Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Pete Buttigieg Support Rally Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Protesters | NBC News

A Pete Buttigieg rally focused on support from the South Bend black community spiraled into chaos after Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted the event. Buttigieg was not present.
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Pete Buttigieg Support Rally Interrupted By Black Lives Matter Protesters | NBC News


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  1. Snake eating its tail

  2. Typical dem rally. 35 people ,mostly there for the coffee and donuts and they end up turning on each other . Gotta love it.These people couldn't organize a sock drawer.

  3. How to have civil conversation in 2016-2019.

  4. Check out Grammaw Jiffypop wiff dat cane goin after that stupitt white race traitorin’ muhfugga. “Man gitch yo azz otta heah”.

  5. Notice how the negros react to words with violence?

  6. in quran allah say every one is same no black up then white no whit up then black

  7. Typical “White” DEMOCRAT!! He’s afraid that black people are going to wake up to the lies that the Democrat aka Communist Party has been feeding them for 50+ years.

  8. Sad thing he is right. No true community leader will back a corporate dem like Buttigieg.

  9. If YOU are on this lunatics side then YOU should taken behind some barn and taught a lesson or two.

  10. First crazy Uncle Joe dared a voter to a push up contest and now Buttigieg’s rally being interrupted by more loonies.(incl. the ones supporting “Shorty”, that one guy started swinging his cane!) Hahaha, what a mess! 🤪They both had a big audience I must say!!🤔🤣😂

  11. If you want to know WHY most people hate the FAR LEFT – this is a good example.

  12. He supports BLM, and at no point, did he consider the optics of a white man busting into a black meeting and telling black people who their leaders should and should not be? C'mon son.

    And I actually agree with him. None of these "black leaders" are actually leaders of the Black Community. We don't support Mayor Pete at all, so in what way are they our "leaders"? Black leaders are either bought by the system, dead, or held in obscurity by the media until the government gets around to killing or framing them. Still, this white guy is out of pocket.

  13. What positive changes has Pete done for South Bend. crickets

  14. Buttigieg is a corporate stooge. You might as well vote for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden if you support this guy. You have plenty of other choices Democrats…Bernie, Warren, Tulsi, Yang. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  15. The question is, how much campaign money did Buttigieg have to pay them to be there?

  16. Rally? Trump holds rallies. That looks more like a romper room in an insane asylum.

  17. It is disrespectful for people to crash, interrupt and create havoc at a peaceful and non-harmful event. There were even kids there who looked scared because of that protesters aggressive behavior. So sad.


  19. Gotta love a white guy lecturing black people about black leadership. That's some real white privilege.

  20. That's a RALLY??? LOL! Pathetic!

  21. by a white guy…. Hahaha!!! not everything is about race guys…..

  22. Context: Basically, BLM is crashing this small event in protest. If you watch to the end of the video, you hear many other people join in on the "This is a farce" chant, showing that the man is not alone in crashing the event. The event is behind held by "local black leaders" who support Pete Buttigieg. The BLM activists are protesting because they question why an event supporting Pete is being held when Pete is an ineffective mayor who allows police violence to continue in South Bend. Further context: Pete has also demonstrated ignorance over the racial segregation of the schools in his town, and is embroiled in the scandal over the firing of a black police chief shortly after becoming mayor, and has been exposed for faking black support for his campaign, so his relationship with the black community is incredibly bad. The fact that there is a rally like this being held by the local black community at all is very strange.

  23. just one thing to say bout this…. trump trump trump hahaha …. oh nadler fell asleep during the impeaching hearing …napping nadler haah

  24. Are they screaming " This is a Fart, This is a Fart"! ?????

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