but you really know it's BS .

  2. I'm sure this website will go off just like Obama's website did for healthcare. These turds in the Pentagon couldn't identify a flying shoe.😂

  3. By this time next year I'm sure there will be some sort of ufo crisis.

  4. Whhhhatttt! Five years ago. Someone has been sleeping at the wheel.

  5. Nobody cares. Release Epstein's client list!

  6. So we can track some aliens, but not others. Got it.

  7. Pentagon can go investigate the ufo I left in toilet this morning.

  8. The mission of the Messenger is to bring the Revelation to as many people as possible, within his remaining time here on Earth, and for others who will carry on his great work with his blessing, who will carry the New Message into the future, to bring it to ever more people—to the disadvantaged, to the wealthy, to the rich nations, to the poor nations, to the natives living out in nature, to the people of the big cities. The Revelation is here. It can be studied alone. It can be studied together with others effectively. It can be heard. It can be read. It can be translated clearly. It must be shared. That is the duty of every person who receives it, and it will be your natural desire to do so. But like all the great Revelations at their time, it will be resisted and be difficult at first, for the world does not know it needs a Revelation from God. The world is not prepared for this, and many people are set against it for different and various reasons. In time, if you can see this clearly, you will see that the Messenger is demonstrating in a very large sense the true reality of your life—that you were sent into the world to do something important. Perhaps it is not going to be at a grand and global scale. That does not matter. Everyone was sent into the world for a greater purpose. And the fact that people are not aware of this or cannot find it because of political or religious oppression, [or] that people are blind to it, cannot hear it, cannot feel it, cannot support it in one another—that is the tragedy of the human family. That is the cause for corruption, dissension, conflict, hatred and all of the things that plague the human family and keep it from becoming a greater people in the universe.

  9. Why not have a web site for trafficking God can protect us from out there

  10. Project blue beam. This is it kids. Hold on tight it's going to be a bumpy ride.

  11. Here comes the Martian’s 👽

  12. So when Jesus calls His children home (the rapture), they’ll blame it on aliens.

  13. This is just a distraction.

  14. Should blow up that web site with anti Biden comments. Maybe that will get them to see we know he's a crook.

  15. There are are other life in this vast universe but they are using this as a distraction.

  16. Leave them alone! Who cares?
    Waste of money🎉🎉

  17. Wastes of money they are just linging their pockets

  18. What kind of scam do they have going on now!!! They want people to look up and not look around and see what is really Happening!!!

  19. Just don't fall for the distraction

  20. Since when has the Biden cult told the truth….ummmm 🤔🤔🤔 never…. this is a definite distraction of reverse psychology….now they must not want us to believe in UFOs…. UFOs are at least real unlike them or anything they tell us!!!!😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤

  21. I see mutant alien democrats all the time..

  22. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Was a UFO over Hawaii during that fire.

  24. Another waste of taxpayers money.

  25. A twin 🌈 appeared after the Sun rainbowic in colors Annular of 2009, and a devil I eyeballed but could not look me straight, in 2011, I observed can be ones of the many signs of life out there. But then, what about these tiny black frog in my bathroom, or a weird cockroach, doing around? Advanced Intelligence gadgets? ~imemine

  26. Distraction. Distraction. Distraction.

  27. So now we are suppose to do their job? Furthermore according to the psychiatric community they can say you are insane. Is this an attempt to lock people away? Do not trust this administration. They will lock you up in a hospital.

  28. What about a site for illegal aliens. The real aliens! What a stupid idea.


  30. Nice try Joe Bide… this is just another side show to detract from the corrupt president.

  31. Anybody know if that web site tells you were you need to start whaling on that thing with buckshot I mean head lights would be easy but that will not bring it down

  32. Another Blue Book? Yawning!

  33. And it's called MUFON and it's been here for decades. The government will do nothing it has to be private

  34. And they can't close the border😊

  35. FFS…There are no spacemen from other planets. The creatures from the bar scene in Star Wars do not exist! There is nothing from outer space coming to our planet to show us how to feed the world, end all wars & cure all disease and sickness! Grow the ** up!!! What’s trying to convince you of all this horse💩 are inter-dimensional demonic entities…