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Person of interest in NYC pressure cooker scare in custody | ABC News

The NYPD took Larry Griffin into custody in connection with the Friday morning bomb scare.

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  1. What an idiot.
    He's homeless??
    Then why didn't he put them up on craigslist for $10?
    He would have made $30 bucks. #dumbass

  2. Fuck you can't even roll out with your rice cooker.

  3. He should of used that rice cooker to make him some food. All i see is skin and bones

  4. clearly a cry for help from a mentally ill homeless person.. im sure the prisons are filled with them

  5. Soon now God is going to destroy the wicked. Psalm 37:10

  6. He found the abandoned rice cookers, couldn't sell them, and decided to ditch them. Who needs a rice cooker that large?

  7. So they were rice cookers, but the caption reads "pressure cooker" and the NYPD spokesman calls the device a pressure cooker. 0:54.

  8. Use tax payers dollars to detect explosive metals, build it beneath roads and pavements.

  9. I was looking for my rice cooker 🤣


    That's what people who blame trump for everything sound like….

  11. Someone took advantage of this schmuck and used him to do a test run. These white supremacist MAGALOMANIAC groups are getting worse…no different than Taliban.

  12. Dumb cop "carefully inspects them" walks up opens it and dumps it. LOL BOOM! lol

  13. LOL rice cookers are not pressure cookers therefore cannot be presurized, dummies. I would have picked them up and taken them home. Free rice cookers.

  14. Man run me all them dam rice cookers. I’m hungry.

  15. ABC…….. Activists. Bashing. Conservatives.

  16. Got to watch out for those homeless people with rice cookers! They might get their hands on some rice, and then cook it!

  17. 2020 Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton,no corrupción delincuentes jamás!!!

  18. He bought them on Amazon's Prime day , it is obvious he wants them to return by themselves.😂😂

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