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Pet fashion show, Will Smith and Hong Kong: World in Photos, Oct. 7

A look at the top photos from around the globe.


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  1. 💥   Why does that dog remind me of Cher

  2. In America, dogs are often treated better by the WHITES than many non-whites which leads to why the media constantly talks about "dogs" rather than the mistreatment and "deaths" of non-whites perpetuated by them.

  3. one minute, is that a demon to light, behind the boy's head?
    Blood of Jesus!

  4. 0.55, the pause and turn screen, to see what kills you :b
    it took some seconds with smith there, but he is to light?
    there is a yellow snake brown he in dominican republic.
    and you can tell, that the daughter is the same.
    actually, they seem to circle around me.
    The Cross

  5. Will Smith's son has AIDS. 🤢🤮

  6. Finally something positive. Cute dog, btw.

  7. HK is fighting against communism and this is what ABC "news" is reporting on 🤔

  8. Pet fashion show? You obviously meant a platform for stroking human egos. I think our companion species are irreplaceable, intelligent and should be treated with kindness and compassion, but definitely not all "dolled up", which is absolutely ridiculous… 🙄

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